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I am making happen this year! I want all you Wastelanders, Vault dwellers, Raiders, Legionaries, NCR, Brotherhood, Super Mutant, Fiend junkies to grab your gear, your stash, your food, weapons, money, and don't forget your "Wasteland Survival Guide" and bring it on down to the 2015 Fallout Gathering!

If you cosplay from Fallout 1-3, New Vegas, any of the Brotherhood games or anything Fallout related please come. (Blue Star Sarsaparilla bottle cap required *LOL just kidding :P so Bethesda has set up a media announcement in June and I have my fingers and toes (have a couple extra radiation growths I could cross too *LOL) that they are going forward with Fallout 4! Could be Elder Scrolls VI too and I wouldn't be that unhappy, but I WANT MORE FALLOUT! How about you? Well then if you said yes let's make this gathering AWESOME!


Friday Fallout Gathering:

Saturday Fallout Gathering:
Time: 4 pm
Location: G9 - the "Fallout Zone" Of course! It is the big area in front of the Registration building

Fallout attendees

Hello cosplayers! The process for hosting a gathering/event has been refined for Fanime 2015. Here is a breakdown of the steps:

So the process to host a gathering/event may seem overwhelming, but it really isn't. Following the process step by step will help, however if you want it to be really successful it requires a commitment to those who will attend and to getting things done. The more you get to know those planning to attend, listen to their ideas and suggestions, ask for help, and have a structured plan the better it will be. Don't be afraid to ask other organizers for their ideas and suggestions because they have a wealth of knowledge they would love to share too.

We all procrastinate to a degree, however this can lead to problems for Gatherings Department Staff, the attendees, and YOU. Once the dates are set and the Official Gathering List opens things roll pretty smoothly till about three weeks before con when EVERYTHING in life seems, "Do Me NOW!" which leaves you feeling crazy! Well, if you follow the steps provided and stick to the dates, everything you need to host a gathering should run smoothly. So let's start.

The first steps:

#1. Check the URL thread to see if your gathering idea has already started or if it falls into a larger gathering that already has started. The URL List Thread is located here:  http://forums.fanime.com/index.php/topic,19892.0.html

#2. Start a thread for your gathering/event. Setup your first post with the information located here:
If you utilize other websites/apps where you are talking to people about your gathering/event, put those URLs on your first post of your Fanime forum thread.

#3. Post your new gathering/event thread URL on the Gatherings URL List thread:  http://forums.fanime.com/index.php/topic,19892.0.html[/color]

Some general thread rules and suggestions are:
Don't post tons of pictures on your thread, instead add the URL where the picture can be located.
Don't make it cluttered or hard to read:
instead put up a "banner" type, "logo" type, or custom art type picture and then add the rest of the information on the first post.
Do keep it simple: Over using forum features can make the information become lost. Hit the preview button and scroll quickly down your first post to see if the key important points are easy to spot.
Do use consecutive posts:  Saving the first 2 - 5 posts so you can add or edit information is a really good thing to do, however if you are going to save these posts PLEASE make sure to put a "Post Key" at the very TOP of the first post so people can find out where the different groups of information are located. A good example is located here: http://forums.fanime.com/index.php/topic,19895.0.html

Be active on your thread, update your first post as new people are interested, find an assistant or two to help you, and get ideas from others on how to make your gathering fun.  Your first post is the easy way for everyone to learn about your gathering/event, so make sure all the info the attendees need is found there.

#1. Wait to submit your SR (Submission Request), until the Official Gatherings List opens. This information is located on the first post located here:  http://forums.fanime.com/index.php/topic,19895.0.html
#2. Look to see which group your gathering is under to know your SR date.
These groups are:
  • Group #1: Returning Mega Gatherings (150+ cosplayers attended the previous year) and Staff Run gatherings.
  • Group #2: Returning Large Gatherings (60–150 cosplayers attended the previous year), potential Large Gatherings (current gathering with 55+ confirmed cosplayers planning to attend).
  • Group #3: All other gatherings.

#3 Submission Requests:

Put your “Gathering/Cosplayer Event” name in the subject line of your email.
If you are organizing more than one, the SUBJECT line should read:  MULTI Gathering

Copy the following information into the body of your email and then customize it for your gathering needs. If you are a Large or Mega Gathering, you may submit any other gatherings you are organizing on one SR. (One SR = all your gatherings.  List each gathering/event you are organizing separated by the name.)

