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General Convention Discussion / Re: Missed Connections 2013
« on: June 20, 2013, 02:44:57 AM »
To the pretty lady who was dressed as Himiko from Btooom! You made my Sunday. I wasn't sure if anyone even knew what Btooom! was until I saw you. Thank you for that. Though I wish I could have gotten a picture together with you.

General Convention Discussion / Re: Missed Connections 2013
« on: May 29, 2013, 04:43:29 PM »
This is to the two girls who commented on my Star Trek sweater and wanted to try and take it from me in front of the Marriott... you two really made my day. Hope you both had fun at the con.

Wow, that's nuts about the Thursday night line. Glad I waited to get it on Friday morning.

Sadly, I had to bail on the meetup for last night, I was having a hard time keeping awake since being up so early to get my badge.

Did everyone else get to the meetup last night?

Sorry you can't make it hunterluvcookies, heres to next year, or AX?

Anyway... should we get a head count as to who will actually show up? Seems as we three are the only active posters as of late.

Also the panel is The Dark Side of Magical Girls.
It's sad but it does seem to be just the three of us. I know I will be there Thursday after I get off of work at 2:30pm, so around 3-3:30pm is when I will show up and be walking the halls. And since I am planning to get my pass early on Friday instead of Thursday, I will not be partaking in a late night meetup for Thursday, i.e. anything after 10pm I will not make it to. Friday on the other hand, I will be there all day.

I am sorry guys... I cant come to any of the meet ups. I wont be able to go to fanime because of money issues and plane fare. Hopefully next year I will be able to attend. :(
That's a bummer that you can't make it. Hopefully you can make it next year.

If any of you guys are interested, I'm hosting my panel in the Fairmont's panel room from 10-11PM Friday night.  (Same time as the meetup).  If you guys are interested, it'd be great to see you!
What is your panel about if you don't mind me asking?

Well then Friday's meetup will be evening time in front of the karaoke room, say 10pm?

As for Thursday... I say we still have it at 10pm, but if anyone happens to get there earlier on Thursday, we can make a mobile meetup. I know I am going to be walking the convention hall after I get off of work at 2pm. So if anyone wants to meet up before the official meetup time, I will be around the Con from 3pm until probably midnight. Just so everyone knows what's going on.

On another note, less then 2 weeks away, is everyone getting ready? Anyone getting excited for the con? Has everyone got what they plan to dress up as all set up?(I know I don't yet)

Well..you kind of forget....no one showed up for the Thursday meet up last year.

Now on to more important news.

So...this may or may not kill the Thursday meet up. But since pre-reg. badge pick up will open on 7:00 pm, yes that's right 7:00 pm at night there would be a chance everyone might get their badge till after 10:00 pm

So. I'm currently debating where or not just to cancel Thursday meet up or just have it late at night? For those that planed showing up on Thursday what do you think?
Wow, that's stupid to have the badge pickup be so late on Thursday. If that's the case we can do the meetup somewhere outside of the con or somewhere in the line for early pick up. But if that's the case for early pick up this year, I am just going to wait until Friday to get my badge.

Personally, I still think we can do the meetup on Thursday. We just need to be better organized with the meetup then last year. And as for last year, some of us did get to do the meetup, but since the con had the power outage, they made us move from the meetup spot and that just messed everything up.

I figure we can do the same meetup location as last year for the Thursday meetup. Here is a picture of the convention center and the location we had for last year's meetup marked on it.

This area won't be limited to people who have their con badges and whatnot. Anyone who happens to want to make it to the meetup can go to this area and meet. I figure it would be easier to give people an idea of where we can go.
Feel free to copy the image and mark an area that you would like the meetup to be. I know some of you want to have it in/outside of the meeting room "C" for the Friday meetup. I don't see that as being an issue. :)

As for Friday's meet up, it all depends on what everyone wants to do? I'm sure a lot of people want to do a later in the day meet up, close to dinner time.

Well for Friday, I'm not sure what everyone's time would be good. Last years seem a bit too late but I guess that going to depend solely on the schedule, once it comes out. I really do feel like a broken record saying that over and over again.

Tell then how about we plan the meet up spot, dinner options, etc..
Well I think for the Friday meetup I'm just going to make myself available and so anyone who wants to meetup can hit me up and we can work on a location at that point. Kind of make a mobile meetup for Friday. If anyone has a better idea I'm all for hearing it.

