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There are a lot of larger gatherings aiming for Saturday as well, so I don't think considering Friday or Sunday is a bad idea, to make sure this one won't conflict with other peoples' cosplans. I know of two other gatherings I plan to attend that are also applying for Saturday. It was on Friday last year, right?
are corsets acceptable as a top?
If it's Friday or Monday, I can attend as Kiki!! And I will hopefully have a Tombo to accompany me.
I'll be there as Suga!!
Would a three-quarter sleeve white button-up be okay? It goes a bit past my elbows.
I'll be attending as Suga with (hopefully) the rest of my Karasuno group!!
Hi, I just wanna make sure my auditions have gotten to your email. Could you please let me know if you received them? I signed the email as Simba.
I'll get my audition in this weekend, I promise! Midterms have been kicking my butt. :I
hhHHHHHH I WILL SUBMIT MY AUDITION WHEN I CAN. I AM EXCITED. It'll probably be close to the deadline since most of my cosplay is currently being shipped. >.>
Quote from: Hakoshi on April 15, 2014, 11:15:20 AM

Thanks and sorry. I'm glad you managed to get the forms regardless. Have you submitted the apps or are you still writing them?

I'm still writing them! I should have them done this weekend, since classes are a bit hectic.
You still haven't send me the app forms, nor have you let me know whether you got my email requesting them or not. I'm a bit concerned.
So, since time is running out, I had someone who already had the forms send them to me to fill out, so I hope that was okay. I'll send my completed apps when they're done.
Duskull~ (Hopefully, if it doesn't clash with my other cosplay plans. I already have two others lined up for Saturday).
I'll actually have my cosplay done this year, though.

EDIT: Actually, I'll only be able to show up for a few minutes, and that's if Pokemon pictures get taken right at the start. This gathering runs into the SnK one, unfortunately.
I'd love to audition for Annie, if she's still available? (I can do both all ages and 18+)
I will be attending as Annie! I'm a tiny girl with a bitchface; easy to spot.
Do you know when you're going to send out applications again? If you've sent them to everyone already, you may not have gotten my email.
I just sent an email for an audition application! Hope it's not too late. :3
I'd love love LOVE to audition for Nepeta for both panels!! :33
Wow, heels have to be at least a nickel in diameter? That's a wide heel. What would you recommend to make the heel larger? Can I just, like... glue a nickel to the bottom or something?