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ok. i'd most like to see english voice actors, but here are my votes:

- nolan north.. i wanna meet Deadpool!!
- any of the voice actors from Azumanga Daioh (but i like Chiyo, Osaka and Sakaki the most)
- any of the artists/voice actors from ouran high school host club, boys over flowers, inuyasha, negima, fruits basket, melancholy of haruhi, and those who hunt elves!
- maybe some of the authors of some popular books on anime/manga/cosplay

also, since there is a rather big Marvel/DC cosplay base, maybe some people from comics?
and this is just me, but i'd love to see some wrestlers at Fanime! some of those guys are anime/comic fans as well.. maybe get Colt Cabana to do a podcast/panel there.. maybe Mick Foley or CM Punk could come out..
hi! i need help on a Deadpool cosplay.. well, advice as well. first time actually putting together a "real" cosplay. if anyone's done Deadpool and has advice..

mainly looking for help on the pattern for the black part of the back torso and the right fabric for the face to where i can see through the mask.

also, i have the basic red zentai suit and am planning to add black fabric. which fabric is best?
i got a bunch of random pics.. i got a dr. doofenschmirtz w/perry, calvin and hobbes, hunny from OHSHC, the random wrestling shirts and wrestling cosplayers, lots of Deadpool, a lady gaga, Sax guy, and lots of others..

feel free to browse!

i was Gir (shown in the pics), fem cm punk, cat maid, and Misa from Death Note.

here's the one i got of you.. very nice by the way!! loved it..
currently working on a Deadpool outfit, so i'll sign up!
i met you!!! i was the cat maid you took a pic with right before filming the spot with the capt. america kid.. you are totally awesome!!
General Convention Discussion / Re: Necomimi ears.
November 26, 2012, 03:29:53 AM
i plan on getting a pair and wearing them to school. mainly cause i like them that much, and also to see how my teachers react. i'm very scatterbrained and when i tried them on my ears were twitching..
you were awesome!! saw you one night with a bunch of cards out in front of you.. also think i saw you in the game room during the freestyle ddr..
first off... this was my first big con, and overall i had a great time!!

- lots of awesome cosplayers.. i even got a pic with D. Piddy!!
- watching the marvel vs dc cosplay gathering. lots of fun...
- amv hell.. omg this was awesome!! i now own all of them
- gaming room. everything about this.
- hentai night. found some rather interesting stuff, and the hand checks were funny
- clockwork alchemy.. walked around as Gir that day.. mainly got recognized there.  the belly dancing was fun
- quick replies on twitter. driving down late from sacramento. asked if day zero events were badged and got a quick reply. made me very happy
- the 2 volunteers i met wearing wrestling shirts (one with the daniel bryan 'yes' shirt and the other guy who wore the edge shirt and the zach ryder shirt).. thanks for letting me take your pics!!

- reg line. i think we only waited about 3-4 hours, but the group around us were rather friendly. plus i got pics of some cool cosplayers
- the sports cosplay meetup i think on friday or saturday. we only had about 4-5 people. we got our pics taken (can't find where they were posted.. i was the female cm punk) and that was bout it.
- the drunk people. rather annoying.
- no flyers about close food places in pre-reg bags. had to ask around, but thankfully i got good info.
- the swap meet. walked into the smaller room and wandered. got a zim poster for 50 cents.. went to get into the bigger room. line was MASSIVE!! yeah, didn't last there.

overall was fun. only checked out 1 panel (zelda timeline due to 2 friends really being into the game), the amv hell stuff and hentai nights. also the belly dancing lessons (that i had a hard time finding).
lots of delicious foods..
overpacked on food.. lol..

also.. sax dude.. you rocked!! had lots of fun wandering the halls at night.

- maybe have aa & da open later?
- anything for pre-reg. though i do like the plastic badges.
- if a time is changed on something, post on twitter/fb as well?
- less confusing signs for cosplay meetups? that code was confusing.. and posting when they're happening in big areas..
- i heard about some confusion on peace bonding.. maybe clarifying that to everyone might help

congrats to everyone who helped though... totally coming back for 2013!! already know what 2 cosplays i'm doing!!
i'll be there as Misa! trying to get my friend to go as Light....
i'll be going as Misa, and trying to get my friend's Light costume together...
Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Theme for Fanime 2012
December 28, 2011, 12:37:15 PM
Quote from: MPLe on December 28, 2011, 03:30:14 AM
Quote from: ministrychick77 on December 28, 2011, 02:14:42 AMSo... Since the theme is "sports".. Wrestling cosplay would work, right?

You don't *have* to cosplay as something that fits the theme. =P

i figured... but i love wrestling anyway... plus i have other ideas for different days. this is my first big con, so i'm just checking to make sure it'd be ok.
Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Theme for Fanime 2012
December 28, 2011, 02:14:42 AM
So... Since the theme is "sports".. Wrestling cosplay would work, right?