List your information in the following order:

Gathering or Event Name:
ALL URL's for the gathering/event:
Your Fanime forum name and/or badge name:
All assistant(s) forum name(s) and/or badge name(s):

DAY: (*Please list preferred day 1st)

TIME: (*Please list preferred 1-2 hour window 1st)
For Example: 
  1st: 10:30am - 12pm
  2nd: 2:30 - 3pm
  3rd: 12:30 - 1pm


4: Other

Any other information I should know:

If there is a Cosplayer Event included with your Gathering, please list each event:

Cosplayer Event Name:
Organizer’s forum/badge name:
Any URL's:
Event Day & Event Time:
Is there a place where everyone is meeting first and at what time?
Event Location:
Who may join the event?

Make sure your SR information is complete and then send it to gatherings@fanime.com.  Upon receipt of the email your request will be processed. Any missing information will delay the process of getting your gathering listed. Once you have submitted your request, look for and respond to any email replies, posts in your thread, or PMs (“Private Messages”) in your Fanime message box from Gatherings Department Heads/Seconds ASAP so questions can get resolved quickly.
Your gathering(s) and/or event(s) will be listed on the Official Gatherings List located on the first post here:

Check the Official Gatherings List several times before Con to make sure the information is correct and has not changed.
Now for the last step before Con: the Confirmation step.

Unfortunate things happen, from missing organizers to day/time/location changes for many different reasons. This last step is to make sure all the information we have is correct and your projected number of attending cosplayers matches your location choice. Confirmation is done about three weeks prior to Con, when everyone is finalizing their plans for the weekend, to make things easier for you, your attendees, and our staff. Here is what you do:

#1. Check your numbers of possible attending and update the first post on your thread.
#2. Finalize your Photography Order and that you have enough people assisting you to run your gathering(s)/event(s) smoothly.
#3. Your Confirmation is posted in the Official Gatherings List thread located here:
#4. Copy the following information into the body of your post and alter it for your gathering(s) or event(s).


Your gathering/event name:
Is your gathering/event information correct on the Official Gatherings List? (yes/no)
Your changes to gathering/event info:
Your possible attendee count:
Your gathering/event photography order:

Once everything pre-Con is done, you only have three simple things to do AT FanimeCon.
#1. Make sure your support staff for your gathering/event is still available.
#2. For Organizers ONLY, check-in at the Gatherings Table located on the 1st floor of the Convention Center ½ hour BEFORE your gathering.
#3. Take a deep breath and go have fun with everyone at your gathering/event. You have worked hard to get here so make it fun for you and everyone else.
If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask the Gatherings Table staff for help. We will always be happy to assist you.

So here is a quick URL recap on the important info locations:
URL List = http://forums.fanime.com/index.php/topic,19892.0.html
OFFICIAL FanimeCon Cosplayer Gatherings & Cosplayer Events List = http://forums.fanime.com/index.php/topic,19895.0.html

If you can't find the answer to your question please post it here in this thread. Someone will reply back to you. If you "need HELP" or advice on how to make something, who you should go as, where to buy, or how to make use this thread to ask your question: 
Cosplay "HELP Me..." thread = http://forums.fanime.com/index.php/topic,18226.0.html

If you are looking for other cosplayers who might be cosplaying from the same title as you then you are "Looking for..." them and should post in this thread:
2015 Edition of the "Looking for..." thread = http://forums.fanime.com/index.php/topic,18209.0.html

Have a great Fanime!
Cosplayer Gatherings Department

~ Post Key ~
Post #1 = Official Fanime Cosplayer Gatherings/Events List
Post #2 = How to set up your gathering/event thread
Post #3 = Submission Request (SR) info and Email form
Post #4 = Confirmation info and Posting form
Post #5 = Gatherings/Events Q & A 


LOCATION KEY: G1 – G4 = inside, G5 - G9 = outside, G10 = off site
G1 = Gatherings Table = 1st floor Convention Center Lobby Area at the foot of the stairs
G2 = Tiered Platform (1st floor lobby by East stairs)
G3 = Tiered Platform (1st floor lobby by West stairs)
G4 = “The Hub” (alcove area 1st floor)
G5 = "The SLAB" (outside the Hilton Hotel Bar)
G6 = Tree Area (tree area @ foot of stairs by "The Slab")
G7 = “The Art Spot” (front of the convention center under large art piece)
G8 a-c = Marriott Side (3 sections: a = upper corner by Marriott b = upper corner by con center c = tree area and side section by con center)
G9 = "Fallout Zone” outside alcove in front of Registration building
G10 = Off Site (Check Gatherings Table on 1st floor to find out off site location info)

