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Heyhey ^_^ I know her hats are TOP BOUTIQUE quality! I have a lot of Sweet Lolita Decora- cupcakes, food, hair accessories and sometimes maid aprons :)
 ;) It will come through- i keep telling myself... We will get in and the rent will get paid for one more month! So I won't give up! You guys don't give up either! Its going to be WAY FUN!
sooo I just want to check with everyone, we're just waiting patiently for confirmations in case we got in- or confirmations in case we are on the wait list?
HAHA I was at another con in arizona, man I think my heart fell out of my mouth I was flipping out so bad all nervous and hyper ventalating- trying to sign up in time- we were all clogging the system too LOL Well just crossing my fingers!
Still nothing.. amazing- Hey! I registered for both fanime 2am :) 2am!! woo! that was weird looked like someone attempted to fix it? well I'll be back
K everyone! If you'd like to be in the "I waited until my eyes fell out" 2am + for fanime masq club maybe we can make it an official mailing list- then we can gather ^_^ and or pass out signs or arrange it for masq ^_^ I'me taking the laptop with me to sleep- then checking again sooooon BUT I don't think they'll fix it before 8am
yeaaah their confirmation is nerve racking too- I think I was sweating bullets when I signed up- now if masq can juuuust fix the link! I dunno guys we're gonna slide into 3 am? this is rare for me!
have the Emcee set you up and say something about it being 2am-
Man we ar eall going to pay for staying up this late- I know my sign will be GLITTER  ^_^
I'll be in artists alley :) I can do one there too! YEY OMG 2am BUTTON COOL!!!! ^_^ Ill give ya.. like.. candy if you come by HAHA
HAHA in artists alley sometimes you can make announcements via microphone- have em say  BTW...Masqerade 2am! BWAHAH! ^_^
Lets all make signs and while each of our groups goes up- we'll cheer each other on with the 2 AM chant + Sign HAHA
BWAHAH I KNOW I will be awake at 2am saturday and sunday night... doing SOMEthing outside most likely at the fountains . Maybe it would be a hilarous ongoing joke from masqerade like (you lost the game, CHAIR and BOX!) only say "2 AM!"
^_^ Well! I am setting my alarm for 3am I think I will check every hour-
HAHAH yeah I am sure she doesn't realize that the link is all messed up, especially if it is automatically posted by a program or the websmaster posted it without knowing it was all wack. ^_^ Marisa's team does a lot for us :) Once we're signed up we'll be happy. Come 2am I do suggest everyone who is waiting here to leave a nice email stating what time we were all here, your name, group name, how many people are in the group and your email- that way she knows who was here and your email has a time stamp:)

We're doin something steam punk- ^_^
BWAHAH wow.. so tell ya what lets all go set a timer- take a nap- jump up at 2am and see whats there? Oorrr we can go nuts and rock ourselves back and fourth in the corner of our rooms to that... "FRIDAY" Song... (thank god its not friday anymore!)
We were there last year- some stuff went wack before we went on so, we sorta train wrecked- BUT at least we did Tsubasa 2009 and Pretear 2007 :)
Here's my contribution @_@
BWHAHA Hank is awesome-
Yes usually Angel does use the other site to host the registration ^_^
Word is that a dug up one? or a secret post one LOL
(pink glitter koalas!)
LOL omg I think we are all so fried and tired I don't think anyone had emailed yet?- I do not have any resources for the registration link like i did last year so I cannot post it to save the day @_@
yaaa you know you are on the way to calling in too if you have a computer screen head ache @_@ annnd yeah pull an all nighter- call in to work... on the fence of deliriousness! ^_^ @_@ WAH!
What do you guys think about using the video? Thats a cool feature! I have seen in work well with solo skits ^_^ we're opting out I think
-_- zzzzzz.... must... stay... awake.. Help me sailor moon!
yah its today- they had some tech issues last year, but I would bet on waiting around 40 minutes maybe at the most? Just in case? but hopefully they just have to press send right now :) dont freak out ^_^ lots of us are here and we are patient yes? LOL
 ;D Hello!
We hope everyone is recovering well from Fanime!
Our group is looking for people interested in joining us for our 2011 production for the Fanime Masquerade, which started planning in march!
Known best for Pretear 2007, Tsubasa 2009 and Cooking Mama 2010 our members have been producing cosplay productions since 2002.
We are Project Victory Cosplay Theatre and looking to extend our family with positive, upbeat people who love to have fun and would fit in a very humorous bunch.

If you are interested you are welcome to our boards and check things out! We'd love to hear from you!