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Buy/Sell/Trade / Re: WTS: Some odds and ends.
November 08, 2013, 08:13:29 AM
This may be a little late, but I'm considering the Lugia Plushie!
The new direction they seem to be going with the 3D design is cool, though I'm not sure that some Pokemon fans will be so accepting. Overall though, it seems like another quality game.
Put me down as a maybe for Dave, and my friend as a maybe for John.
So...If hotels fill up this fast, What'd happen if I were at school or something when reservations went up? Do they usually announce beforehand when reservations are going up?
Me and a friend will be there as grunts!
Put me in as a maybe for RainbowDash, please!
Count me in as a 95% chance as Fem!Tony Stark. I wanted to do a Hawkeye, but can't get his hair right. xD
Hi! I was looking into reserving a room for me and a couple of other friends for Fanime 2013, in one of the Hotels connected to or close to the Convention center, and I was wondering how much they usually charge per night so I could start saving up.
This gathering was amazing! The DJ was excellent and the cosplayers were fabulous! I would suggest that you maybe tape off a photographer area? Many photographers were rudely standing up straight flailing their arms and camera about in the front row instead of crouching, even upon request, while others in the back were forced to get back-of-head shots. Other than that, great job organizing!
The cosplay hangout this year was AMAZING! They had really tasty citrus water (fancy), balloons (my friend and I started a game of catch/volleyball), make-up and alll of your cosplay needs, chairs, beanbags, and a convenient location right next to a major cosplay gathering area! this was my first time, and I will definitely go back again! You may, however, want to make the No Press rule a little more obvious (I got the rule, but I did notice some taking pictures.)
I usually get in line about 2 hours early. For masquerade this year I came 2 hours early and was able to get first row of the upper center deck. For MusicFest, oddly enough, I cam an hour and a half early and was able to get front row floor seats. I was however, alone, so I found the last single seat. I would suggest at about 2 and a half hours prior to the vent, looking out the window and seeing if the line reaches around the block or not. I aim to get in line before it breaks off at the parking spots, and at maximum the tech museum.
General Convention Discussion / Re: schedule
May 28, 2012, 07:30:48 PM
I personally loved the paper schedules in every bag with the program guide! It really helped when my printer was down, and saved me from having to scrawl out events on a piece of paper. Just an idea, but maybe next year you can add a small blank template for the con-goers to write in their own schedule?
Ok, it's my turn!

The Long lines were the first thing. I waited in line until 8:30, with confusion on what was going on. Some rovers said I had to leave, since I only had the Paypal receipt. Some said I could stay. Some said I had to leave because it was Early Reg, and not Pre-reg.After the final announcement about Pre-Reg only, I was asked by rovers to leave after waiting hours. And when I get home, I see they fixed the power issue and were continuing registration. I think that they could of at least said that they were working to fix the problem and that they could fix it, and not just told me to abandon all hope.

Rude/Annoying/Creepy People and Rovers were another issue. While waiting in line on Day 0, my friend and I were confronted by a cosplayer who was cosplaying the same series as my friend. They were talking, and conversation got to the power outage. This cosplayer had no paper proof of reg, and had changed her email, restricting mobile access to the information. She started having a panic attack, yelling and screaming, leaving a 13-year old to try and diffuse the situation. My heart must have skipped a beat as she freaked out. The worst part is that it took about a minute for the Rovers (who were within earshot of normal talking conversation) to come and take care of the situation. My friend who was trying to help begin to become verbally assaulted by the girl, and it did not stop until rovers arrived. A little more reassurance in time of peril and power outage would be great, Staff!

Other than that, I had a great time, so keep up the good work!
I'll be coming as America!
I shall attempt to put together a Dave cosplay in time, and if my friends are going through with their troll cosplays, I shall post for them as well!
I shall attempt to attend as Rainbow Dash!
I'm dropping out as Bakura..Can't get the costume. sorry! I might still drop by to check it out though ^^
I'm a young female, and was wondering if I could wear a black button up formal collored shirt, possibly with a monochrome black/white tie and a pair of black dress slacks?
L33tStr33t Boys.....They're pretty awesome.
Forum Games / Re: In Soviet Russia....
July 26, 2011, 04:30:13 PM
Naruto Watches You