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Well, technically, in previous years no one really cosplays on any day other than sunday. However I've heard form a large number of people this year that say they'll be cosplaying on the 18th as well.

Panels and Workshops / Re: More Panels? When/How?
« on: April 04, 2009, 10:51:05 AM »
I like the idea of having late night panels. I'm not sure about others, but I for one wouldn't mind giving some late night panels. I'm sure if it was decided to keep the panel rooms open later, a bunch of people would be alright with leading late night panels.

Well....I would be going as Kurama, which isn't a great costume or anything, but.....Saphire said she's going to be Kuronue...and I've NEVER seen a Kuronue cosplayer....Taking pictures with one would be incredible. But....maybe I'll just take a few pictures at that gathering, and then come to this one....I dunno. I need to think about it, I hate having to make a choice, lol.

So, I have a Galaxia costume I REALLY want to wear to this gathering....but it's at the same time as the Shounen Jump gathering. Is the 3pm time set for SURE?

....K...kuronue? That'll be the first time I get to see a kuronue cosplayer! Yay saphire!!! I will for sure be attending as Dark Tournament Kurama (Yellow Outfit) and I may or may not have a youko with me. Depends on if his costume gets done on time. I will also be bringing along a Hiei.

WOOT, my first fanime post....I've been lurking in the threads for WEEKS, and finally made an account. Anyways, I'll be attending both saturday AND sunday. I'll be in the parade sunday....just look for the REALLY shiny golden armor type costume....yeah. shinyness....

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