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Noticed when I searched for TikTok nothing showed up.  Any One Use the App?  I KNOW there are alot of Cosplayers on there!
Ideas and Suggestions / TikTok Topics
March 19, 2019, 06:48:35 AM
Noticed when I searched for TikTok nothing showed up.  Any One Use the App?  I KNOW there are alot of Cosplayers on there!
General Anime Chat / Post A Poster
May 06, 2010, 10:14:25 AM
This is was inspored by the "Post a Video" topic!  So Post a poster of an anime/game/manga!  Could be your favorite, not so fav. Best poster or worst poster.

Post unaltered posters please.  So no motivational, tweeked,ex.  Just the original/translated posters.
You can even find Old and Updated ones of an anime/manga/game and compare them! If you like!   :P

LOVE the movie! Been awhile since ive seen it but I've watched all the ova and the movies. This Movie was my favorite!
I belive that I will be going to FANIME this year alone.  Anyone want to join up and do something or just walk around with someone? ???
Im thinking about getting a table at Fanime (even thought all are already taken...and it costs $30...)  I want to do Commissions and if I do get a table I want to start getting requests now online then if I do get a table then you can just stop by and if you like it you can pick it up!

I just want to see if its worth getting the table if Im going to get enough Commissions!   :P
Incredible Stuff I can Make / Favorite Recipe
December 29, 2008, 05:49:06 PM
Whats your favorite Japanese Recipie that you have done?  What ones would you like to do?  !!!

Post here your Creative Ideas, or the Creative Ideas of another!!!

Recipe: Japanese style hamburger (Hambaagu or hambaagaa)
This makes 4 small hamburgers, serving 2 to 4 people depending on what else you are serving.

200g/ about 7 oz. ground beef (from a cut that has a fair amount of fat in it - very lean beef will not work because it will be too dry.)
100g / about 3 1/2 oz. ground pork
1/2 medium onion
3/4 tsp. salt
About 1/2 tsp. ground black pepper
About 1/4 tsp. ground nutmeg
1 cup soft white breadcrumbs (Make the breadcrumbs from regular white bread slices with the crusts off. The crumb of a baguette is really good for this.)
2-3 Tbs. milk
1 egg
Oil for cooking
For the sauce:

1/2 cup dry red wine
1/3 cup ketchup
1/3 cup Japanese tonkatsu sauce such as Bulldog brand
Chop the onion very finely. Sauté the onion in a little oil until translucent. Let cool.

Moisten the breadcrumbs with the milk. Combine the meat, cooled onions, moistened milk, egg, salt, ground pepper and nutmeg. Your hands are the best tools for this. Combine well until everything is amalgamated.

Divide into 4 portions. Form into patties, slapping each with your palms until the surface is smooth. Indent the middle with your thumb - this makes sure the middle gets cooked evenly.
Heat up a large frying pan with some oil over high heat. Place the hamburgers well apart in the hot pan, and fry until browned. Turn over and turn the heat down to low. Put a tight fitting lid on the pan and steam-cook the hamburgers for about 10 minutes until the middle bounces back if you press down on it. Take out and keep warm.

Pour out any excess oil from the pan and turn the heat up to high again. Add the red wine and deglaze the pan with it (scrape off the brown bits and blend). Add the ketchup and the Bulldog sauce and blend. Pour over the hamburgers.

         And Your Done!!! :P

Now whats yours???!!!  :P
Clone of 'Caption this'

Rate cosplayers and their outfits.  Originality, style, improvements, ex...

Play nice though.  No Saying that they are the worst cosplayers ever....that would be concidered very mean...  I wonder how many of you can stick to the rules...?...
Things in the Universe / Miyavi World Tour
March 19, 2008, 05:57:02 PM

Miyavi, a few days before Fanime (almost a week), Will be playing in L.A., Anaheim, And S.F.!!!  [happy dance]  This is the only info I have on his USA stops so far.  But wouldnt it be great if he came to Fanime!!!  I kinda want him to go to LV because I only live an hour from there, but not if hes going to hold it during Fanime, mabey a week after like when I get back!!!   Where do you want him to Play?!!   Im So HAPPY!!!
Hey ya!!!   Is anyone else going to cosplay Megatokyo?!!

Just wondering because Im planning on going as Seraphim!  Yippi!!  Just a question!!

dont know what megatokyo is?   than go here silly
General Convention Discussion / Otaku game Ideas
December 21, 2007, 12:46:27 PM
    Have a group game idea that many would be able to play?  Than post it here to get others comments!!

    Be sure to keep the game for all, and that there isnt any chance that an attendee may get hurt!

    Kinda got the idea from the ninja assasination game, but instead of searching for people you search for locations. 

    What if there are objects, or points, that are placed in secret locations and in order to find them you have to follow incoded messages given to you.  and everytime you find a place you get a password to prove that you were there and a new encoded message.  At the end once you have all of the passwords you have to then decode them, and find the prize!!  I think it sounds like fun, and I've always liked puzzles!  :P 

example:  Message- if two is three, four is five, and five is six what is three?  And if you turn away from the darkness you will find a light.

example:  Message- face the mirrors and on the otherside the light will blind you, dont look at the light but be sure you look in every corrner!

example:  Message- need a drink?  Than go through many doors to find a hidden w.c.

     Get it?

What are your ideas for other games?
General Convention Discussion / Is it True?
May 10, 2006, 01:37:00 PM
Here you can post about rumors that you have heard and find out if they are true or not.  :P

Is it true that Fanime may be moving to a new location next year? (2007)  My friend says that the location changes every 4 years and I just want to know if its true.  If so than where is the new location, if it has even been decided yet?

I also heard that Deter may not come back at all to Fanime, and that he is only going to Yaoi con.  Is this true as well?