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hahaha thanks tofu x)

there's a interview on tokyohive that lists a lot of the songs that they played at the concert (says most of them came from their newest album)

I can't say I know the exact set list, but here's some of the songs they played, to name a few:

Union, Calling, GO!!!, Colors, Re:member, 1/3 no junjou na kanjou, Word of the Voice

there's plenty more out there, their website has their entire discography (www.flow.mu) ;)

Maybe we can have MoonStream back again as actual MusicFest performers this time instead of just signing autographs in the AA? >w<

@amo-chan: I think I saw you and chifunii in line a few times for autograph sessions and the FLOW pictures. I was going to say hi but I thought it might be kinda creepy if I just ran up to you hahaha xP but next year we're definitely getting together

yeah I literally planned out my schedule for the day the night before to make sure I hit everything. I skipped the Q&A's too for the autographs...but maybe they had other plans so they had to cram it in (I think that's what happened last year with LM.C/FLOW?)

Overall, I really enjoyed FLOW's concert :D They showed the same energy and enthusiasm as last year! <3 I hardly knew any of their songs (was trying to make a tracklist) so I'll try to be prepared if they ever come again ^^

The only thing that disappointed me were the fans during Yuya's concert. Before his encore started, people were shouting "FLOW FLOW FLOW!!" Excuse me but it was still Yuya's turn and I thought it was extremely rude ;___; There were a few "YUYA YUYA!"'s but I could barely hear them.

yeah I was really annoyed when that happened I wanted to scream at them like 'what's wrong with you people?!' >_<"

@MeowDesu: I've heard people say that alot about him, that's he's like a mix of MJ and Usher owo

@chifunii: haha well there was a helluva lot of people in the front (I couldn't see anything beyond the 2 people right next to me)...and plus you probably didn't know what I looked like so yeah...

hahaha I did that too I was jumping around screaming so much I was tired after their 2nd song xD
personally my favorite song by them is calling but all of their songs are superduperawesome :D
as soon as HEY! goes on pre-order forget everything I'm going on cdjapan and buying it haha.

I was at stage zero one morning and the host (rob miles I think) was saying how he got to talk to flow and last year when they came before they left they had begged to come back this year, so I hope they come back again ;)

So, Alot of people missed the autograph session because of the lack of schedules... Is there any possibility of bringing him back? I'm sure he would see it as a great honor!

I second bringing him back. Him and FLOW are perhaps the best guests ever. I'll even make new fan club shirts for next time! Please bring him back!!!!!

I missed being able to buy your awesome shirts this year...whoever comes for MusicFest next year I'll be sure to buy them next time (do make them please >w<)!

@asiagal2: thanks so much!!! I wasn't able to go see him coz I was in line for MusicFest :(

Whhhaatt, far left or far right? Can't believe I was close to you without knowing it--I probably should've introduced myself on the forum a little sooner. The more the merrier! I basically went through every day of Fanime with people I met one year ago (on the last day of Fanime) and hadn't seen since. Next year, for sure. FB is good. :) And it's short people like us that have to stick together 8D hahahah :}

I was smack dab in the center haha xD
Yeah totally! I've gone by myself for the past 2 years but it's not so bad coz you always meet new friends there :) But next year I definitely need to meet up with you and rebecca and everyone ^^

really? I figured a lot of people would be able to attend coz he made 2 autograph sessions...

Here are the possible reasons why I think this happened:
1) Nobody really noticed there were two. I didn't notice till someone pointed it out on the forum. Didn't help that we didn't have a schedule (but the staff already acknowledge our desire for one, so I think it'll be all good on this part for next year).
2) Time conflict. Esp. if you're going it alone, you'd have to hold your place in line OR go to the autograph (or panel) on Sat., and you'd have to give up a lot of other things (...FLOW) if you wanted to make the second one on Sunday.

Thank you for the set list! :)

true I guess. I went by myself but I skipped the Q&A's for the autograph sessions. there was similar problem last year with overlap between Q&A and autographs.
technically they did have a schedule but they didn't really announce that they had updated the autograph sessions...though it probably would get more people's attention if they tweeted it/posted it on fb.

really? I figured a lot of people would be able to attend coz he made 2 autograph sessions...

not sure if it was 3 guys but there was like a group of 3 that was pushing people around. yeahh I was in the very front like mosh pit front haha
haha high five I'm around 5' too xD

YES please bring back FLOW!! their concert was amazing (as was Yuya's) ^^

@chifunii: yeah totally agree FLOW was a lot more energetic, but it's probably from the kind of songs that they sing (yuya's more like mellow-ish lol). compared to last year though it was freaking PACKED inside.

the staff was hella nice though, even though we weren't supposed to be in the aisles in the front they just let it go haha.

my only complaint was there was a guy during the FLOW concert that kept pushing people around in the front row, but yeah ;)

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Guests I Want for Fanimecon 2012!!!!!!!
« on: May 31, 2011, 09:00:45 PM »
Seriously though, bring Yoshiki back. I'll wait in line 10 hours this time. I want that autograph!

ditto. I was in line for musicfest so I didn't get to see him. I heard not that many people got autographs anyways :\

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Guests I Want for Fanimecon 2012!!!!!!!
« on: May 30, 2011, 09:16:23 PM »
masashi tanaka anyone?  :P

I was absolutely shocked when they started playing 1/3 junjou na kanjou!! I've loved that song for years, it's such an iconic song in the anime industry, even though I found it through Pop Japan TV and not anime. :P And RYUUSEI! That's my FAVORITE FLOW song! That and Life is Beautiful, but I didn't expect either songs, so I was ecstatic when they played Ryuusei!

Does anyone have the playset for Yuya Matsushita?? I wish I listened to him more before Fanime, he was SO sexy live. @__@ There's one song where he kept repeating this word over and over, very sexy dance song, I want that song so badly! Anyone have any idea what I'm talking about?? XD

Maybe it is Foolish Foolish.  I did not listen to him before Fanime either, but I have this song stuck in my head now.
I think it was actually Secret Love. It was on his Paradise single. :) I'm trying to consolidate the playlist for a blog post anyways XD Lemme know if that's the right one kk.

pretty sure it was secret love.

Big Event Showcase / Re: musicfest & autographs
« on: May 27, 2011, 06:57:25 AM »
I don't think cameras will be allowed coz that's usually the case...

Not sure about the autographs, but they usually sell their CDs and stuff if you're in-line for the autographs and they require official merchandise (they did that for LM.C last year)...

For the concert does anyone know who will perform first, FLOW or Yuya?
probably yuya (most people are saying that too), but I'm not too sure either :\

Buy/Sell/Trade / Re: [WTS] $3 Manga Or Offer on some comics
« on: May 26, 2011, 09:12:10 PM »
What's your table number? I can meet you there Friday no problem :)

General Anime Chat / Re: Manga Fox vs. One Manga
« on: May 25, 2011, 06:51:19 PM »
onemanga (when it was still open, obviously). the stupid ads on mangafox annoy the crap out of me x_x

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