FanimeCon 2015 Official Cosplayer Gatherings & Events List
A Blue gathering name = potential 60 + gathering for 2015 (1 hr in location)
BOLDED & BLUE Gathering Name = Returning Large and Mega Gatherings (1 hr in location)
Black = All other gatherings (1/2 hr in location)

Friday - May 22, 2015:
11 am:
Kuroko No Basket ~ G8 a
Gravity Falls ~ G8 b&c

11:30 am:
Gundam ~ G7

12 pm:
Smash Bros ~ G5

1 pm:
Cosplay Battle/Chess/Clue ~ G9

2 pm:
Welcome to Night Vale ~ G2

3 pm:
Five Nights at Freddy’s ~ G2
Cosplay Battle/Chess/Clue ~ G9

4 pm:
Steven Universe ~ G5
Puella Magi ~ G9

5 pm:
Vocaloid ~ G5

6 pm:
Elder Scrolls (ALL) ~ G4

6:30 pm:
Old School Cosplay ~ G4

7 pm:
Digimon ~ G4

10 pm:
WalkResZombie ~ G4

Saturday - May 23, 2015:
10 am:
Rumiko Takashi ~ G4
Fairy Tail ~ G6
Gintama ~ G7

11 am:
Touhou ~ G7
Attack on Titan ~ G9
SuperWhoLock ~ G10

11:30 am:
Tokyo Ghoul ~ G4
Kamen Rider x Super Sentai / Tokusatsu ~ G8 a

12 pm:
Hetalia ~ G2
Darkstalkers ~ G4
Final Fantasy (ALL) ~ G9

12:30 pm:
Pokemon ~ G4
Sword Art Online ~ G10

1 pm:
Final Fantasy VII ~ G2
Kagerou Project/Mekakucity Actors ~ G8 a
CLAMP ~ G8 c
My Little Pony ~ G9

1:30 pm:
Monty Oum ~ G4
Akame ga Kill ~ G10

2 pm:
Firefly/Joss Whedon~ G5 (patio area)
Kill la Kill ~ G6
Kancolle X Touhou ~  G7
Chrono Trigger ~ G8 c
DC ~ G9

2:30 pm:
Rooster Teeth ~ G4

3 pm:
IdolM@ster ~ G2
Dragon Age (ALL) ~ G4
Cosplay Battle/Chess/Clue ~ G5
Naruto ~ G6
Kantai Collection (Kancolle) ~ G7
Marvel ~ G9

4 pm:
SMT/Persona ~ G4
YuGiOh! ~ G8 c
Fallout (ALL) ~ G9

4:30 pm:
Durarara ~ G5
Disney Extended Family ~ G9

5 pm:
Cosplayer Raffle ~ Cosplay Hangout
Assassin’s Creed ~ G2
Cosplay Battle/Chess/Clue ~ G5
Ace Attorney ~ G6
Kingdom Hearts (ALL) ~ G9

6 pm:
Dota2 ~ G4
DanganRonpa ~ G5

6:30 pm:
Rozen Maiden ~ G2
Old School Cosplay ~ G4

7 pm:
Tiger & Bunny ~ G8 a

10 pm:
WalkResZombie ~ G4

11:30 pm:
SMT/Persona ~ G4

Sunday - May 24, 2015:
10 am:
Rumiko Takashi ~ G4
Studio Ghibli ~ G9

11 am:
Fruits Basket ~G2
Valve ~ G5
Legend of Korra/ Avatar ~ G8 c
Sailor Moon ~ G9
Umineko ~ G10
Fire Emblem ~ G10

11:30 am:
Wonderland ~ G4
Kuroshitsuji ~ G10

12 pm:
Fullmetal Alchemist ~ G4
One Piece ~ G5
Haikyuu ~ G7
Tales of… Series ~ G8 b&c
League of Legends ~ G9

1 pm:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure ~ G5
DRAMAtical Murder ~ G8 a&b
Cosplay Battle/Chess/Clue ~ G9
Free! Iwatobi Swim Club ~ G10

1:30 pm:
Magi ~ G8 b&c

2 pm:
The Seven Deadly Sins ~ G2
 Disney ~ G9

2:30 pm:
Higurashi ~ G8 c

3 pm:
Borderlands ~ G5
Legend of Zelda ~ G8 c
Shonen Jump ~ G9

4 pm:
Yu Yu Hakusho ~ G4
Cosplay Battle/Chess/Clue ~ G5
Love Live! School Idol Project ~ G9

5 pm:
Cosplayer Raffle ~ G1
Homestuck ~ G10

Monday - May 25, 2015:
10 am:
Harvest Moon ~ G4

4 pm:  FANIMECON 2015 is OVER!

