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<-- on dial up- Dude, so much posting- it literally took 15 minutes just to post that because of sooo many replies! Good night and Good Luck everyone!
Hey guys I'm just warning you by chance I found this- It may be the case that I wasn't suppose to go up yet so if thats the case be prepared to re-register- Marisa let me know if I was in the wrong-
I just know that some of the die-hards and patient dedicated people are waiting- and hopefully it was just a programming error-
diddo i think i've tried getting to the page a few routes logged in and out a few times- no go yet
Here is something I havn't found any information about:

Is it confirmed that AA is open on Thursday?
What are the running hours for the span of the event?
If it is $20 a day after a certain day, is it $20 an Artist? Or $20 per table?

Thanks for your hard work! ^_^
Hello all!
I know in this economy for some $50 is more like 500. You could go to the SF cherry blossom festival and get a space for $450 2 days. Even if I don't break even at AA, just the experience of meeting new people and finding new artists, talking to customers will be a ton of fun ^_^
Some cons and fairs make you jump through so many hoops, application processes etc.-Fanime seems to have a standard set of requirements and for that I am greatful ^_^
As an artisan, a person will find that making the money has alot to do with your presentation and your communication with your audience. On your journies you will also find out where the best places to go and show and sell your wares may be. If you start with small goals, such as covering the table cost first, then you will find yourself being much happier with your AA income results:)
Go to the con to enjoy your stay! Don't stress yourself out!
Right on- thanks so much! Looking foward to it!
Hello all!

I wanted to know whatthe artists alley process was like at fanime. Since i'd be new to fanime AA I have a list ^_^ any friendly info would be just great!
Were you provided with a 6" table?
What was the fee like last year?
Did the spaces sell out like lightening?
What were the hours for set up and tear down Thursday through Monday?
Did you have to tear down and set up every single day? Or could you store your things under the table over night?
Do they have relief volunteers?
What was the traffic like on Thursday and Monday?
Did you have fun?

Thanks so much! I look forward to any info! :D
Big Event Showcase / Re: Masquerade feedback?
August 08, 2009, 08:24:24 AM
I know ^_^ I too am former danceteam & showcheer coach, and picking parts and pasting is easy enough for a routine- if there are no scripts or voice overs, timing for significant scenes etc. Thats where it gets tricky @_@ Its like going to nationals and making sure all of your stunts that you need to show get in with plenty of safety and that the cheer lines will fit and make sense within reason without making it look lame LOL ^_^ NYEE good times
Well, we started last month, August for costumes, September is for scripts and music pick so I was wondering... When will there be a final word on the time limit matter?

PS yes! The "Fantastic" props, being the Tsubasa "Wings of Fate" cubes were Pvc Frames malloted in to make sure they would "stay" which the group hadn't done before for storage reasons. And oooooooooh did they ever stay. So setting them up took WAY longer than the usual 20 minutes and breakdown was like @_@ they were REALLY stuck. Going on stage, I guess they were suppose to walk out a few seconds before they did but no one told them, so it took a bit longer getting on. :(
Anyhow, the group won't be doing huge props like their cubes next year since they try to do something different everyyear.
They are working on something that won't upset the stage hands or make anyone nervous about exit time. ;)
Big Event Showcase / Re: Masquerade feedback?
July 06, 2009, 12:13:40 PM
For time limit, it isn't a bad idea- But, fanime being the only masq in the area that allows 3 minutes gives hope to those who know that a shorter time limit may force a story arc or a TV version of music suffer at the loss of 30 seconds. In my experience, it becomes very hard to cut off music since alot of TV versions are slightly over 2:30 but mostly end around 2:40. The sections of music often have to be edited and mixed and its sooo hard sometimes to cut off  or find room the "awesome" part of the music or skit which may have to be sacrificed at a 2:30 time limit.  :-\ People who edit music for this sort of thing would know what I am talking about, even though to others the solution may be "just cut and paste it shorter". It takes days and a days and days sometimes to edit music to fit the time. :)

One thing I have seen is like at wondercon where if you have 1-2 people you get 1 minute and 30- as you add people the time limit goes up.
Making the time limit to 2:30 can work out as well. If your skit runs over a small amount of seconds that is within reason, the director may be lenient. If they are filled in on what you are trying to do, and why it may very well be a valid reason for a few straggling seconds. However, this consideration should not be abused! ^_^

When there is change, its kinda scary at times, but we all find a way to keep on going and bring great things!

Big Event Showcase / Re: Masquerade feedback?
May 26, 2009, 10:57:06 AM
As always the masq was run wonderfully smooth and in tune! Marisa and her staff are very organized and are very solid. We had no problems with directions, the who what where whens and judging processes.
We love to see the same people commited to Marisa's team knowing that the masq is being run by dependable people!
The contestants were friendly and cordial to each other as well as supportive. Casey was especialy tolerant and very nice to work with considering the special requests ^_^
Wait! Any chance we can get the center of performing arts next year? That place IS SO COOL!

To those in the masquerade this year- YOU ROCK;D

Here's a video from bartboy
Maid Cafe was soooooooooo FUN. It was hard for me personally to be served because when the maids are so nice all i want to do is serve THEM! Usagi was my maid and I could tell from standing way back in line that she really had a magic in her. ^_^ I felt very happy after a looooooooooooong stressful weekend!
I have a little 2.5x3 "rack made out of plastic that you push together that holds wigs. There are no tools involved just hands ^_^ Does that pass?
Also I remember the ruling out of bringing chairs of any kind from a few years ago. I almost died standing so i tried to sell my stuff while laying on the floor LOL! Is it possible to use a chair thats already in the room and belongs to the hotel if you are declared disabled by the state of california?
Wow... I hope everyone gets in who was waiting so patiently and missed their boat! If my partner and I don't get in- it'll be the first fanime karaoke we missed in forever! -_-
^_^ You have done a great job organizing!
We have a new thread, and will soon start to get sign ups within the next week

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch!

Headed up by: Usako Minako
Date planned: Saturday
Time: 11am or 1230am
Place: Fountains,11754.0.html
Pichi Pichi Pitch Live Starto!

There has been many requests for Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch! Gathering! Yea seems unbelievable but true!
Aiming for
Day: Saturday
Time: 11am or 1230
Where: Inbetween the fountains of corse! thread:

First Henshin:

Second Henshin:
Hanon: Usako Minako
Noel:Neko Wafer

Cast Characters:
Aqua Regina:

Dark Lovers

Black Beauty Sisters

Pure Antagonists
Lady Bat:
I might be able to go as PGSM Sailor Mars or Jupiter's black rose dress-If you are lucky I will be a Galaxia
depends on the time but i'd bring a flaming shinagami orihime
If I can get this in, yeah sunday twilight might be best. Masq will draw some of us away from the pool. What great way to end the weekend ^_^
Hello everyone!

We're looking for some reliable cosplayers that are interested in filling some roles in a Masquerade presentation for Fanime 2009. We would love to have people from the bay area to be able to come and meet us! We're a fun comical bunch, who are solid and have been cosplaying as a team for years ^_^

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
The following characters have some fighting scenes and only require you to provide your own costume and be able to attend practices in the bay area

*Kurogane (this is the most important role we must fill right now ^_^)
"Good/Real" Syaron

(can be out of town)
ANY Sakura


Thanks so much! ^_^
Just PM me if you'd like!:angel:
well for masq, we already planned. planned for 2008 in sept 2007, so why not go for a year in advance?
I know i will hall cosplay pretear again, and also hoping and praying for the center of performing arts @_@ yeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!
I'll be joing the bleach gathering and maybe vampire knight. Masq is secret!