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This sounds like fun!  I volunteer to be a pawn, not sure what my cosplay will be yet but I'm planning a Shin from Pretear outfit, so mark me as that.
Panels and Workshops / sewing panel
May 31, 2005, 08:18:03 PM
Evidently the schedule was posted after your post.  I'm sorry the sewing panel didn't make it this year, hopefully next year!
General Anime Chat / Yakitate Japan!!
March 13, 2005, 11:32:22 AM
(this may be a double post, if so, sorry!  I'm getting kicked out of the system (my server must be having hiccups) and have to keep logging back in to the forum)

Yes yes yes!  I love this show!  And the ending credits make me drool watching the bread makers.  I've only seen the first 8 episodes but my brother is trying to find later episodes for me.  I think he said he's found up to episode 14 somewhere  :shock:

I owe my anime dealer big time for showing this to me.  He also showed me a series called Mister Ajikko, about a young cook (not a baker) which is also pretty cool.
General Anime Chat / What's your favorite Ramen Flavor?
February 23, 2005, 09:40:49 PM
Quote from: "joshness"For anyone interested, making ramen soup from scratch isn't all that hard (at least a simple one). The only premade stuff I eat is cup of noodle when I'm somewhere I can't cook. All you really need to do is have chicken stock, (or beef, or try a seaweed base) water, dried spices, store bought chinese egg noodles (or make them yourself), and whatever vegetables/meat you want to put in. It takes maybe 5 mins more or so to make it yourself, but It'll taste 10 times better (do a soft poached egg and yummmmmmy). Of course, nothing beats having it all made for you  

Dang, now I've got to go shopping.  Thank goodness I'm five minutes from a Ranch 99 grocery mart.  Of course they're closed now, I'll go to Chinatown tomorrow.

Quote from: "Croquet"Anywho, chicken ramen is best because it tastes best uncooked. mmm...nothing better than the stale crunch of uncooked ramen!

I remember having a salad that was basically lettuce, cooked chicken, sesame seed, almonds and crushed uncooked top ramen.  Yeah, sounds weird but it tasted good.
Panels and Workshops / cosplay
January 04, 2005, 04:40:51 PM
Thanks for the info on quotes.  Hm, how about if a cosplayer was on the panel?  Or at least available to describe (in 10 minutes or less) how they made their outfit.  ???

2 hours would probably be fine.  Hm.
General Anime Chat / ramen
January 04, 2005, 04:25:47 PM
I prefer the chicken ramen because the flavor blends best with all the stuff I add in (extra veggies, more meat, hot sauce, hot sauce, etc.).  I'll be watching to see how this fits into Fanime.  Unless (can I make a guess?) we're going to have a Naruto marathon of sorts.  I'll be sure to bring my hashi.
General Anime Chat / anime purchases
January 04, 2005, 04:16:34 PM
I buy most of my dvd and anime related stuff (figures, toys) from Collector's Universe, El Cerrito, CA.  My manga mainly comes from Kinokuniya Bookstore in the JapanTown center, San Francisco.  Other items I may pick up at different cons.  Yeah, it's not cheap and I'm putting the Collector's Universe owner's kids through school with my purchases.  Sigh, but they're such cute kids and deserve a chance for a good education.
Panels and Workshops / How To Sew/Cosplay Panel
January 04, 2005, 12:49:32 PM
Uh, how do I get this to show as a quote from your message?  Anyway,
if you couldn't get the projector, a large poster would probably do just as well.  As to scheduling, not knowing when other events are scheduled, I'm guessing maybe sometime on Saturday would be okay?  Maybe early in the day?

1. show image(s) of one character, take a moment to analyze it
2. discussion of the elements of the outfit- how many layers of clothing? what types of clothing? what is underneath? what are the accessories? (basically deconstruct the outfit)
3. pick an element and discuss how best to construct it- what materials are needed? (discuss how different materials pertain to different types of characters)
4. questions

i would probably show at least 3 characters of differing levels of complexity. we can discuss clothing, accessories, and weaponry. how does that sound? i can provide paper and pencils for the attendents if you guys want to take notes. in the end, we can have a "general questions" session.
Panels and Workshops / 2005 cosplay panel
January 03, 2005, 06:59:31 PM
Sorry if this gets double-posted, I keep getting logged out.

heh heh.  Pretear: Himeno gets a different outfit every time she 'prets' with one of the knights.  No, just kidding.  Do you suppose a basic school uniform for one? (Azumanga Daioh, Yu Yu Hakusho, Ranma, etc.).  Unless that's toooo basic.
Panels and Workshops / How To Sew/Cosplay Panel
January 03, 2005, 05:54:40 PM
Sorry for reactivating this thread, but I just joined this forum.  I'd be interested in attending a cosplay panel.  I've helped my sister and nephew with costumes for sci-fi conventions and Yaoi-Con last year, and the biggest problem we had was in first identifying the details that went in to a particular costume (is that scarf sewn on or just attached with a pin or just hanging there!).  THEN we had to get a pattern, or adjust an existing pattern.  Can the discussion include tips on drafting/initial sketches. (ooo, maybe we could get a practice piece of paper and pencil with a model to pose for us) Details/embellishments.  Accessories.  I know this is important to some:  what about what one wears underneath?  How authentic and detailed does cosplay get?  That sort of stuff.  If you think this is rambling, sorry!