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Well I hope they do soon, if they can of course that is : )

/waves at other Shinpachi

I wonder if anyone will do the school versions of the characters?

Ah okay I figured as much. I was quite surprised to see even an estimate timewise that's all.

So none of the other improptu Gintama gathers besides you and your friend have confirmed going attending this gathering then I see?

Yeah we really were trying to cast around for an Otae to, and we ended up having one (you) but ended up not deciding on a time (well we did, but neither of us got around to reconfirming it). I should have just reconfirmed the old time really, but oh well. It gives me time to work on finding a wig (for some odd reason I thought he had dark brown hair), a bokken (I think me and Yame were going to get one at the con actually but that didn't happen), a pair of sandals and maybe just do a re-fit/re-make of the costume in general, as it is a few years old already and could probably be a bit more snug fitting then it is. I should be meeting up with Yame fairly soon to, so I'll talk to her about the gathering and confirm what her plans might be.

I swear I'll try to at least attend one gathering and stick with it all the way through, I guess I'm pretty Gintoki-ish in a lot of ways haha : P

Is next year's really going to take place right after the WSJ gathering? I can kind of see how that would work out well, but I could argue that it also might be not such a wise idea. I'm not sure we should settle on a time right now until we have a wider consensus on what possible Gintama gathering goers plans are.

I'll go as Shinpachi, if I can break my cosplay malaise before then that is.

... umm I think my friend (the organizer of last year's gathering) would probably like to go as Kyubei still, but I'm not completely sure of it. She should have it though at least next time around.

Mmm yeah I saw that C:

... I'm actually rather sketchy about con gatherings, and barely even stuck around much the D. Gray one ^^ Well... I'll help post I guess, but I can't make any promises, though I would like to meet fellow Gintama fans I suppose.

/feels bad about me and Yame sort of never working out an official time for the Gintama gathering, thus never having an official gathering .__.;;

Here's to next year I hope! C:

Yeah nice and cloudy <3

Mmm I see new uniforms for cosplaying SE, and the return of Stein this chapter were both welcome sites.

Too busy scrambling around trying to find roomies to care much about cosplay and other things atm ^^;;

Ah shoot and here I thought I'd get to meet a fellow Neuro fan - w-;;

Sounds good Senritsu C: Hope you can stop by.

You'd do that very well C:

More essential is that we get to hang out pre con to plan and just have some fun together again otl >___<;;

Yame > ____>;;


Hope we can still hang out sometime before Fanime/work out rooming and all that.


Any one else here get/check out the Soul Eater art book yet?

Well it just might be showing up now, and possibly just to take pictures. But hopefully I can get a few of my friends to still come.

You have art from queenofdorks in your icon! /random

As in the con dance?

Well I'll admit Mifune didn't have an unpleasant personality like Black Star did/does have, but Black Star really redeems himself with the awesome fights.

I don't know the anime is drifting away from the manga...and I don't know why but I'm constantly getting more annoyed with maka's voice
that's just me
That's what I keep hearing. Haven't watched the anime in a bit though...
And nor is there any reason to for that matter.

Yes Mifune dying was sad, but it was an epic fight and it was a meaningful death, much as Sasazuka's death in Majin Tantei Nogami Neuro was.

Also the twenty-seven earmuffs * *;;

I like Maka's gown in the latest chapter C:

I doubt it will, just an observation X3

Tsuna sure has been getting a lot of cool stuff of late, like the motorcycle.

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