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Gaming / UFS - Universal Fighting System
« on: May 08, 2014, 02:43:24 AM »
Does anyone attending play ufs? My friend and I are trying to put a play sesh together if anyone is interested 

Selling a lot of my old anime that i dont really watch anymore and some vinyl figure collabs. If interested just PM me. I have pictures for everything also. Since Fanime is already comin up id be willing to meet at the con, but if youd rather ship it thats ok too. (only in US though.)


DVD (Everything is in good condition disc-wise, but some of the cases might have a minor tear from taking off the seals.PM if you want to see the pics.)

--$10 each volume(unless stated otherwise)

-Gatekeepers vol. 2,3
-Gatekeepers 21 vol.1,2
-Initial D Battle 5:EG-6 vs AE86
-Real Bout High School vol.1 (case is cracked on top) $7
-Gantz vol.1
-Armitage:Dual Matrix
-You're Under arrest vol.6
-Kiddy Grade vol.2
-Ceres:Celestial Legend Collectors Edition vol.1 $20
-Appleseed CG Remake Collectors Edition $15
-Rurouni Kenshin vol.2,5
---Legend of Kyoto:Heart of the Sword, Blind Justice
---Tales of the Meiji:Holy War (sorry these ones dont have a vol. number for some reason)

VHS (Tapes are all in good shape. Some of the cases are worn on the edges because i've had em for so long. PM if you want to see the pics.)

--$3 each tape (All are dubbed unless stated otherwise.)

-Macross II:The Movie
-Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 vol.7
-Martian Successor Nadesico vol.5
-Blood:The Last Vampire
-Ninja Scroll $5
-City Hunter
---.357 Magnum
---Bay City Wars
-Devil Hunter Yohko
---2,3,& 4-ever! (ep.4 is subbed because they're PVs )
---5:Hell on Earth
-Yotoden III:Chronicle of the Warlord Period subbed
-Angel Sanctuary
-Battle Athletes:Go! (ep.5-6)
-Battle Athletes Victory:No Looking Back subbed
-Neon Genesis Evangelion vol.6,10
-Rurouni Kenshin:Tales of the Meiji
---Fall From Grace
---Dreams of Youth



-Chobits 6
-Love Hina 2,3
-Blade of the Immortal:Beasts

Vinyl Figures (PM for the pics. The figures are all rare and had limited distribution. Selling them for pretty cheap!)


-Original $40
-Variant $50

Collaboration between Kidrobot and Stones Throw Records. Both are mint and sealed in the box.

Madlib's Quasimoto

-Original $30
-Variant $40

Second collab between Kidrobot and Stones Throw. Both are mint and sealed in the box.

Muttpop Red Demon $25
A collab between Muttpop and designer Frank Kozik. Also mint and sealed in box.

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