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ya... I came to the spot I was shown where it was with a crane and i waited outside by myself for a half hr. it wasnt fun.....
I'm glad to hear that is more likely to happen next year.
Quote from: tuxedovilay on May 21, 2012, 12:33:26 PM
aww well if Misao requests the presence of Aoshi.. I will go unretire him and bring what i can find. I won't have the double kodachi's though lol.. maybe i'll do version 1. I haven't worn him since Anime expo 2006.. I won't be able to stay long though since another gathering i plan to attend to is at 2pm.
Lol I was meaning as you said to day 0! ^^ cause that's originally the day I was gonna wear Misao XD but the gathering is a good idea too 8D
Quote from: tuxedovilay on May 20, 2012, 01:04:35 AM
Unfortunately I will be at the Sailor Moon Gathering at 2pm and the Doctor who one around 11.. so I might wear Aoshi on Day 0 if weather permits :) i will be stopping by to take photos though

OMG OMG PLEASE DO IIIITTTTT!!! I wanna get pictures with Aoshi as Misao :3
I think that doing a french tip would be cuter then just doing full green nails, and it would look more formal for the b&w ball ^^
I'm not like proposing a gathering or anything, cause I believe it is to late/ I dunno how to do that, but I was wondering how many people are going to be cosplaying from Star Driver! ^^ on Monday me and on of my friend are going to be Kanako and Wako~
I'm just curious ^^
Registration / Re: Lines on Day 0
May 18, 2012, 10:22:11 PM
Quote from: foester on May 11, 2012, 03:33:02 PM
I mean "when the line actually opens"- I see no point in waiting around for 2-5 hours before the line even opens to "save time" by being close to the front when it does. But I'm gathering from what you're saying that if one joins in @ 8 the line tends to already be pretty heinous.
ya last year they had to stop letting people pick up their badges, so it may be a good idea to wait the extra 2hrs to make sure you actually get it. *shrugs* plus if you wait with friends it can be fun.
Are we still going to go through the shoots by game number as well? Cause I really liked that...
I would love to participate~
I lost one of my best friends ( from across the world) in November, and I haven't really had the chance to do anything solid for him, this would be a perfect thing to do <3
I have a question regarding which of my 2 fancier cosplays for Fanime would be preferred that I wear if I decide to attend the b&w ball

Option 1: Sakura, Dragon Queen Version
(ref since it is not quit complete: )  (I wouldn't wear the cloak to the ball)

Option 2: Princess Mi Amore Cadenza
And all I'm doing to this is making a short veil on the back of my head, then have ears, horn and wings (since shes an alicorn)

-Draw back on both dresses is they both have trains, which I could pin up.
-Sakura: the top back of my dress is a little open but that generally changes on how well its laced up I don't know if that takes away from the formality or not.
-Cadence: Dress touches the floor on all sides.
on the situation of photo order, I like how its been done the past few years with everyone, then its just gone through the numbers, then the more fun photos at the end ^^
Quote from: Aoi Memori on May 02, 2012, 04:26:39 PM
Will this be updated any time soon? The boyfriend has a want to be Fang but is lacking in motivation because the list says that there's very little 13 cosplayers x.x

I have a small 13-2 group if that helps~ and i'm sure there will be more then listed :) there always is XD
and update would be nice though...
Quote from: kimu on April 28, 2012, 07:43:39 PM
It's fine if there are multiple versions of the same character.

Good news: I am bringing Kenshin this year to Fanime.
Bad news: I am not going to be wearing it during the day, and I'm not sure yet which night. Could be Night 0, could be Fri or Sat nights.

But if I run across any Ruroken cosplayers while I'm in my Kenshin, I'm happy to stop and take some pics together.

Hehe you should totally be kenshin for Day 0~ Then I could yell HIMUUUURRRAA!!!! and you as Misao does a lot XD
What day/time is the gathering? I cant find it anywhere. I may attend as Misao depending on the day/time. I'm going to be her on day 0 so I'll have the outfit with me. easiest for me would be to change around on Sunday since I'm not going to be in a group cosplay already.
Ok, So I personally have a little bit of a change.  ( im pretty sure my friends are staying the same)

But~ I'll Be Princess Cadence instead of Fluttershy  (I just finished  my dress :3 )
Aw mmaann~
First off, sorry i didn't attend last year, but my plans changed costume wise. ( saw m name on the list last year and felt the need to apologize)

But now I'm actually debuting Dragon Queen and can't make the gathering D8 Saturday is Final Fantasy day for meee *sad face*
ya, Noel Kreiss gets a DLC of Ezio's AC revelations outfit. its not released yet, but this is the sketch for it:
hhmmm. ok so I've been debateing this,and I was wondering what really qualifies as a walk on vs a skit? I mean I know there are some obvious diffrences, like the speaking and extremly well coriographed dances.

mainly, I'm going to be doing my wedding yuna cosplay, and debuteing my Valefor plushie prop. (which my friend is going to control) and I was thinking that I'd so some sort of make-shift summoning, thing, since I can't move much in my dress, and it would be shorter then a normal skit.

I'm worrie about when I'm registering whether or not I should say its a skit thats kinda lame or a walk on >.<
I decied. I'm doing Serah Farron from FFXIII-2 (Standard outfit) for the gathering.
I also have a friend (Kero) who will be Noel Kreiss, and another, Sandysaur, who will be Lightning ( ffxiii-2 )
please please please dont put the pony gathering so close to the Final Fantasy ALL gathering x.x I really really wanna gooo *flails*
If time permits I'm gonna be fluttershy~ and I have friends that do Rainbow Dash, AppleJack and Bic Mac
Damn lol me and my friend are hopefully going to do Noel Kreiss's DLC of EZio outfit, and I'm going to make one for Serah off AC2 we were hopein to sneak into the gathering ;p but its way to close to the Final Fantasy All Gathering XD