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Update! I will be running this gathering BOTH saturday AND sunday!!!!! :D So come by either day~!
COSPLAYERS who are attending Fanime as anything Rumiko Tkaahashi! So Ranma, Inuyasha, Lum, ect. I have an overwhelming amout of people who can't go on saturday so I was considering swapping fruits basket and rumiko since they are both early mornings. That would mean Rumiko Takahashi would be at 10am on sunday instead of saturday. Would that be too big of a change for those of you who could make it to saturday?
First post updated :D Sorta.. I'm not going ot make it as Leona anymore but I'm hoping my new league cosplay will be just as fun!
Super excited for this gathering :D
Great to have you ^^
Here you are, I decided it would be cute to post it :)
Not at the moment but I can create one if ya'll would like?^^
Updated ^^