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Self-explanatory title. My friends and I were at the FMA movie on January 25th in a small movie theater in San Jose(not to far from the SJ Convention Center, actually)
Annnywhooo, we talked to some girls around our age afterwards(I think one of them was wearing a Len Kagamine shirt), and they mentioned going to Fanime. Soooo in a vain attempt to try to locate them, THIS THREAD WAS BIRTHED

Oh, and by the by, we were the girls...with the faces...and the hair...(and one of us was wearing an FMA shirt)

Ideas and Suggestions / FUNimation "No Con Left Behind"
February 14, 2012, 05:06:24 PM
(There's info at the bottom of the page)
So apparently FUNimation does this no con left behind things for cons they aren't able to attend where they provide:
"    Screeners and Screening permission - Receive screening permission for any FUNimation title plus screeners
    New Title screeners - Be a part of the FUNimation New Title Premiere Tour. In addition to the titles you have already requested to screen, you may also have the titles part of our new title tour
    Prize support - DVD's and other items that your show could use as staff rewards, giveaways, or for charity auctions
    Link exchange - A link to your convention will be added to the Events Schedule at
    Promotional Items - promotional art cards, posters, and other merchandise that can be given to your attendees
    If you are interested in being part of the 'No Con Left Behind' program or if you have any other convention questions, please contact us with the form below and we'll get everything set up for you.      "

It'd be awesome if a FanimeCon staffer could look into this for Fanime2012!