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I’ll be there as Catra whatever day it is!

Hi there!

I want to do a human version of Mae Borowski from Night In The Woods, ideally it would be a black pixie cut with pink or red bangs.

The Rufio wig from Arda in candy apple and black would be perfect aside from the red going all the way back. I've never tried dyeing fiber black with sharpies so I don't know if it would be opaque enough.

The other thing I was considering was a black Rufio and splicing some pink bang extensions, but I'm not sure if I could style them with the same up-flick as the standard bangs. Maybe if I sewed them in backwards or used a lot of heat and hairspray? I'm a pretty big styling novice, I've spliced bangs before, but didn't really have to style them.

Which option do you think would turn out best? Otherwise, does anyone have better, ready-made options.


I'll be there! I'm switching it up from Lapis and going as Amethyst this year! Bungacowa!

Hi there! I'm going to try making it to both Disney gatherings this year. I have Star Butterfly already finished (Star Vs the Forces Of Evil) and I'm working on Lord Dominator (Wander Over Yonder). I'll probably decide later which one to wear to each.

Hi! I was dressed as Star Butterfly from Star vs the Forces Of Evil Friday, as well as Rowdy the Atom Cat from Fallout 4, Kiki and Lapis Lazuli the rest of the weekend! I was at the Disney, Fallout and Steven Universe gatherings.

Here are the pics I took! feel free to tag, save or repost yourselves! I also put them up on tumblr with the same tags (same username).

If there's going to be a 2016 Marvel gathering I'm going to bring Squirrel Girl!!

I'm working on Star Butterfly from Star vs The Forces of Evil! I'd love to join in and hope to see other Stars!

If you do I'll try to make it as Lapis again this year! My boyfriend will probably be some version of Steven again

Uploaded photos here Feel free to tag yourselves! I also posted this in the FB event, but just in case anyone missed it c:

OMG, I just noticed the other Lapis inside during the Lapis group shot!!

Bumping to see if any photos have surfaced of this yet!

I hope to find other Bob's Burgers cosplayers! I'll be going as Linda with my boyfriend as Bob! If I see any of you dressed as Belcher kids I'm gonna run up to you in character and call you my babies!

Shoot, it looks like I can't make it this year! I just got a new job and I was lucky to get friday and saturday off, but that's all.  :(

Panels and Workshops / Re: mens tailoring workshop
« on: April 30, 2015, 09:23:25 PM »
I would be interested!! I'd drag my boyfriend in too, he'd love it. I've studied fashion design, but they only ever taught women's clothing.

Shoot, we might not make it to this after all. My boyfriend's costumes revolve around his facial hair and he has other costumes for the weekend that require a moustache or stubble so he can't shave this early.

I might bring Portal 1 Chell again this year now that I have my new heel springs! I doubt I'll have my companion cube ready this year though.

I'm really, really tempted to whip up Lapis Lazuli in time for this!! If I do my boyfriend is going to be Beach Hunk Steven from So Many Birthdays.

I'll be going as Mabel! My boyfriend will be going as Dipper (no Pinecest, yuck)

Hi there! What I brought is pretty different than what's listed in my signature, so I'll post them here!
Friday: Bee from Bee and Puppycat during the day, Tina Belcher from Bob's Burgers at night ( and
Saturday: Chell from Portal 1 ( with Tina again at night
Sunday: Tina Belcher from Bob's Burgers all day.

If it helps I'm really short!

Is anyone planning on cosplaying from Bee and Puppycat this year? Or even Bravest Warriors? A mini Cartoon Hangover gathering would be cool! If my wigs arrive in time I'll be cosplaying Bee!

Are you guys considering Adult Swim part of this? If so I'll be trying to bring Dr. Girlfriend or Dr. Mrs. The Monarch this year!

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