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For FanimeCon 08, I'm interested in cosplaying Jiburiru from Jiburiru - The Devil Angel. However theres some aspects of the costume that I need advice on.

1. My main concern is the swimsuit-looking clothing she wears. Are my eyes deceiving me, or is that pretty much what it is? Would an actual Japanese school swimsuit suffice, or should I go about making it in full. I was also thinking a white leotard might work.

2. How to go about wearing/making her thigh-high boots.

3. Types of fabric that could be used.

4. How to make accessories "float." Although I may be able to leave this to the work of my boyfriend.

5. Wings. How to make them work. As in not heavy, not too large yet eye catching, what to make them of. I might have to not have wings because my older brother (as well as his friends) attend the con, but it would still be nice to know how to do it.

6. Hair. >< Would it be necessary to color my hair blue for the con? I'd rather not wear a wig, and I'm fine with cutting it if necessary. My natural hair color is dark brown/black though.

I'm certain my bf already has plans for some of these things, but I haven't  talked to him about it for a while.

Character references:
Cosplay references: i have none D: if someone does, could you please post them or link to? <3

Pulling it off: I'm pretty sure this char can work for me. I was an Acolyte from RO last year, so if you remember me, insights pl0x? :D

Thank you so much in advance!