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Ideas and Suggestions / Art Show / Gallery - for 2020
October 14, 2019, 01:24:20 AM
I know this is A HUGE undertaking to ask this out loud for ideas and suggestions but I was thinking of wanting to volunteer to take control of the Art show/gallery for Fanime con.

WE HAD one before around...2016?..maybe 2015?...
but lately, the art gallery was removed for a very long time.

are we not going to have this anymore or is there a reason why we aren't having one?..

(Sorry but the Fanime con Art show doesn't qualify because it felt more of a promotion of the yester-years past)

What I am talking about is an actual art gallery from those who worked hard to showcase their gifts.

So despite we might not get one for 2020, is it possible to volunteer for it to take-in charge?.. what do I need to do once I get accepted?
Again, I really apologized if this is in the wrong thread, but it does qualify for an idea/suggestion!

!!!ROOM is full!!!
but payment has not been made yet!

Roommates Wanted: 1 slot left (maybe)
Hyatt Place (across the Street)
$130/per person
F r i d a y  -  M o n d a y
people confirmed to go (i can only hold 5 MAYBE 6 people)
Note: Blue = Male   /  Pink = Female
Hachimitsu-ink  = In charge of the hotels!   (Claiming the Hall Floor Space.. maybe)
BayareaMVP     = Very Best friend             (Claiming the bed due to kneck prblms but again maybe)
Anon               = Swap meet veteran         (Floor space)
JaySmile28        = New Guest                     (Thinking the sofa bed)
Faultykeyblade[/b][/glow]  = New Guest                     (Thinking the sofa bed)

Misamo = Already paid for the bed rights. sadly it's still uncomfirmed!

..::Awaiting from people::..

alexm993 = New person who is into anime

• Introduction:
Hello my name is hachimitsu (Male - Age 32) and I would like to let you know I book a hotel and I have a few friends wanting to stay over.

As of now, I am slowly steadily preparing myself for fanimecon (along with several other conventions).
I really do love to play video games, Cosplay and love to draw. There are times where i had some great success's with artist alley and miserable moments like ....artist alley.
Apparently Swap meet always cheered me up but whenever i got the chance to be the seller, I usually ask the people from my room mates to "HELP ME".

Last year was a blast, but the same time it also created some mixed Feelings on "enjoyment".
I really hope next year will be a better improvement than 2014, but all in all, it wasn't a complete disaster.

My huge interests are:
Kingdom hearts, Legend of Zelda, Magi (because of the genies), Sailor Moon, Pokemon and anything nintendo/sega related.

Amenities :
• Your Own Key
• Coffee Machine (hotel already has this built in)
• Refrigerator
• Wi-Fi Internet access
• Parking access? (this needs to be researched though but i heard its $60 for the entire week but this was last years response)
- Microwave (i'm going to try and ask for one, since I hear this was more of a request service)
- A video game console (still undecided what console I should bring)
- Art / Crafting Supplies
- MORE PLUG OUTLETS!!!(seriously I noticed last year i have no power space T_T)
* Food/snacks (it's still undecided but I need to get something for you guys to have and eat!

I know this is expensive to you but to me, your helping paying the hotel, followed by having your very own key as well
however, Do not pay me yet (right now I am working and trying to calculate some things here and there)

• Requirements:
- For once i really like to have a conversation of how your doing, if your okay ya know, but try not to joke when i am in trouble
- I am very stressful and late, so please don't be mad at me, I have a very good reason!..mostly artist alley and gallery
- If I am a messy person, I will clean my mess up as neat as possible, also try to be neat and nice as well O_O!..
- DO NOT BRING COLORED SODAS! they will charge ALOT of money, I learned my lesson after strawberry soda, so just bring clear soda or just water!
- if I feel depress, please cheer me up!. it helps a lot!
* All beds/sofas cannot be ASKED, they are only givin by generosity on my behalf *

• Contact:
~you can private message me
( I do have the right to decline offers, please be aware of this )

+ Miscellaneous:
I am hoping to participating on Artist alley and swap meet.
I do get stressed out a lot.
I will also bring some Cosplay materials incase if anything is needed on mending

as of now I can only fit ONE more person but again, I cannot confirm who is going and who is not, so far I am still trying to apply for floor plans here and there.. and so far I think I a running out of space!... The hall space i know is one area I want to claim, because the bed was design for those who have problems sleeping or partially disability.
I am still awaiting confirmation from misachan!
Okay I ask registration about the badge pick up but I did NOT recieve a response back!

however I got a response from artist alley that my badge pick up will be EARLY in the morning (10am @ thursday)...
Located on the new ball room...
( i cannot be sure nor confirm this but this was on  from my table partner (he is in charge )

I also signed up for swap meet and I wasn't sure if swap meet is going to hold our badges or not!