PRESS FREE ZONE! Repair Station is supplied by YOUR donations!
The Cosplay Hangout is where cosplayers can REST, REFRESH, and REPAIR their cosplays. Cosplay attire is not required but a valid FanimeCon badge is! Please be respectful of each others needs while in the Cosplayer Hangout. PARENTS... Feel free to come in and pull up a seat to take a break from all the activity.
*This is a photography free zone! Sorry, NO pictures or electronic recordings are allowed to be taken in the area without prior approval from Cosplayer Gatherings Department Head*

Days and Hours Open:
*Hours are subject to change at any time*

Thursday: TBA
Friday: 10 am - 10 pm
Saturday: 10 am - 10 pm
Sunday: 10 am - 10 pm
Monday: CLOSED

All that you see is DONATED by cosplayers just like you! We offer a variety of stuff at your disposal should you need it, because cosplayers just like you bought it and brought it! So if you have used this service in the past we would love it if you gave back. Our supplies from last year are low and can use an infusion. Just bring it with you to Fanime and drop it off in the Cosplay Hangout. We are open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 10 am to 10 pm.

For REST we offer tables and chairs where you can sit and relax, talk with friends, or just get away from photographers for a little while. The Hangout is a "Press Free Zone" so we ask the press and media not to come in and ask to take pictures or video of the cosplayers. We also ask those who come in the Hangout to please respect each other and not ask for photos either.

For REFRESH we offer a water station, a make-up touch-up station, and a wig touch-up station. Let's just say it's a place to get yourself back into character so you can go back out in full cosplay style!

For REPAIR we offer a variety of tools to fix those last minute mishaps that happen to cosplay costumes and props. From needles, thread, and safety pins to screwdrivers, wrenches, and hot glue guns. For quick Prop touch ups there are different colored Sharpies, varieties and colors of tape, rubber cement and types of glue. The supplies available differ each year.

The one thing we DON'T offer is access to a sewing machine. (*insert gasp*) "Why not?," you might be asking and it is simple. We figured that  by the time a cosplayer gets to Fanime they have spent a whole lot of time and money to enjoy the weekend with fellow cosplay friends and sitting in front of a sewing machine finishing a cosplay is at to great a cost. You miss out on time with others, events, programming, shopping and all the wonderful memories and photos that could have been. Let's face it, it needs to be done before you come. So we offer needles, basic thread colors and a hand-held sew machine to fix a hem or seam, but not a full size sewing machine.

See the next post for the current Repair Station & Donation List.

All cosplayer gatherings & cosplayer events that wish to be on the Cosplayer Gathering Info Boards @ Fanime Con 2015 MUST have a Fanime forum thread. All information to/from the organizers to/from Cosplay Gatherings Department will be passed through their Fanime threads or by PM on the Fanime forums. Please make sure your 1st post is formatted correctly before you submit your urls. Thread format here:   

The name listed is the person organizing the gathering/event.

Fanime 2015 Cosplayer Events URL List: 3
The OFFICIAL Cosplay Battle! Three-Pose Fights ~ EliteSlayer ~ Sat & Sun ~ http://forums.fanime.com/index.php/topic,18185.0.html
Cosplayer Raffle ~ Saturday @ 5 pm ~ L: Cosplayer Hangout (Willow Glen - Marriott Hotel)
Cosplayer Raffle ~ Sunday @ 5 pm ~ L: G1 (Cosplayer Gatherings Table - SJCC foyer)

Fanime 2015 Cosplayer Gatherings URL List:

