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Sooo I will also be attending, unless something goes horribly wrong. I'll probably be wearing my cancer shirt and a kitty hat. also i can't draw oops

Maybe. Still debating / need to sort out my planning for the day to know if I'll be busy / fuck no I don't wanna drive back at night.

I'll probably (90% sure?) be Dipper. And Friday is perfect for the gathering, for me.

I'll be Hipster!Vriska on Sunday for the gathering, and Kankri on Monday.

This is the first time I've really planned and made a big effort on my cosplays, and goodness, it's so exhausting and time-consuming.

I'm so running behind on my Fanime everything...
I'm new to legit hardcore cosplay, and I'll be cosplaying a Duskull gijinka.

Also, regarding the post saying Pokemon and Homestuck are the same time... they're a day apart (unless I've gone insane). So no worries there.

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