Also I have a group registration sooo...

a while a go I purchased a wayfinder from a guy who does laser cutting and I really thought itlooked cool, but now I kinda need some help!..
I really want this to be cut the same way that guy did with the wayfinder and I don't know how to reach him...

heres the image i have that needs to be laser cut...

and this is the wayfinder i purchased (LAST FANIME ago)

so uhm... again I really need help because cutting a laserdisc is more troublesome than i thought it would.
Buy/Sell/Trade / [WTB] Cosplay wig Orange / pink
May 18, 2013, 10:08:05 PM
Never mind, got one!
as of now i am running out of time and I want to say this short and simple..

My sister is cosplaying as a harvest moon character but her hair is in orange and pink!

she looks like this:::

I know there were was some people on swap meet gathering that sells wigs but I don't recall if they sell this wig color...

update:: CLosed!

Hello my name is hachimitsu and I just got approved from artist alley.
As of now, I am seeking another artist to share my table with.

My artworks aren't very impressive but I am trying my hardest to become a great and wonderful artist like everyone is.
Please note I am abit shy when meeting fresh new faces, and I do stress alot on worrying.

if you would like to see my works, please visit the links I provided::!27558 = Anipan (recently Joined) = Fanime con Art Gallery = Pix-iv account = Deviant Art account = hachimitsu-ink

I have til May 3rd to decide who I want as a if your interested, please email me or private message me.
I seen artist happily sell their works and earn a small income..
I am one of those artists who wishes to have a great time selling, drawing and making new friends...
Now that fanime has raised it's stakes, I began to question if it's even worth it!

This came to mind when I invited my sister and realized she has NOT sold a piece of artwork on fanime. I wont say what happens after but I question myself, Has other artist applied for artist alley actually became Happy!

I mean:
your buying a badge at $40 (hopefully if you pre-order it during last years convention)
your also buying a $60 table registration
and your spending about $X.xx on making posters/supplies to resell them.
-and your spending to pay off taxes After the convention is over

In the end, I know how I smile and sold works, but it felt like, i spent too much to get something back in return...
if I was a not so serious person I would be happy but now after realizing the income im spending (for the hotels and food).
I don't think im getting anything in return...

I wanna ask you, is this even worth it? I mean I get the fun part, selling, making, creating.. but I really do miss participating on events like cosplaying gathering and dealers hall. (don't worry, i have friends to take care of me, but they are too sometimes busy at some point)

*I know it's hard to believe me being the only person to know this but I sometimes wonder if there are any other hard working artists who failed to meet expectations!*
Staff & Volunteers / Swap meet head at meeting?
March 07, 2013, 12:55:43 PM
will swap meet staff make an appearance?
actually last time I visited there I got lost and everyone was talking so I dont know what the meetings were for v_v!
Registration / Clockwork Alchemy! Same registration!
April 01, 2012, 01:51:57 PM
Okay i used the search engine and apparrently I got no topics about this mysterious event!
but then it could be an april fools joke -_-! crap!

IM a big steam punk fan and last years was an amazing theme even thought there wasn't much steam punk themes

now I was curious if there was an actual steampunk fair and found this

but when I click on registration.. it lead me BAck to fanimecon.. so now my question is this::
even though I already pre-registereted can we "HOP (didn't mean to add a pun / participate" in both events using the same badge?

Be advise this is the first time KNOWING about this event...
(unless this is another april fools joke -_-! i swear to god this seems uncalled for!)
Live Programming and Events / Art gallery 2012
January 27, 2012, 08:53:00 PM
I don't see any new topics regarding about Art gallery, but I have a few questions though::
I really like art gallery and I wanted to know who was the guy who display godzilla movies..
he's a pretty cool person..
the other question is, I know Ipaid $15 dollars for admittance but was it $15 per painting? or $15 for a space?