Ace Attorney ~ corink ~
Akame Ga Kill ~ TaikoCosplay ~
Assassin's Creed ALL ~ SuperSchwiizer ~
Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin ~ keitoghostie ~
Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji ~ sael/Raenef ~
Borderlands ~ Drcane ~
CLAMP ~ Xia ~
DanganRonpa ~ KomaedaNagito ~
Digimon ~ Azreale ~
DC Gathering ~ IcosplayNeji ~
Disney ~ Maikiritori ~
Disney - Extended Family - ~ Maikiritori ~
Dota 2 ~ tjimmy2 ~
Dragon Age ~ sunnystars ~
DRAMAtical Murder ~ Angelx624 ~
Durarara ~ Bamilya ~
Fairy Tail ~ Swizzlstik Cosplay ~
Fallout ~ BSaphire ~
Fate/Nasuverse ~ Cyanide_Exploder ~
Final Fantasy ALL ~ BSaphire ~
Final Fantasy VII ~ jaythecosplayer ~
Fire Emblem ~ Hakaru_chan ~
Firefly/Serenity/Whedon ~ Rodney_Pheonix ~
Five Nights at Freddy's ~ tjimmy2 ~
Fruits Basket ~ Tabbychan ~
Fullmetal Alchemist ~ BSaphire ~
Gintama ~ toshiroronoa ~
Gravity Falls ~ Luluuxduplica1223 ~
Gundum ~ shellysunfish ~
Haikyuu ~ Yuuka ~
Harvest Moon/Rune Factory/Story of Seasons ~ Tabbychan ~
Hetalia ~ theawesomeone ~
Higurashi ~ Atikal ~
IDOLM@STER ~ pinkirlia ~
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure ~ stitchez ~
Kagerou Project/Mekakucity Actors ~ labmember001 ~
Kamen Rider/Super Sentai ~ hakurei ~
Kancolle X Touhou ~ ifiwereyou ~
Kantai Collection ~ ifiwereyou ~
Kill la Kill ~ Errends ~
Kingdom Hearts ALL ~ maikiritori ~
Kuroko no Basket ~ Shinigami_Lover ~
Kuroshitsuji ~ sael ~
League of Legends ~ Tabbychan ~
Legend of Korra/Avatar ~ Firemage1000 ~
Legend of Zelda ~ Nemuren ~
Love Live! School Idol Project ~ RyuHayabusa ~
Magi ~ MaigoLily ~
Marvel ~ bahamutknightzero ~
MOBA ~ Tabbychan ~
Monty Oum ~ Kite ~
My Little Pony ~ Avairrianna ~
Old School Cosplay ~ BSaphire~
One Piece ~ Shinigami_Lover ~
Pokemon ~ luluuxduplica1223 ~
Puella Magi ~ jumbocrayon ~
Rooster Teeth ~ FutureJaneCrocker ~
Rozen Maiden ~ Azreale ~
Rumiko Takahashi ~ Tabbychan ~
Sailor Moon ~ Olivine ~
Shonen Jump ~ BSaphire ~
Smash Bros ~ Gary925 ~
SMT/Persona ~ linefaced ~
Soul Eater ~ Cosplay Circus ~
Studio Ghibli ~ Anti-Gonist ~
SuperWhoLock ~ Olivine ~
Sword Art Online ~ Ariel Ningyo ~
Tales of... Series ~ Marjolycookie ~
The Seven Deadly Sins ~ Cosplay Circus ~
Tiger & Bunny ~ RobinBaxterButt ~
Tokyo Ghoul ~ ROS ~
Touhou Project ~ Kotuea ~
Valve ~ Avairrianna ~
Vocaloid ~ AdriaticCosplay ~
WalkResZobie ~ BSaphire ~
Welcome to Night Vale ~ Vasyenka ~
Wonderland ~ souseiseki ~
YuYu Hakusho ~ Tabbychan ~

This topic has been moved to Big Event Showcase.

Hopefully someone over in the Big Events section can answer your question.

Ok Homestuck cosplayers, I REALLY need your help on this gathering. I have copied what was on the other thread, however the previous organizer will not be running this event. I have taken the liberty of scheduling it for the same time, day, and location as last year. I know that there are many of you out there and I want to see things get rolling so spread the word that I have taken over running the gathering as a thread and getting it listed, HOWEVER I will not be able to run this at Fanime 2014. I NEED ALL OF YOU to help me by running the gathering, policing this thread and any others that may come up. PLEASE Help to get this going and Post the info I need here in this thread.

If I don't see clear leadership on this gathering it will not make it to the Final Gatherings List.

