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Hey there! This is Mei, the host from last year's "SHSL Ask Panel"! Thank you for attending, if you did; we got around 50 people, which was a lot more than I anticipated as well as some feedback as well so thank you so much for that!  I thought I'd try to host another panel this year as well, but I decided to limit it to the second game cast only since having the casts from both games was quite a lot. I also have my co-host Dest to help me!

Date: N/A (we're aiming for an Early Afternoon Saturday slot!)
Location: N/A
Time: N/A (we're trying for a 2 hour panel, but we're fine with either timeslot!)

This will be a spoiler free panel, so please refrain from accidentally spoiling anything! (Free Time Events should be taken with caution as some do include spoilers in them.)
However, we do require that you have finished playing and/or reading the entire game.
This will be a 16+ Panel, which means swearing will be at a MINIMUM, if at all.

Audition Applications:
-Applications can be done either by filling out the form below or by answering the application questions in the form of a video.
-You can submit it either by PM'ing it to me here or to my Tumblr.
-You may audition for as many characters as you want, but please specify which is your first choice (e.g. you apply for the spots of both Souda and Kuzuryuu but you'd rather be Kuzuryuu first if you had a choice) in your audition application.

SHSL Ask Panel 2.0 Audition Application:

Best form of contact?:
Character you're auditioning for:
Please give/show me a picture of your cosplay. If it's a WIP please show me your progress:

--These questions must be answered IC--

1. Introduce yourself to us! Say your name and talent!
2. Now, I know you may like the talent you have (you're the best of the best, you must be) but if you absolutely had to choose a new title for yourself, what would it be?
3. What sort of strengths do you possess?
4. In that light, what weaknesses do you have?
5. How do you plan to spend your days on Jabberwock Island now that the Mutual Killing has been established?
6. I know you've only just met them, but which of your classmates do you like the most? How about the ones you like the least?
7. What's your opinion on Monokuma and Monomi?
8. What sort of things does a SHSL such as yourself do in their free times?
9. Surely someone as talented as you had multiple schooling options to choose from.Why did you choose to come to Hope's Peak Academy?
10. If, hypothetical speaking, a SHSL Genie gave you three wishes to use, what would they be?

List of Characters:
Hajime Hinata- Erin
Byakuya Togami-
Teruteru Hanamura-
Mahiru Koizumi- Lizy
Peko Pekoyama- Mei
Ibuki Mioda- Dest
Hiyoko Saionji- Ro
Mikan Tsumiki- Ros
Nekomaru Nidai-
Gundam Tanaka- Juju
Nagito Komaeda- Atikal
Chiaki Nanami- Kat
Akane Owari- Louise
Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu-
Sonia Nevermind- Rachael
Kazuichi Souda- Candace
Usami/Monomi- Sarah
Monobear- Arthur

Thank you, and here's to another amazing panel!

-Mei and Dest
I was thinking of hosting a Danron ask panel since I haven't seen any ask panels since the game/anime came out so I thought I'd take a shot at it!
It's just an idea for now but I think it would be a fun panel to host or for others, to attend!

Date: Sunday
Time: 2:00-3:00 PM
Location: Panels Room 1

The only requirements for auditioning is to have completely read the LP for the first game and/or finished playing the first game.

THERE WILL BE NO SPOILER RESTRICTIONS FOR THE FIRST GAME (Free Time Events you should be cautious about but are otherwise fair game) AND FOR THE SECOND GAME SPOILERS WILL BE STOPPED PAST CHAPTER FOUR (Free Time Events should still be taken with caution especially if it leads to a potential spoiler/plot device)

Here's the audition application! You can submit it either here by PM or to my tumblr (

Ask the Hope's Peak Students: Audition Application

Best way to contact you?:
Have you finished DR1? If not, how far are you?
Have you finished SDR2? If not, how far are you?
Character you're auditioning for:
Please give me of a picture of you in cosplay. If it's a WIP, show the progress thus far:

-- These questions must be answered IC--

1.Introduce yourself!
2 If you could choose your own SHSL title, would you keep your title,or change it and which one?
3.What do you think of your fellow students?
4.Tell us a little about yourself.
5.What is your one flaw or weakness?
6. What is your one strength?
7.What is your biggest pet peeve?
8.Do you regret any actions you have done since the Mutual Killing began?
9.If a SHSL Genie could give you three wishes, what would they be?
10.Besides yourself, which classmate do you like the most? The least?

List of Characters:

Makoto Naegi-Apollo
Sayaka Maizono-Sandy
Leon Kuwata-
Chihiro Fujisaki-Edlyn
Mondo Oowada-
Kiyotaka Ishismaru-Lindsey
Hifumi Yamada-
Celestia Ludenburg-Sarah
Sakura Oogami-Solomon
Mukuro Ikusaba-
Junko Enoshima-Oreo
Kyouko Kirigiri-Rachael
Aoi Asahina-Annie
Yasuhiro Hagakure-
Touko Fukawa/Genocider Syo-Louise
Byakuya Togami-Henry

Hajime Hinata-Lizy
Byakuya Twogami-
Teruteru Hanamura-
Mahiru Koizumi-
Peko Pekoyama-
Ibuki Mioda-Mei
Hiyoko Saionji-Ro
Mikan Tsumiki-Rose
Nekomaru Nidai-
Gundam Tanaka-
Nagito Komaeda-Summer
Chiaki Nanami-Dest
Akane Owari-
Sonia Nevermind-Tia
Kazuichi Souda-
Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu-

Also this is my first time hosting a panel so any advice/help you could give me would be greatly appreciated!