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I'm really behind on things this year! T_T  Are signups still open for the contest?

Either way, looking forward to hearing everyone sing! :D
So uh, was wondering...  Is it possible to change my song selection? xD
Hi guys~ (^__^)/ Darrell desu.  I'm entering the Karaoke contest for the first time this year!  Sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun~

Also, I'm Lauren's (loconeko's) unofficial little bro ^o^
So if one of the people in my group brings an electric bass guitar and a small (5W) amp, will that be okay?  The amp still needs to be plugged into a power source, will that be alright?  (:
I have a question: would it be okay to bring a karaoke track that we recorded ourselves?  For example, I'd really like to do 1/3 no junjou na kanjou, but there's no karaoke version of it that I know of, so I recorded all the instruments by myself (at a high quality level of recording, of course) and omitted all vocals.  Would that be alright?