Much Love

The NEW Homestuck 2014 Gathering

Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

Day: Sunday
Time: 4pm
Location: G10 ~ Caesar Chavez Park. (Same Location as last year.)
Click this link for a map! >>


Information Locations:
Cosplay.com Thread: http://www.cosplay.com/showthread.php?t=338834
Fanime Thread: http://forums.fanime.com/index.php/topic,19071.0.html
Tumblr Post: http://conciliatoryclaw.tumblr.com/post/78964727538/new-fanime-homestuck-gathering-2014
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1479655045579292/

***Homestuck Gathering Rules***: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CsxJSNpSph-9BmBidS4P69PI6ACxUh1GXb6eUtonl_4

The Following Positions NEED to be FILLED so PLEASE step up to make this gathering happen.
On Site (Fanime) Gathering Organizers and Assistants:
Lead Organizer: octoberesque
Assistant #1: maikiritori
Assistant #2: Pluvicorn
Assistant #3:
Assistant #4:

Photography Roll Call Assistants:
#1: Acey Arisen
#2: keitoghostie
#3: Valcust

Special Event: ~ SanJoseStuck Can Town Project ~
URL: https://www.facebook.com/events/224884254377716
If you want to help out, but can't attend or don't feel like carting non-perishable goods to con, consider dropping some boonies at our official SJStuck Second Harvest page! http://solvehunger.shfb.org/fundraise?fcid=304504

Organizer: octoberesque
Assistant #1:
Assistant #2:
Day: Sunday
Time: 4pm
L: G10 ~ Caesar Chavez Park.

Special Event: ~ Dinnerstuck ~  Limited # of people, any age welcome, Non-Alcohol Event

Organizer: Nina Star 9
Date: Saturday, May 24th
Time: 6:00PM.
Locations: Meet at the Quetzalcoatl Sculpture at Cesar Chavez Park; walk to the Old Spaghetti Factory. (51 N. San Pedro)
Cost: $10~15/person (menu found here)
Includes vegetarian + gluten-free options, message me if any other health concerns or dietary restrictions
Size: 20 people
All-ages, alcohol free
RSVP required Message Nina Star 9


BETA KIDS GROUP SHOT (John, Rose, Dave, Jade)
(Jane, Dirk, Roxy, Jake.)

(Mom, Bro, Dad, Bec, Grandpa Harley, Alpha Guardians, JaspersSprite, Jade Sprite, Dave Sprite, Nanna Sprite, Tavris Sprite, Erisol Sprite, Fefeta Sprite, ARquius Sprite.)

CARAPACE & INTERMISSION CHARACTERS (Propitians, Dersites, Felt, Midnight Crew, Ms Paint, Skaia Royalty, Problem Sleuth Jack Noir, Bec Noir, PM, etc.)

CHERUBS & HUSSIE (Calliope, Calliborn, Lord English, Hussie)

OTHER (AU's, Original Designs, Fantrolls.)

Video Game Characters

Ancestors (Summoner, Psionic, Mindfang, Condes, etc)

Dancestors (Alpha trolls etc)


TROLLS BY BLOOD COLOR. (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces)


This topic has been moved to Meetings, Gatherings, and Get Togethers. This is a meet up and not a Fanime 2014 gathering.


BSaphire Wants YOU! :)

Wondering what a WalResZobie gathering is? It is a Walking Dead, Resident Evil, and every Zombie game gathering! :P
Please vote in the poll and come get your Dead, well maybe your not so Dead ON! I am willing to do 2 evening gatherings if I have an assistant. I welcome your suggestions and I would love it if you post who/what you will be cosplaying and what title it is from so I can get a feel of how to set up the photograpy order for this gathering.

Are you game for this? *lol


Fanime 2015 WalkResZobie Gathering

Walking Dead, Resident Evil and Zombie games
Evening: Friday & Saturday
Time: 10 PM
L: G4

Walking Dead series/game:
Resident Evil movies and games:
Left 4 Dead games:
Lollipop Chainsaw games:
Dead Space games:
Other Zombies and characters

Photography Order:

Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

Post Legend:
Post #1: CGD Department Photography
Post #2: Photography Urls:
Post #3: Video Urls:
Post #4: Convention Reviews Urls:
Post #5: Cosplay Masquerade Urls:
Post #6: Other stuff
Cosplayer Gatherings Department Photographers:


From main page, you will click the Fanime folder, then each photographer will have their own folder.... within each of those will be a folder for each day.

