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So Moya is finished but I'm not sure if running the gathering in her will be smart otherwise SUPER excited for this years gathering :D
If it's at a time when we are opening I'll be goign as Rose Quartz with Pearl, Amethyst, Lapis, Steven, Garnet, and Greg <3
Upodated :3
first post updated <3
Just so you know there is already a Gravity Falls Gathering set up :),19612.0.html
Most hotel check out is at noon and we'd love to have you <3
Story of seasons is now out to purchase!!! anyone pick it up?
Super excited for this gathering :)
All of those sound amazing :)
Either would be awesome <3
We officially have a set time and day!!! We are Saturday at 5pm at the Riser stages!!!!
So little did I know, the official time for League has been set! We are officially Sunday at noon to 1 at the same location as last year! The hub :) Basically the steps out front of the reg area <3 IF you cannot make sunday I WILL be running a MOBA gathering in which league cosplayers are more than welcome on saturday at 5pm :)
requests have been sent in the HOPEFUL idea would be Sunday at noon BUT it's not a confirmed time and until they are posted by B and her team I can't garentee a time slot ^^ I will update asap <3
I have officially settled on my Cosplay for running this event XD I will be bringing Moya form the canceled too soon MOBA Dawngate.