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Absolutly- for anything to become a reality, it certainly needs to be taken seriously enough to form an outline and proposal. Presented formally and professionally ^_^
Also keeps things from not flying off the handle while conducting any event ^_^ I'm sure experienced people understand that ^_^
Stage Zero does not sound complicated as long as there are specific time slots. It sounds like an idea for oppertinity!
This may be the appropriate place for the drive by cosplay- combining the 2

Cosplay Chess- It would make a unique event and I am sure people are willing to try it out- Time limits might be good! A chess game can go on for YEARS!

Fashion show- Just the opposite- I know nothing but people who make their original costumes. cosplayers have been sadly left out of some fun, and deserve to be reconized for their efforst from beginer to advanced! Awards I would suggest to include are: Sponsored free gift goody bags for all ( just like the cherry blossom, festival parade) and big winnder get a certifcate.
OR as some say a scholarship in fashion design or some other is a good idea as well. I am sure cosplay lab would be willing to help- just ask
I also know a few professional seamstress cosplayers who are qualified to lend a fair judgment from any level ^_^

Who is the current director of masq as on now?
For hall- Live action Sailor moon princess version, maybe bring in the tokyo mew mew group, chance pop session

Masq- could be Live action SM, angelic layer, love hina, kalaido star
I think if it we taped and then just some quick clean up with the raw footage and no fancy work slapped on a dvd would be just fine for $20.
It can include an insert with the numbers order like the tape ^_^
No cd case just a dlip cover would do!

Our group is looking to tape it, so we should have a copy ^_^
General Anime Chat / San Francisco Anime Faire 2004
March 09, 2004, 09:17:18 AM
I went to the prarade last year- it was fun! but be sure to take friends! and a camera!

I will call Japan Video on Saturday- we're making a CHOBITS GROUP so if anyone wants to dress us like CHI, FREYA or SUMOMO we have 2 life sized ATASHI and a REALLY good Yuzuki! (really!)
Video Girl C- whats your plan this year?