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Registration / Re: Fanime 2022 Prices
November 05, 2021, 05:12:55 PM
I'm definitely waitin on purchasing a pass to see what's going to be decided or not, don't really want to waste extra money on it if I can afford to rn
Registration / Re: Fanime 2022 Prices
October 28, 2021, 01:16:17 PM
I'm glad I'm not the only person kinda confused about the prices, it doesn't really seem right for already max price and expensive when this would be the time passes for next year would be available to buy at the cheapest early discount
Ikr, they should have more stuff in the night market and closer at a more convenient time for most of us con goers. It felt like more mature artist alley rather than a night market and hardly any 18+ stuff compared to that one 18+ place in the dealers hall

Quote from: Glitch on June 06, 2019, 01:15:23 AM
Silver Island should not happen again. Honestly, it felt like they were holding our hentai hostage.
"Come to Silver Island or you won't see your hentai!"

The fact that hentai and yaoi was shifted down to a 8pm - 2am slot meant that it made that content no longer be the after hours relaxation ritual most of us do. Instead it's this thing you have to go out of your way to see. You wanna just chill and poke fun at stuff on the screen, but you then have to make the decision if waiting out in the cold for the shuttle is worth it.
As well as competition for us hosting 18+ panels. That type of audience is already spread thin as it is.

The night market was very underwhelming. You can kind of already find that content at the main artist alley. I was expecting bondage gear and sex toys. AnimeDepot's booth at the dealer's hall actually had more hentai content than night market( and that includes the toys).

My guess is that the Doubletree is pressuring the con to use the meeting rooms, since they can't really just offer those big rooms to another event without offering hotel rooms to go with it.

Either way, this doesn't really work. When I went over fort the hentai amv contest, it felt like I was going from a big con to a very small one.
Starting Musicfest 2020 recommendations list!
Creating next year's desired guest suggestion list  ;)
Along with this, the Night store wasn't really a night store but felt like more of a mature artist alley. The only 18+ items being sold were a box of doujins and some hentai being sold in the corner of the room but hardly any. I was expecting more based on the description of the night store, somewhat similar to one of the 18+ sellers in the dealers hall which I was expecting prior to seeing the night store. 
This is like the 4th year repeating this for team four star xD We already got Little Kuriboh and the Nostalgic Critic in the past
    I'm gonna start the wishlist for MusicFest as well
    My List:

    • Yousei Teikoku
    • FLOW
    • PinocchioP
    • KZLivetune
    • Hachioji P
    • DECO * 27
Oh, and PinocchioP, KZLivetune, Hachioji P, and DECO * 27 too
So TeamFourStar (Takahata101, Grant, Lanipator, Kirran, Hbi2k, Zito, Kaiserneko, Little Kuriboh, Corinne Sudberg), Kira "Rina-chan" Buckland, Saki Fujita(miku's voice), JAM Project, Sweet ARMS, Yousei Teikoku, FLOW, Christine Marie Cabanos, Carrie Keranen, Patrick Seitz, SomethingWittyEntertainment, Sarah Williams, Alexis Tipton, Matthew Mercer, Itou Shizuka, Of course Doug Walker, Daisuke Ono and Takehito Koyasu (Jotaro & DIO)
I shall start the Guest wishlist for Next year's FanimeCon!  ;D
Daww kinda disappointing that yuyoyuppe was not able to come now musicfest will be a little less lively. Oh well the other Vocaloid producer/DJ rave would be PinocchioP he's AWESOME!
I wonder if its too late to get DIO's voice actor and Jotaro's
We really are bringing back guests from previous years cool!
Oh cool, its finally up!

So here are some of my song ideas:
Upbeat and the lyrics are safe for the audience!
Wait isn't this last years requests
Yep, DBZA, Yu Gi Oh abridged, Hellsing abridged, pokemon abridged, and don't forget SAO abridged too, we need the support from the KiritoisAlwaysRight Foundation too
Wow MIKU EXPO 2018 will be held at the City National Civic Center here in San Jose on July 1st  ;D
Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Guests for Fanimecon 2018
February 04, 2018, 08:29:15 AM
Quote from: tora-hentai on February 03, 2018, 06:46:37 PM
I'd also like to request a few of my favorite cosplayers:

US Cosplayers:
- moderatelyokcosplay
- akrcos
- alysontabbitha
- kikikabuki
- xbrinni
- thealchemicfox
- akidearest (also a very well-known youtuber)
- pixelghosts
- lennethxvii

International cosplayers:
- geheichou
- leonchiro
- reika
- knitemaya
- Hana & Baozi
Ahh mama Aki I like what ya got
Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Guests for Fanimecon 2018
January 31, 2018, 10:17:49 PM
Oh, Aicosu is coming back again this year. Didn't get to actually see them two years ago, so I wonder what they will be cosplaying as.