As for Thursday, I was thinking we should meet at the same location we did last year, hopefully this time there won't be a power outage that will cause the meetup to be weird.

kane: i dont have ur fb anymore, i think i might have accidentally deleted you when i was cleaning my friends list XD sowwyyyyy
and can you post the group link again? it didnt work for me the first time

im not staying in a hotel down there, so i can make thurs or friday
and again, it would be me and my boyfriend
it seems as if the friday 21+ meet&greet is kicking off relatively well, so that's good

if we can't do a all-age-group thurs, what would the timing be like for a meet up during friday?
again, it would depend on the schedule. but ehh..i guess we'll see how things go
Hey Kitty, sorry I missed your post or something. Here is the link to the Facebook group page...


As for Friday's meet up, it all depends on what everyone wants to do? I'm sure a lot of people want to do a later in the day meet up, close to dinner time.

Hey guys! Count me in for the Thursday meeting. That's the all age meeting right?
Yes, the Thursday night meet up is an all age thing. So I will put you down for Thursday.

This year will be my first time attending Fanime.  Additionally, my boyfriend is a Fanime staffer, so he'll be running around keeping busy.  I would love to come and meet more people, as it's rough to essentially be at a convention by myself searching for the few people I'm already friends/familiar with so we can visit.  So unless plans change at the last minute on my end, count me in!
Consider yourself added to the list for the meet-up. Happy to have you aboard.  ;D

Usually a Sunday meet-up is a bust because everyone is too tired for it. But so far we have an agreed upon Thursday and we are working on a Friday meet-up.

Please note that if I haven't added you to the meet-up for Thursday, I apologize. Please just make a note here once more or message me personally and I will add you to the list.

In addition, a time for the Thursday night meet-up needs to still be arranged. If anyone has a good idea for the time to meet up at and a good location to meet, so as to be away from the crowds of other con goers, let me know. Last years location was good and the time was also good, but due to the power outage, it kind of skewed the meet-up a bit.

Any who, hows everyone been holding up? Its like really only a month and a half away. This month is almost over anyway.

I've been holding up, been busy with work and have been lacking a lot of free time to post here, let alone really plan for the con. It's kind of making me sad that it's getting so close and I have nothing really planned out for the con.


Thur? Aww, I wont be here till fri. Oh well. :)
Who said the meet up could be for one day?
We can have a Thursday meet up and a Friday meet up.

That would be cool! XD
It's true. We do have a Thursday and a Friday meetup. But we tend to plan more for the Thursday since there really isn't much else going on for the con on Thursday. If you live in the area, you are more then welcome to stop by on Thursday's meetup. If not, just keep checking back here for info on the meetup for Friday. ;D

Personally, not much planned on my end, aside from the meetup planning. I wanted to get a hotel room this year but found them to be too expensive for my liking or they were already sold out for that weekend. ARG!!

Well, I updated the Facebook meetup page. So everyone can post there too.


Feel free to join up there too.

hey haunter, hey kane, remember me? haha

going to fanime again this year, but this time i'll be official staff for black and white ball
and again..not cosplaying. but hopefully this time i wont have a bum ankle!! lol
if theres something goin on this year, i'd love to be a part of it
either 21+ (which my boyfriend and i can make) or a non-21+ is do-able
and i should be able to make anything on thursday

i graduate college at the end of april, so for the month of may before fanime, i'll be bumming around the house, learning dance lessons and searching for a job before grad school starts

but if kane/justin (i think...) if u wanna chat up on fb and create another fb meetup event that woudl be chill

cant wait to hopefully see all y'all again in may
Hey there Kitty/Jackie,

Yeah, it looks like there will be a meet up again on Thursday night after pre-reg is done. Any who, I guess since we have started up the new year and registration has started up, I can update the list of people who want to attend the meetup. So, so far we have Hunter, Kitty, Echo and me going on Thursday right? Anyone else want to try and make it for the Thursday meet? No age limit for that one.

I hope the hotel registration sets up soon. I don't have a cosplay set up yet. May just do one of my old ones or make some mismatch one...

Hey everyone. I know it's slowly getting closer to Fanime as we make it through the holidays. So I just want to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and hope to see you all at the up coming Fanime.

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