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Being inspired by some of the adorable plushies I found in the Artist Alley this year, I have thought about making some to sell next year. But the problem I ran into is to come up with something creative(cause we all know that there was onigiri plushies EVERYWHERE XD). So what do you guys think would be some interesting/cute/awesome/ plushies you might like to see?

I was thinking about doing some mochi plushies, but wasn't sure if someone was already selling those. Were there any this year?
I thought this would be a interesting thread, seeing as Fanime is next weekend. How do you guys pack for Fanime? Do you bring everything but the kitchen sink? or are you a minimalist? I'm trying to downgrade my luggage to at least one large bag, but I doubt that's gonna happen XD
I found this thread and decided to revive it, since Hellsing is AWESOME! I am still eagerly awaiting the release of the 10th book(April 28th ^-^)
My friends and I are doing a Hellsing cosplay for Fanime 2010, but some of our friends ditched out on us :-[,so we need some cosplayers.

Here are the characters we are missing:


Post if you are intersted in cosplaying with us,I will be putting up more information very soon.

P.S. No pedobears or perverts please(we have plenty of those already^-^)