I know this was priced at 2011 and the price will change butI wanted to know if IM actually paying the entire panel or just 1 piece per artwork?
yeah after reading the new rules on fanime con's both artist alley and SWAP meet..
im kinda worried how people are going to carry their merchandise!

I know I can give out the safeway bags but then I have to charge 10 cents for them? even if they are used???

well I wanted to ask that since Im not allowed to havea 40%

new law states: "You are unable to provide free single-use carryout plastic bags to customers at check out. You may sell reusable bags or 40 percent post-consumer recycled content paper bags. Post-consumer recycled content paper bags must be sold for a minimum price of 10 cents each, and the sale must be itemized separately on the sales receipt."

I have a bag that I made that is made of 100% recyclable material (black paper > plastic sleave > and Blue Ribbon Handles!) and it lights up electronically...
I know this sounds weird but... does it count as re-useable bag?

I know how badly fanime staff is when it comes to organizing!
and so far i really wanted to be fair and understanding regarding about Tables and Volunteerings!

last year before (2010) i used to work at fanime's Publication department (now its called creative department?) I told chris that he would provide the badges but the tables for AA must be notified to stacy!..
then during the big meet and greet deal, i talked to someone and said that tables and badges aren't provided for volunteering staffs.
So i bought the badge (last day for $50 registration) and then told chris a day later and know if the information was true, sadly i found out it was false!

point is this::

If i were to volunteer as staff, but purchase the badge BEFORE?
do i still get a refund? despite the website says no refunds and transfers!

it's not a big issue to you but it is to me since i have to contact 3-4 different staff administrators at the same time!......
Quote from: ewu on February 08, 2011, 08:45:23 PM
I'm not on the web team, but I think that the link is temporary until the open positions are either transferred from this forum or added by the departments, none of which has happened yet.

AKA, no specific jobs in the system yet, so apply for one:)

I'm not recieving any news from the actualy fanime, I know I already registered for 2010 but do I need to re-register with chris for 2011? I mean I received one email about the meetings but I missed those dates due to music rehearsal so I'm kinda lost of whats happening now!....
Hello welcome to my swap list: Feel free to look around on my items!
BE advise, my store is still closed as i make certain updates on new items that have been discovered! Stay tuned!

here are some keyterms for the manga
[1][2][3] etc... = English Manga's
(1)(2)(3) etc... = Japanese Manga's

here are some keyterms for the manga
*New*            = Never Used
*open*           = open and displayed only
*used*            = Used very often


Kingdom Hearts Play Arts Arms™                       $300   *NEW*  [WTS]

Legend of Zelda:Twilight princess 1/6th scale Sword and shield   $75   *open*  [WTS][WTT]


Cyborg 009 - 003                                              $8    *opened*  [WTS]

Cyborg 009 - 003                                              $8    *Used*  [WTS]

Cyborg 009 - 004                                              $8    *opened  [WTS]

Cyborg 009 - 005                                              $8    *opened  [WTS]

Cyborg 009 - 009                                              $8    *opened*  [WTS]

Dragon Quest IV figurine Hero                              $6    *opened*  [WTS]

Dragon Quest IV figurine Hero                              $6    *opened*  [WTS]

Dragon Quest IV figurine Borya                              $1    *opened*  [WTS]

Dragon Quest IV figurine Alena                              $3    *opened*  [WTS]

Dragon Quest IV figurine Ragnar                          $4    *opened*  [WTS]

Dragon Quest IV figurine Kiryl                                $4    *opened*  [WTS]

Ayanami Rei -Special mission set 3-                      $10    *used*  [WTS]

Onepiece Superstyling figures *Luffy                    $8    *sealed*  [WTS]

Onepiece Superstyling figures *Vivi                      $8    *sealed*  [WTS]

Mermaid Melody: Idol Luchia                                $3    *sealed*  [WTS]

Mermaid Melody: Idol Hanon                                $3    *sealed*  [WTS]

Mermaid Melody: Idol Rina                                  $3    *sealed*  [WTS]

Charms (keychains)

