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I was doing my swap meet reg but for some reason, I now have a third seller in my list. I cannot delete them anymore because I am stuck on step 2B (finalizing step, special requests account information section). I cannot edit the seller list anymore and I did not add this third seller.

My email:

The third seller who can't be deleted is Brandon.

Edit: and now I'm in a stuck loop where it continually says my account is not confirmed and then I get it sent to my email. Then I click to begin the next steps...and then says my account is not confirmed.

When will the site say something other than "In Process" during the day you want to have a space on step 7?

Is the completed BOE-410-D form necessary to turn in online via email for the exempt status?

Or is it turned in on the day of?

I sent an email about my badge saying balance is due. I'm in a group reg and the leader says he already paid for it.

Ask on for people in your area. There's a few places on there.

It gets posted here (eventually):,14600.0.html

At least that's what I assume anyway.

Cosplay! Construction, Tips, Gatherings, Advice / Re: WIGGIN' OUT.
« on: June 04, 2011, 08:59:25 PM »
Taobao if you are going to buy a bunch of wigs at once.

Also, arda wigs.

My requests for panels for next year is bringing back restricted rock paper scissors. I was disappointed it wasn't there this year.

I don't really have anything else to say since I didn't go to any panels this year. Lack of schedule made me forget to go check what times panels were.

Dealers Room / Re: Money spent on items
« on: June 02, 2011, 01:19:49 PM »
I spent about $20-25 on food. Artist Alley I spent about $35 or so.

I SPENT NOTHING AT THE DEALERS ROOM. Nothing caught my eye. The only figs I want are on preorder already so any released figs there were meh to me. I am amazed at myself for not impulse buying. It was basically stuff I've already seen...

This is the least amount of money I spent at a Fanime yet. Basically all the stuff I sold at swap meet paid for my entire weekend (and then some).

General Convention Discussion / Re: Funniest Con Sight
« on: June 01, 2011, 08:36:49 PM »
Meeting an awesome Garterbelt cosplayer and having in character antics.

I didn't mention it in my previous post but definitely bringing FLOW back every year would be fantastic. I didn't manage to get their autographs though but that's understandable with the line.

Turn people away? Understandable since fire regulations and max capacity.

I came to see FLOW but went in line when musicfest started so Yuya was a bonus performance for me really.

Looking for the Panty default cosplayer I was hanging out with on Friday. We did that shoot together with Jace and the Garterbelt cosplayer.


Please PM if you see this~

Maaya Sakamoto would be excellent as others have mentioned. She's also one of my favorite voice actresses as well.

I'm really glad this existed. Some costume malfunctions happened so it was really great to have supplies out. Thanks to those who donated!

@Chuds: Coolio thanks! I'll ask my Panty if she wants me to since she is in them as well. These two are us:

You post those kind of youtube links here:,14600.20.html
This thread is for looking for photos of yourself that someone might have taken.

I took the video a bit late but here's Brief's transformation from the normal geekboy attire to bunny suit:

And just for fun:

@Chuds: I remember your Kyuubey sign that was attached to your arm. I'll definitely look for photos if I'm there thanks :) How did you figure out the random runes from Madoka anyway? The font in the wiki page?

Also, do you mind if I repost it somewhere? I'll credit you of course.

I don't have too much but here's a link of stuff that I or my friend took:

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