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I am going as wildcat
Well unfortunately my friend ended up moving due to uncontrollable circumstances.  So vet trainer may happen but, if I can pull it together in time, I have an idea for lugia so that MAYBE a thing lol. 

It'd be awesome to see new Veteran Trainers.  Last two years, I thought I was the only one.  Which gen appearances will you try?

Im doing the diamond and pearl and my friend will be doing x and y
 a couple of friends and I will be doing veteran trainers and possibly one will be a hiker cosplay.  I am also doing a Dreydan cosplay
My friends and I are hoping to have dbz xenoverse cosplays  done in time would that count for the gathering?
I am putting together a ramba ral/mr.ral cosplay  so i look forward to this
Sounds Awesome! looking forward to seeing whatever one you choose
put me down for wildcat.  deadshot is giving me trouble so going to take my time on that one haha
Awesome! perhaps we can do a small group haha.  More then likely I will be doing Argo (with my bolt gundam gunpla :P)  ramba ral is still getting put together so we shall see. maybe just do Mr. Ral haha
Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Plamo build group 2015
January 26, 2015, 07:27:48 PM
Thanks!  Yeah really digging the hobby started some custom projects.  Lets hope there will be a builders group!
Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Plamo build group 2015
December 07, 2014, 02:16:20 AM
Sounds like a great idea! Just got into gunpla this year and am loving it
  Just wanted to see if there were going to be any gundam cosplayers this year I am planning Argo from g gundam and possibly Ramba
Working on a wildcat cosplay (my own version) and also working on deadshot not sure what one I will wear to the gathering