Shugo chara Charm - Ran                                  $??    *capsule*  [WTS]

Shugo chara Charm - Miki                                $??    *capsule*  [WTS]

Shugo chara Charm - Su                        $25    *capsule*  [Sold]

Shugo chara Charm - Dia                        $35[/s    *capsule*  [Sold]

Shugo chara Charm - Eru                                  $??    *capsule*  [WTS]

Shugo chara Charm - Daichi                              $??    *capsule*  [WTS]

Shugo chara Charm - Daichi                              $??    *Capsule*  [WTS]

Shugo chara Charm - Musashi                  $20    *Capsule*  [Sold]

Animal Crossing Charm - Brewster                      $??    *Capsule*  [WTS]

Gurren Lagann charm - Drill                              $??    *used*  [WTS]

Cinderella (gold outfit)                                     ??      *Capsule*

Tin boxes

Shonen Jump Tin bank promo Bleach 19              $20    *used*  [WTS]

Gundam Wing Tin Lunch Box                              $10    *used*  [WTS]


Naruto                                                          $15    *open*  [WTS]

Peach-Pit DearS                                              $25    *open*  [WTS]


Sailor Moon*                                      ☆backorder☆ *  [WTS]

[tdSailor Moon ★Stars★                                [/td]
[td]       [/td]
[td]  ☆backorder☆   [/td]
[td]  SOLD [/td][/tr][/table]

After school Nightmare [1]                                $1    *used*  [WTS]

Cyborg 009 [9] (Classic reprint)                        $10    *sealed/used*  [WTS]

D*N*Angel (1)]                                              $1    *sealed/used*  [WTS]

Nodame Cantabile [1]                                      $1    *used*  [WTS]

Chobits [2]                                                  $5    *used*  [WTS]

Initial D [22][23]                                            $3    *used*  [WTS]

Slam Dunk [1][2]                                          $3    *used*  [WTS]

Negima [1]                                                  $3    *used*  [WTS]

Angelic Slayer [1][2][3][4][5] (First edition)      $7 each / $30 All    *used*  [WTS]

Angelic Slayer [1](reprint edition)                      $5    *used*  [WTS]

Spiral [1]                                                      $5    *used*  [WTS]

BusoRenkin [10]                                              $5    *used*  [WTS]

Special A* [1][2]                                            $10 for both    *used*  [WTS]

Kingdom hearts  [3]                                      $3      *used*  [WTS]

Kingdom Chain of Memories  [1]                                      $3      *used*  [WTS]

Shugo Chara! [7][8][9][10]                              $20 each / $60 All    *Sealed*  [WTS]


Ranma ½ 6 of 9                                              $2    *used*  [WTS]

Ranma ½ 3 of 8                                            $2    *used*  [WTS]

Ranma ½ 6 of 7                                            $2    *used*  [WTS]

Ranma ½ 6 of 8                                            $2    *used*  [WTS]

Ranma ½ 9 of 8                                            $2    *used*  [WTS]

Ranma ½ 7 of 6                                            $2    *used*  [WTS]

Ranma ½ 4 of 10                                            $2    *used*  [WTS]

Ranma ½ 4 of 8                                            $2    *used*  [WTS]

Ranma ½ 4 of 6                                            $2    *used*  [WTS]

Ranma ½ 4 of 7                                            $2    *used*  [WTS]

Ranma ½ 6 of 11                                            $2    *used*  [WTS]

Sonic #50                                                    $?    *used*  [WTS]

Sonic #50 (Directors Cut)                              $?    *used*  [WTS]

Death egg Saga #1                                        $?    *used*  [WTS]

Death egg Saga #3                                      $?    *used*  [WTS]

Sonic the Firsts                                                $?    *used*  [WTS]

Sonic the hedgehog #68 (Surprise)                      $?    *used*  [WTS]

Knuckles the echidna #2 (Rites of Passage)          $?    *used*  [WTS]

Knuckles the echidna #3 (Rites of Passage)          $?    *used*  [WTS]

Knuckles the echidna #4 (Lost Paradise)              $?    *used*  [WTS]

Knuckles the echidna #6 (Lost Paradise)              $?    *used*  [WTS]

Knuckles the echidna #17 (Deep Cover)              $?    *used*  [WTS]