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As someone who has cosplayed Mabel before, I totally understand. It really is one of the most comfortable cosplays to do anything in. Unless it's burning hot outside. c: Can't wait for the gathering!
It's may!!!! :D Hope everyone is ready! I'm super excited for the gathering!
It's may! Hope everyone's prepared for the gathering! c:

Remember, Smash bros and Nintendo are after this gathering, so if your costume works for it, feel free to stick around. c:
Happy May everyone! :D Hope you're all prepared!!! Can't wait for the gathering!
A little over one more month! Bump :D
Me and my boyfriend are going as quite a few things this year! c:

Thurs: Veronica and JD from Heathers (with a group!!)
Fri: Giffany and Soos from Gravity falls, and Meimi and Asuka Jr from Saint Tail
Sat: Detective Pikachu and Mimikyu from Pokemon, and Hideyoshi and Kouta from Baka to Test
Sun: Peko and Fuyuhiko from Danganronpa, and two of the Madolche cards from Yugioh
He leaves early monday so we don't do much then. c:

I also host the Gravity Falls, Pokemon and Danganronpa gatherings. Can't wait to see everyone's cosplay!!
Date, time and location confirmed! Can't wait!
Bump! :D It won't be long now!
Bump! Only under 70 days now!
Bump c: Under 70 days now!