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Hotel and Facilities / Question about priority
February 20, 2016, 09:31:53 PM
If you registered on say, the 17th, do you not get a priority booking window? I had to wait to reg this year and it sucks that I don't get a window (even a late one) for hotel... What was the cut off? Just before the email sent out? Not getting a response on Facebook or on email from fanime housing.
Live Programming and Events / Stage Zero
May 29, 2014, 03:48:30 PM
Hi, peoples! I haven't seen a feedback thread regarding Stage Zero. Firstly, I will say that I adore the anime gameshow. It's a lot of fun and I can watch for hours, and generally do.

Is there any way to see more of that type of programming up on Stage Zero? Maids dancing isn't really my thing, and hours of two guys playing Portal really got to me. Late at night can we do more goofy videos and stuff again? I don't really want to watch two guys play Portal night after night....

It seemed like the programming used to be more varying and amusing.
One of my biggest gripes this year was the Marriott refusing to store luggage, and instead directing us to the Fanime item storage. It was cheaper to pay for parking somewhere else once we pulled the car from the valet.
Was this exclusive to the Marriott? I was pretty annoyed that they took away a basic hotel service, and ate an hour of our time because of it.

It just makes me consider staying somewhere else when I never have before. So, again, did other hotels continue to store luggage like I would expect any hotel to do?
Does anyone have any plans/improvements for their personal con experience next year?

I'm cosplaying. Fo' sho'.
I'm also going to get in shape.
I'm going to try harder to make friends? (I say this every year. I still haven't made a con friend.)
Going to bring less food. I have so many snacks left over!

That's all I can think of right now.
So I've never cosplayed (still.) and I'm thinking this time I really will.

Where do you guys buy your wigs? I want something that isn't going to look like crud, but isn't like ohmygosh expensive either. Something that is a good value, basically.

Any suggestions?
So I have NO money in my account now. Well, actually negative 16 dollars. Why?

So Mariott charged or put a hold on the 365.18 for room and deposit. I asked at the desk "how much will this be?" and "This is for the room -and- deposit, right?" So great, fine. "This will be the full payment, so you know" she said. Alright.

So then they charged 307 today. So I thought I had paid for the entire room and the deposit, with the assumption I'd get the deposit back and bam bam. Done. Because that's what they'd said.

Darnit. Now i need to call the bank and stuff.

Anyone else have issues like this? I called and asked what the deposit would be "50" was what I got once, and "50 per night" was another. Either would have been fine, but.... Umm... This sucks. I didn't know they'd be taking 700-something dollars from me, nor do I remember this actually happening before. Unless I was rollin' in dough then and it didn't really matter that much. Hmm.

Just curious, because I feel somewhat peeved and also a bit dumb, like I missed something really big.

Btw, otherwise the Mariott rocked, as usual. They got us where we wanted to be floor-wise and were very nice.

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General Convention Discussion / What's left?
May 25, 2011, 12:40:25 PM
So we're a day or two away from Fanime... What do you have left to do?

I got all my printing done, one final, and some of my packing.

I still need to...
Do my nails.
Finish packing.
Dye my hair.
Return some things that are due to be returned while I'm at the con.
Pay bills.
Call DMV.
Buy beverages.
Drop off my dog's overnight gear to my friend.
One more final in like, 15 minutes (eee!)

I'm feeling pretty much ready, despite all of that though. I managed to get my car vacuumed and de-slobbered. I have my laundry done. I know what I'm bringing. My hair got cut.

How are you all doing with the 'to do' lists?

Registration / Postcard thingy?
May 18, 2011, 09:28:37 AM
When do they put the post card up for printing? I know these thigns vary, but I've always just printed mine out as I was running out the door. This year I need to get printer access from somewhere else though, and have school/work more or less all the time until the con, so I need to actually think of these things.
Hotel and Facilities / Traffic!
May 17, 2011, 03:23:58 AM
What's the worst time period for traffic on Friday? Anyone know?

I'm coming from Santa Rosa Friday morning, and I just want to avoid terrible traffic. I know the later into the afternoon it gets the more of a cesspool it becomes (I've gone at 3 before. Arrrrgh!!) I also know people get into oodles of accidents all the time and that will ruin everyone's commute, but still.

What are morning commute hours in the bay area generally? Luckily I won't be heading into SF, but....

I don't drive over to the bay area much, clearly.

Also, I was hoping to drop my most beautiful of dogs (I swear this dog is AWESOME.)  off at daycare at around 7 to head down. I'm worried about traffic on 101 going toward SF, but I don't think it will be too too bad. I'd just like to avoid some of the traffic closer to Oakland and Santa Clara.
It's been a while since I donated blood, so I think this is great. I'm pretty excited. I assume you're all with me? =D

Where is Parkside Hall A?

