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Hi everyone,

If you're looking for something to do next week, MAN WITH A MISSION (the group that sang the OP "Database" for Log Horizon) is playing in SF on July 8th! Tickets are crazy cheap compared to what you'd have to pay if you tried (yes, tried) to buy tickets to see them in Japan.

I've been to their show before and it was a great time, even for the people who went not knowing what to expect. They really know how to show everyone a good time.

If you're interested, their completely English website has all the details!

Catch you there! :)

PS: disclaiming now that I have no hand in what songs they play or do not play.
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Quote from: Angelx624 on November 28, 2013, 06:25:57 AM
Oh, so THIS is where the thread's been hiding! No wonder there wasn't one in the "Ideas and Suggestions" forum. Ahaha.... xDD;;

Anyways, I would LOVE to finally see SuG come to Fanime!! Since they're finally back from their hiatus(or so they announced, anyway...) I figure it could finally be possible to get them?? Unless they've become too popular. But since we had LM.C, I figured there was a chance? ;w;

Some other suggestions of mine would be:

Gackt(shush a girl can dream)
Psychic Lover
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
Yuya Matsushita

So ya... those are all my suggestions for now. ^^;;

You got to see LM.C?!? I'm jealous. Did they play Yellow Beauty?

Back on topic, how crazy would it be if Sid played? I'd have nothing left to live for.
Oh dear I cannot remember. o__o;; It was back in 2010 and I was still a new fan to them back then. ;w;" I think someone posted a setlist from it somewhere......

Here it is:

SE No.9
2 Space Wannabiez
3 Bell the CAT
4 The Midnight Museum 4
10 Sentimental PIGgy Romance
12 Optimisland
13 88
14 meteorion
16 It's a Wonderful Wonder World
19 ☆Rock the LM.C☆

I really like Yellow Beauty too, so I was a bit sad they didn't play it. It's not one of their main songs, though, so I understand why they didn't.

I was a bigger fan back then, and waited in line for a looong time to get up close. xD
Turns out MAN WITH A MISSION will be on their spring tour in Japan  :'( :'( :'(, so here are some other ones I'd like to see~

-Maximum the Hormone

Other popular bands that I don't know too well but think that their genre might be fun for general audiences as well as j-music aficionados would be along the lines of
-bump of chicken(?)

It looks like my list isn't repping any idol groups xD ...I'll trust the other fanime-goers to give you requests on that since I don't know or like them enough to really know what's good. Please have a band come too though! D:
FLOW-esque/ROOKiEZ-esque energetic bands are really fun for everyone, I think! Sorry I can't really explain =-= I'm in the midst of studying for finals and my brain's gone on vacation without me.
Just found these guys so I gotta request them:

*rolls on the ground*

As much as I would like to sees visual-kei band come, maybe something more mainstream would be good too....
ONE OK ROCK I'd love to see.

Thanks for 7!! this year though! I'm glad I asked for them last time. 8D
Gaming / Re: Playstation 4!
June 10, 2013, 09:18:31 PM
I am, likewise, very excited for the PS4.

Especially for FFXV!

Sony basically owned Microsoft today...I feel a little bad for XBOne...!?
Gaming / Re: PS Vita
June 10, 2013, 09:17:20 PM
Quote from: lanislori on June 10, 2013, 01:27:50 PM
Holy monkeys, I didn't VLR was on Vita. Interesting...

VLR was released simultaneously for the Vita and 3DS. :)

Now that Sony's E3 conference has ended...
I'm excited for all the new Vita titles~ And PS4, of course.~
Gaming / Re: PS Vita
June 08, 2013, 12:37:10 PM
I have one! Currently...I have Virtue's Last Reward, the Assassin's Creed that came bundled with my Vita, Soul Sacrifice, and P4G that should be shipping to me right now. 8)
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Quote from: Kender on June 03, 2013, 05:42:40 PM
Quote from: ewu on June 03, 2013, 02:02:22 PM
Not sure if you all know, but 2014 will be Fanime's 20th anniversary. We are working on something special, so we will announce when all details are finalized. Thanks!

So... the Powers That Be are aware that 2014 will actually be the 21st Fanime, right?  20 years since the first Fanime in 1994, yes, but technically the 21st Fanime to be held.    Just want to make sure so that no one puts in writing that it's the 20th Fanime (which was this year) when it's just the 20th year anniversary :B

I know, probably obvious.  But still a curiosity I have that's nibbling at my mind.

Yes, we are aware of this. You can say the same thing about any anniversary, ex your first wedding anniversary is the 2nd time that date has come around that you were married.

