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I think this is the most updated map/list:  in this thread (page 17),12405.320.html

there's a link for the map
And don't forget shopping bags or you'll have to buy one in San Jose (not sure if Cupertino has that policy yet but better safe than sorry!).
Yay!  Looking forward to this!
I was checking the forums when I could but it was getting a message from my friend on Wednesday telling me swap meet reg would be on Friday at 7pm.  Even then, on Friday I skipped the main website and went straight to this thread (about 7:20) and then I checked the last few pages to see if the link had been posted.  I saw the URL link on keitoghostie's post on page 11 (I think) and clicked it right away, and managed to get a spot for Thursday. 

I'm on Twitter and FB but I haven't been getting tweets from Fanime so I didn't bother checking that at all (my notification settings must need adjusting), and I haven't had any FB notifications from Fanime either (I guess I need to check those settings as well). 
The Kinokuniya bookstore is at the same spot as Mitsuwa (plus a few restaurants and Clover Bakery).

If you catch the 23 (south I think) in front of the convention center, it'll take you into Cupertino (about an hour - 45 minutes) to the Marukai Market on Stevens Creek Boulevard near Wolfe (in Idlewild Center).  There's a Daiso next to it, Beard Papa, Yoshinoya beef bowl place across the street, Jo-Ann's Fabrics across the street too.
EDITED:  I got Thursday and not Friday, which I can live with. I think there was another link I was supposed to click on but I was trying to confirm a helper/seller so missed it.  Missed the link to pay (really anxious to get through the process my bad).  Logged out and just now logged back in to finish paying, glad that was still available!

Now the question is, someone asked a few pages back but I didn't see an answer, can we have someone (not a seller/helper) with us in line to help us get our stuff into the center?  Could they help me move my bins in line, and watch my stuff while I go back and forth taking my stuff to my spot?
Gaming / Re: Fanime and Cards Against Humanity
May 12, 2014, 08:38:31 PM
I prefer to play this game in the privacy of my home so strangers don't find out how cynical I can be.   :o  Have you tried it where the winner must act out the winning phrase?

EDIT:  Though probably better not at Fanime LOL...
I'm glad the shuttles are running until 2am!  My friend is going to be at Swap Meet Friday night but we're at the Doubletree, so we'll likely park at the Convention Center with her bins, then I'll hop the shuttle back to the Doubletree for a panel, then catch the shuttle back to finish up at swap meet.  Nice.
Should we bring a pattern with us?  Like if we found a new one that we'd like to try someday?
I hope to get to this panel, I have used patterns but struggle with markings (what are those little circles for? and how do they help line up my pieces?), and darts.
I love your designs, especially the Holmes silhouette.  Perhaps some clock faces, or pocketwatch outlines with some clockworks.  Ducks with clockwork innards  ;D (or rabbits or other animals)
Quote from: keitoghostie on April 02, 2014, 07:13:30 PM
I'm just gonna second a few on this list!!

Also last year there were street vendors selling bacon wrapped hot dogs and they were hella reasonable and good
Also a number of food trucks tend to gather in the area, especially around St. James Park from my experience.

I heard from someone that the food trucks may be there to go with a festival on Saturday.  The festival and trucks have been in the park the past two years.
Sadly no Alice themed cosplay this year (unless I pull off a miracle), but I'll try to stop by to take pics!
I love staircases for the larger groups (and even not so large groups) so you can get a better view of everyone.
Wow.  I'm hoping to sell at the swap meet, but hope I'll have time to attend some of the events as well.
Unless you plan on getting to the convention in the afternoon and then stay through to the next morning (24-hour video rooms, gaming rooms, general hanging out) when the trains start again.
Clockwork Alchemy will be at the DoubleTree, so you'll be closer to those events!
Even if pregnant, I don't see why your friend(s) couldn't fashion a version of Sailor Moon to wear and be comfortable in, and still be recognized as Sailor Moon (same colors, the white top, blue skirt, blond hair) etc but looser.  Or as long as the hair were recognizable, wear a regular outfit.

Certainly stay away from an outfit that you can't take off in a hurry (like for bathroom breaks, one of my friends used to go to the bathroom every hour when she was expecting her baby).  On that note, be aware of exits and bathrooms, and places to sit or relax when needed.  Carry snacks and liquids.  You don't have to go everywhere, do everything, make sure you allow for nap times if you need it.

Make any male friends (or even non-pregnant friends) wear a fake belly under their outfits (can you imagine a whole Sailor Moon gathering with pregnant Sailors?).
General Anime Chat / Re: The Top5 Anime You Like
January 18, 2014, 11:09:21 PM
My top 5 at this moment

Tsukikage Ran
Shirokuma Cafe
Natsume Yuujincho
Mononoke Ayakashi
17:05 PM PST