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+ Introduction: Heyy Im looking for a vacancy for me and one other friend of mine. We are both males 25/26 both really laid back and are both packing relatively light. I'm bringing a spidey suit and splatoon cosplay for the weekend and shouldnt take up to much room, as for him a B-Mo suit.
+ Hotel Information: The closer the better would be preferable and price at this point in time would be second to distance. I work Thurs and will be headed to the con that night around 9:30 My friend will be there either thursday or friday and we were both hoping to stay until monday, hopefully i can find a room whos plans line up with mine best as possible.
+ Requirements: nothing fancy just a spot in a room with cool people and a hot shower XD
+ Contact: Email me : [email protected] or Facebook
                 Instagram me or him Me: MellowMondie
                                                  Him: Breaksofresh
+ Miscellaneous: (idk) XD
*Bump* I had the same question. ^ I have a splatoon cosplay as well and was planning on showing up. ~Splatoon4SmashDLC~
Ill be attending this year as Ultimate Spider-man Miles Morales :D cant wait for the marvel gathering! w00t
ill be there with my top secret cosplay >3 dont have to confirm me but ill be there though ^-^ Marvel <3
depending on how things go i may have my lord monochromicorn done lol and ill be coming with the male and female Bmo (they where the couple at sac anime some of you may remember) mines is a maybe but they are sure fire :3
i have an ulquiorra but the only trouble is i have no help with make up >.<! all my room mates are guys so none! of them know anything about makeup plus the one who did it before was my ex gf so if anyone can help me in the department ill bring my ulquiorra lo :3
ill be there with my Madara/Tobi (Orange Mask Tobi with Akatsuki hood) x3 hopefully ill have room to bring it with me!
I'm going as player 1 xiba and it was no easy feet finishing it @_@ but I'm worried i might not do it >.< I have everything done but the wig I ordered in march still isnt here yet and I'm going day zero do I have like 3 days!! N I'm kinda panicking but a viola nice!! ^^ can't wait to see you there
I really hope I don't offend anyone by posting this here cuz I'm not sure if this is the right place to post it but, I was thinking about a deadmau5 gathering for people who have deadmau5 heads idk just a thought and it seemed interesting to me is all
Hey everyone :3 I'll be there for sure can't wait to meet new people n hang out :D
I need a wig commissioned >.< it's for Xiba from soul calibur 5 please anyone very skilled in wig manipulation and such please email me @ [email protected] do we can work something out and I can send you reference pics of him if needed please and thank you! :3
Hey everyone I'm going as Xiba from soul calibur 5 and am
Hoping to meet up with other scv cosplayers let me know who else is interested! :D
Ill be there as xiba from soul calibur :D hope to see more soul calibur cosplays there!