Fanime's only a year younger than me, and that's pretty awesome. I was there for Fanime's sweet 16, so I'm super excited to see what staff has in store for the con's second decade. I'll do all I can to staff as well this year--definitely want to help out! :)
I wasn't able to stick around this year, but I'm also curious about next year's theme as well. :) Anyone?
It makes sense to me to have threads temporarily locked while staff collect feedback, though I'd hope/expect them to be unlocked after the official feedback form is closed. That said, I think having an official feedback thread would be nice too, though that makes collecting and sorting feedback more difficult.

I understand wanting to have a discussion, though it'd be most helpful to the staff to at least have filled out their form with the same feedback... It's more straightforward for them and, as I'm under the impression they're on a time crunch, the most efficient way for them to get things done right now.
Quote from: Rhornez on May 29, 2013, 10:29:16 PM
Quote from: chifunii on May 29, 2013, 08:42:44 PM
Aww boo. :'(
I'm in the Berkeley/San Jose area...
but san jose is wayy farther than berkeley :U

I'm at school for one, and home is the other. I come home pretty often. Thus...
Come baaaack!!  :'(
Aww boo. :'(
I'm in the Berkeley/San Jose area...
^sounds good.

I'm sorting through the photos I took this year. Not many, but in need of organizing.
Of course, like the other years I've gone, I'm listening to the MusicFest set list playlist I made on iTunes.
legal names are only used for identification when picking up badges, and also if any problems come up mid-con (medical emergencies, or altercations with other con-goers...), and this year they were printed very small in comparison to the fan name. I couldn't see anyone's legal name unless I held the badge in my hand.

I don't think it'll be possible to change the name you register with unless you change your name legally, though, if the reg staff don't answer here, I think their e-mail is, and you can ask them there. I think someone else had also brought up this concern, though I don't know how it turned out.

I hope you'll be able to get to use the name you'd like!
General Convention Discussion / Re: Good feedback
May 28, 2013, 08:54:46 PM
Quote from: AR-99 on May 28, 2013, 08:48:09 PM
What I enjoyed/liked this year:

  • Roaming info desks: Used them 2x and better than having to hike over to the only desk I knew of near Stage Zero.

I meant to address this in my feedback form but I forgot.
Bless the genius who came up with this, because I can only imagine the countless people they've helped.
I didn't ask them any questions because my weekend had basically already been preordained, but thank you thank you thank you!
I already filled out the form last night, but I'd like to thank you and your team here as well for all your hard work this year. I was really impressed with the Japanese films in the Asian Film room. I really enjoyed Thermae Romae! The screens were a little high, though--I was still straining to look up even though I sat pretty far back. The screen was also fairly small, but that's due to the aspect ratio of the widescreen movies. I don't expect that to be a problem aside from these live-action film. I don't know if going to standard from widescreen is something you guys would consider changing though.

It was a pity both screenings of Kenshin were during MusicFest events, and that the second Liar Game screening was in the middle of the night. I would've loved to see those two! I know you can't satisfy everyone, but I was looking forward to Kenshin, especially ;;
Renting the convention center and the furniture needed (tables, chairs, etc.) costs a looot.
While it costs the artists/vendors money to rent a table/booth, Fanime doesn't get anything from the exposure the artists get, or the profit the vendors make. Plus, AA and DH are arguably two of the greater reasons people buy badges. You can get art from your favorite artists who might otherwise not sell their stuff, or only sell online. The selection and sheer amount of stuff in DH is very much a one-stop shop for goods. It just doesn't make sense to me to charge less for one of the main exhibits/events of an anime convention.

Personally, I think it's great they had Thursday badge-free, like a sample day, for people to, as you said, "sample the con atmosphere and see if they want to come back".
Quote from: Okach on May 28, 2013, 09:26:16 AM
Second of all, dress code distribution.  Apparently, some folks did not know that there was a dress code despite it being posted on Facebook, here in the forums, in the program guide, and in Parkside.  If any of you have any suggestions as to how to get the word out, please respond here or in the official FanimeCon feedback thread or email 

First and foremost, while I didn't attend the B&W Ball, thank you (and princesskitty) very much for all the hard work you put in year after year. Many people I know attend Fanime solely to attend the ball, so definitely, thanks! *U*

As for getting the word out on dress code:
I think many people used the Fanime twitter and/or app a lot more this year, so I think it'd be helpful for the Twitter reminders, for example, to mention the dress code in addition to the time/place of the ball. :)

Additionally, while this isn't as helpful now that con has ended, it would've been a good idea to ask the people who didn't know about the dress code on the spot about where they found out about the ball. That way it's easier to pinpoint where they're getting their information, and where dress code reminders might be lacking.

Just my two cents, but I hope this can help you guys out for next year :D