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As dajoo posted above, it would help if you could provide more information about what you watch, play, read, fandoms, etc.  Also, you can consider crossplaying, you be the male, your boyfriend dress as the female - this doesn't necessarily mean he would wear a dress.  You can make a male version of the female's outfit.  For instance a princess's gown would be a pink shirt with ruffles but with pants.
Panels and Workshops / Re: Character Workshop for 2014
January 01, 2014, 02:23:55 PM
How do you make up your original character?  Not sure it's as easy as just: here's 'Joanne', she can fly, she's an orphan, she's going to save the world from Professor Minuss.

Maybe you could start with a specific situation/place/event (either from an anime/game/tv/movie) and then give people time like 15 minutes to work on a character to put into that situation (brief background, what is he/she doing there, why, etc).  Either singly or in pairs maybe.  Then 15 minutes to either stay in that situation or go elsewhere in order to give their characters more purpose or history.  Then either time to write a future path, or evolution.

Sometimes when I'm watching a show or reading a book, I think wouldn't it be cool if this character could do this, or if someone would turn up and be able to do this to save everyone.
14:13 pm Happy New Year!
Hopefully those heels (including the platform) are not too high!  You should post this picture in the B&W Ball thread to see if they can advise you.  Pretty, though!
General Convention Discussion / Re: Fanime Theme 2014
December 28, 2013, 08:07:54 PM
Not sure if this means cosplayers are going to dress as though they're headed for the beach/summer fun.  There are a few series out there that take place near or at a beach.  Ika Musume is certainly one, One Piece, or even some of the high school series, at least during summer break.  LOL everyone is reminded to wear some kind of footwear in the convention center!!
You might want to check last Fanime's thread on shoes for the Black and White ball for requirements on shoe heels, style.,18047.0.html

If you find some proper-low heeled blue shoes, and then attach a rainbow colored shoelace as a strap across the top? (like ballet slipper style?)
Hi, B -

I think you meant Day Zero May 22, 2014, not May 29, right?  ;D
I've been trying to read Are You Alice? but may do another character from the Disney cartoon version for next year.
2006 for me.  I wore my Kenpachi Zaraki cosplay for the first time and one of my AMVs made it to the finals.  The only year I attended without my regular group of friends but still had a great time.
Things in the Universe / Re: Any sports fans?
June 18, 2013, 09:21:32 PM
I'd have said curling, but it's in the Winter Olympics  ;D
Things in the Universe / Re: Any sports fans?
June 16, 2013, 06:49:14 PM
I'm supporting Japan, but I'd like to root for Tahiti as well.
Things in the Universe / Re: Any sports fans?
June 16, 2013, 12:16:37 AM
Trying to follow the FIFA Confederations Cup in Brazil this month (soccer).
12:51am in SF

EDIT:  Dunno why there's an hour difference in the posting time unless the Fanime site clock didn't jump forward with some of us
"Still Dream" performed by Renee Fleming, the ending theme to The Rise of the Guardians. Been watching it today as seriously considering a cosplay for next year.
Awesome pics!  Thanks for posting!  Hope to make it next year (maybe not as Tweedle but as another character)  ;D
Yay!  Thanks!  (I was the TweedleDee by the way, with the straitjacket top - it was for the Wonderland gathering just before)
Imelda May - rockabilly Pulling the Rug (actually my brother is listening to it based on a recommendation from his friend), but I like it so I'll probably look for her albums.
I'm glad there were two gatherings because I couldn't make the earlier one.  One question, my friend cosplayed as Evanora from Oz the Great and Powerful, and will probably do so next year.  Would that be acceptable for next year's gathering?
I agree with Lucifergundam, you're never too old to attend anime conventions.  I'm 54 this year and expect I'll be attending Fanime AND cosplaying many more years to come.  There are a lot of new series out there that I glean on to on the recommendation of my friends (the ones I attend the con with are my nephew's age, in their late 20's - very early 30's) but I'm still fond of the older ones that I grew up with.  I'm also getting into the Super Sentai and Kamen Rider live action series, so there's still something new to keep me interested.
I attended the gathering solely to take pictures of my friend who cosplayed the Clara in the red polka dot dress and must say I had a great time.  It was fabulous seeing all of the interpretations of the TARDIS and the Daleks.  My friend and I are looking forward to attending next year (I'll be cosplaying as well next year).