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Third vote for REIKA!!!

She's very different from most Cosplay Guests in America because of her crossplaying and theatrical approach, and she is wildly successful in the industry *because* of it!!
Okay~~~ finally checking in, Mirai!

I'll bring Kamille from Zeta Gundam, along with Haro Shiki. Because I just watched the re-mastered and just fell in love with the series again ahahahah!!! XD

I can join as "Eve" :D if this is still going for Sunday?
Bumping thread!!

Not sure who to bring hmmmmmmm~ I'll see if I can still fit in my Lalah dress and rep Original Gundam with you Mirai!

..if I can't fit the dress then I'll wear something 00 because GOTTA REPRESENT lol
Panels and Workshops / Re: Super Sentai Q&A Panel?
January 18, 2013, 09:47:31 AM
I'm really really interested in this kind of introduction and vs/differences between franchise panel x_x I've been curious about Sentai for a long time but never jumped into it...!! if it happens I'd love to attend!
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hello all :D I'm a long time Fanime attendee and sometimes panelist. I recently did this panel at Anime Los Angeles and would like to bring it to Fanime with some co-panelsts to speak on the cosplay photographer pov. if you're interested in this panel please drop me a line, I can post my slides shortly and hope to fine-tune the presentation. The latter half of this panel does depend on forum/discussion at the actual panel, so I hope lots of people come and contribute :D I will be submitting as soon as submissions are open.
Dear Fat Hobbit, I would have LOVED to have attended this panel! I've been a long time Matsumoto fan and cosplayer and if you resubmit for 2013 I'd love to help moderate. I've run a few Gundam fandom related panels and worked with FUNimation on huge industry panels at otakon, so I do have a bit of experience, but my passion will always stay with space opera!

Please shoot me an email if you're going to bring this back for 2013 :D jessica.e.tiu @ gmail . com thanks!
Heya! Since I didn't see updated information for 2011, I just wanted to throw this out for brainstorming purposes. Friends and I are wondering about hosting a "Girl's Guide to Gundam" and would love to have some guys join us.

we are still finalizing the topics, but it will cover the entire Gundam franchise from start to just released. UC to UC, so to speak hahaha.

We would love any Keroro Gunsou "experts" input as well.

Ah, no, what I mean it main heroes from different series in formal wear??? My friend is doing Amuro from Original and I'm doing Camille from Zeta.. we'll probably stick a friend in Setsuna from 00 and another in Kira from Seed? (if his wig doesn't get turned into Greece from hetalia.. ^^;)

Of course Heero can tag along XD

A kind of Anniversay/La Grange point party.
I have a Hellenic age (shota~) Greece finished XD;

yay for togas! I'll be there!

I'll be there as baby gundam from 00 (soran, jihad-kun etc)~ Though I won't stay in it for too long because I dont want to carry the machine gun around all day XD;

I do have a Camille Bidan and a Judau Asta cosplay.

A few friends and I are planning on doing Gundam hero's formal wear photoshoot... If you have a main chara and a black suit or dress, lemme know XD; It'll be on Snday!

Mirai Noah Eeek~ you make me want to bring back my Natarle cos!!!!!! X3  but.. I've lost the cap and the jacket needs so much repair ;__;
my duet partner and I are bound to drop in when we can ^^; be it open mic time or "official rehersal" time.. well.. I never fail to try the mics/sound at least ONCE before contest starts...
Phew ^^;

i guess all nighters DO come in handy in other ways..
sigh.. I have a heavy midterm in the morning, and being attatched to this forum for the past few hours has NOT been worth it.

Oh wells.
haha. indeed.
are the prizes the same as 2006? as in.. the winners get optional masq preformance and seats??