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i don't have my costume finished completely but i would love to meet up with you guys, my costume is cerise wolf, but i wasn't planning on having done until September. so i don't have everything finished. um i would like to do it in the afternoon for my other gatherings I'm going to are in the morning... Saturday after 1pm or Sunday after 11am are times that i have open. i should be easy to spot with my hood though. ( i do have a WiP steam punk outfit i would be wearing around Clockwork too.)
i will be there with a +1 not sure who i will be yet... i probably have a Octavia and flufflepuff with me not sure which to do yet. maybe i would see if my friend does Crissy or vinyl.
i will have both kagome and kikyo with me. not sure which one i would be wearing. depending one the day. i would really like some pictures of my kikyo since it will be the first time I would be wearing it.