Ooooh, I hope they have nicely colored bandages. Like pink.
Registration / Group shizniz
November 05, 2010, 12:01:14 AM
So I did the group thing this year... Can another group member pick up HIS badge or does it have to be me? Out of curiosity.
Registration / At-Con prereg
September 09, 2010, 11:38:41 PM
Hey, I know you can reg for next year the last day of the con, but I've never actually looked into, well, where that happens! I was just wondering in case I'm actually up and awake at that time next year. Also, I'm just curious.
Hotel and Facilities / SJCC
June 06, 2010, 12:43:26 AM
I had a few curious questions. I believe all of us felt the increase in attendance this year, even before we receive any actual numbers on it (early speculations said 18k-20k). I was wondering.... How many people can the San Jose Convention Center hold? And I also remember someone saying we've booked the SJCC for a few years in advance. How many years it is booked? I just got to thinking about it is all.
I heard of the event, and I didn't go, but I keep hearing cryptic things about how it kind of failed! Can I ask what happened? I'm really curious, as I thought it sounded delightful in theory....
I thought they said we had until the 21st to decide about any room changes, but they took the housing site down. Any idea?
Hotel and Facilities / Consoles and hotels?
October 13, 2009, 11:29:16 PM
So of all the fanime hotels.... which can you hook consoles up in? We normally bring a Wii, and while we didn't try last year at the Marriott, we know there are some issues with consoles at the Marriott. So I was just wondering in which hotels can you hook up a console without trouble? I'm actually most curious about the Hilton.
What do you have to do this next month to get ready for the supertastic con?

My list (that I can think of):
- Find someone to cover for me at work
- get an oil change and my car all checked out
- clean my car
- get my insurance stuff straightened out
- do laundry
- pack
- buy food
- make sure my friends know that it's con time so they don't miss it again
- make careful itemized lists of eeevvvveeerrrrying to pack
- get a hair cut
- Buy new shoes
- Buy a headband
- take care of all my at home sort of worries before I leave (calls to make, bills, rent, etc)

-Get less fat!

And that's what I can think of.

How 'bout you?!
Okok, so I'm sure other girlies have the same problem... Moreso if you dress kinda weird. But every once in a while... Someone asks to take my picture, and it's always some dude. Now, it's not always certain that they're some weirdo, so I'd like to be polite... But HOW can I say "I'm not cosplaying, doof. Don't take my picture." nicely...? Because quite frankly, it's sort of weird.
Hey, I was a pink lolita on Sunday, and some guy gave me a pizza. I was sitting on the floor by stage zero with a couple o' guys. You walked by again and took a picture of me after the pizza was gone. I was too busy cracking up and trying not to choke to request the picture you took of my fatness. If you have the picture I'd like it. =P
Some of us are not talented and we have to commission. We went with limebarb since they've gotten some pretty good feedback. So the costume was supposed to be done on Sunday at the LATEST. They claimed it would be fine for the con, all on time. great. Ok. Stressful, but ok.

Anyone dealt with them before? Because I haven't heard from them since last week and they won't respond now. Do they send notification out? I'd assume so. Bah

Anyone know another way to contact them?

This of course is putting a damper on everything.
I know oodles of you cosplay. I would except I have funding/talent issues. So I am limited to non-cosplay clothing. But does anyone else sort of 'dress up' for fanime? Like, dress sort of differently or maybe just cooler? Because I do, or at least try to. And I think I'm probably silly for doing so. I wanted to know if I have brethren.

I also save clothes for Fanime. Like, my favorite shirt I've only worn once before because I wanted to wear it sometime really cool.

I just really enjoy parading around in showy outfits and things, and everyday life isn't always the most appropriate to do so. Plus I want to look hecka good for fanime. Whoooooooo

This is also a 3 am way to express my excitement. (Even though I'm not sure I can go this year. ;_;)
General Convention Discussion / AMV Contest
May 09, 2008, 05:51:07 PM
Just checking, someone mentioned elsewhere that the AMV contest is back in the Civic Center?
If so...


I just wanted to double check before I got too stoked.
Who assigns the actual rooms? Fanime staff, or the hotel? I know we reserve rooms to rent out to us congoers, but who decides placement? I ask because I was wondering if there was any way to request room placement. My roomie doesn't take well to the elevator tango and uses the stairs, taking me with him. Problem? My horrible asthma. I nearly died each time. ;_;
Running up to the 20-somethingth floor = no fun. This happened the year prior and I just wanted to know if I have options.
There are still 180 days left. As it is, we'll all have to wait 180 days until Fanime. That is a long time. We need to find a solution such as time travel, making every day Fanime, or maybe just having a couple Fanimes sprinkled throughout the year. Suggestions?
I'm personally for every day being Fanime.
I've asked this in other threads, but nobody seems to have given me a reply.

Ok, so as we all know the amv contest was moved out of the civic center. Why so? Also, will t be moved back ever? Or is it where it was this year forever?

I miss it in the civic center! It really had an atmosphere there.

I don't mean to complain too much,  just want to know if the beloved amv contest will go back to being how it was.