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Okay,Thanks for telling me!I put you on the list.If you find out who you will be tell me!Thank you.:)
I saw you a lot!!!!:D
Okay!:)We just added you!Thanks for joining!:3
HI!:) I was Wondering if anyone will be cosplaying from Tokyo Mew Mew.

Me and my sister are going as Ichigo and Zakuro in their cafe("Maid") outfits!!:D
Pokemon gathering!!!

My sisters gonna host one!!! Wooo =D
=3 Hey everyone.

--Date/Time: Saturday,at noon (12 PM)

--Meeting place: Fountains

--Characters attendeding:

People counted so far: 20 

ONLY 20???

Duplica((First season)):Me!!! =D
Gary: My BFF (Might go. >.^ Lets hope she can.)
Ash: Teh_Real_Ash_Ketchum
Gallade(( 8th season)):Jyunishinsho
Misty/Ash(Original):Moogleborg and friend(Might)
Hikari/dawn(( 8th season)):Ska_Kitti(Might),Chloe(might), slifertheskydragon, White Rose Assassin
Empoleon: Jehuty
Pikachu(( All seasons)):Pikachurepublic
Pok'emon Blue:Jun-Watarase (Might!)
Candice: YuffieK
Gijinka Plusle: Kimiko
Gijinka Pichu and Meganium: Kimiko's girls

If I messed up, I'm sorry. Tell me what needs to be changed!

IF it's alright with ya'll My sister and I'd like to join as Karin((me)) and Orhime((My sister -Tabbychan- on here)) =P
Did anyone get a picture of Myself as Duplica from Pokemon?Or my sister as Kagura from Fruits basket?We were there Saturday-Monday.

(( I carried around a Ditto plushie and my sister had a sign that read" Have you seen my love" and it had a Kyo at the bottom of it =P))