~ So you want to cosplay and you aren't sure who or which character?
~ Maybe your stuck on how to sew a part of your cosplay?
~ Your no good at props/wigs/costume so where can you buy it?
~ How about what kind of pattern could help you create that piece?
~ Of course there are always the:
"Where/What kind of makeup?"
"Looking for this or that wig?"
"Where can I get it?"
"Contact lenses and what do you think?"

These questions and thousands of others are always being asked. Well here is the perfect one stop shop thread for you to post those questions and where other cospeeps can offer their help to solve those many cosplaying dilemmas that go into each project we choose. Sometimes it is just choosing that stops us from cosplaying and those questions are ok too! :)

Post your questions here and include links to photos of the subject if possible.

Much love to all cospeeps!

This topic has been moved to Meetings, Gatherings, and Get Togethers.
This is a Meet up and not a "Gathering" even if you are in cosplay.

Welcome to the FanimeCon 2015 Looking For/Who's going and Who as... Thread!
Please do NOT post pictures... post LINKS to the pictures.

So every year there are cosplayers that want to join a gathering, but they are unsure if there will be enough people interested in doing a gathering. That's what this thread is for :)

~ If you started a gathering thread and "Think" it got removed... look here... I'm sure you will find your thread title in one of the last posts... Please be kind and respectful to each other and the more you can help each other the better.

~ If you are looking for other cosplayers from a particular title or genre post that info here on this thread.

~ If your looking for people to join in your FanimeCon skit then those question are perfect to post in here too, but make sure to come back and check.

~ Maybe you want to let people know who you will be cosplaying @ FanimeCon in 2015. That's also what this thread is for :) So post that info here on this thread.

~ If you want to start a gathering and be the organizer for it then you would want to check out this thread:  http://forums.fanime.com/index.php/topic,19896.0.html
or the Official Gatherings/Events List here:  http://forums.fanime.com/index.php/topic,19895.0.html

If you want to know what cosplayer gatherings and/or cosplayer events already have threads going then you can look at the list here:

~ If your new to Fanime and just want to do a shout out then you can do that here also, but don't get off topic to much since this thread's primary function is for cosplayers to find other cosplayers.

***If anyone has questions or notices a problem.. PM me ASAP.***



Our new gatherings location map can be found here:

Hello cospeeps!
So last weekend I was able to walk aroung the convention center and there are some changes that have happened. Changes to the convention center will effect locations for all gatherings. I have started this thread to help discuss some of the changes that are happening with my department so feel free to post here.

1. The large hole that was out front now has the building structure up. The building will not be in use this year, but the construction is ongoing and has taken up more of the front area. The passenger loading area is not accessible either.

2. Where Registration was located in the past has been remodeled. This area is now a cosplayer gathering area. We are considering relocating the riser stage to the back part of this area since it will get more light.

3. The lobby area has 2 tiered platforms, one on each side of the stairs, which will provide for more people to be tiered in gathering photos.

4. There are now entry/exit doors located inside on both wings on the 1st floor of the convention center.

I can not say for sure where registration will be located at this time. For those who are new and don't know, Registration is where members would go to pick up their badges. We have more room now on the 1st Floor, however we have less room out in front.

We are still working on the gatherings location key since our gathering info boards will also be changing. These are some of the reasons why I have not opened up the gatherings list yet. All 60+ returning gatherings are recommended to use the large slab outside of the Cosplayer Hangout (Where we had them last year) except for one or two that I know will be off site due to super large #'s of attending.

So, post your questions here and I will try to answer them the best I can.
Peace & Love

No longer happening.

This thread is closed.

If your cosplay character appears in Anime, Manga, or Video Game pre 2001 on back then this is the gathering for YOU! Bring out your DEAD! LOL or at least your old school cosplay and join us for this gathering!

Post who your character is, the year your representing, and what title & genre it is from. Yes, you can cosplay your Cat girl Nuku Nuku, Evangelion, Crest of Stars, Transformer, Power Ranger, etc cosplay in a gathering designed with all the "old school" cospeeps in mind!

See you there old school cospeeps!

Time:6:30 PM
Location: ~ G4 ~

Time:6:30 PM
Location: ~ G4 ~

2015 Old School Line Up!

Please Note: Fanime will be taking group pictures during the gathering. If you do not want to be included in these photos please step aside while they are being taken. By remaining with the group when pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

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