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I would support/join this, 31 bucks to get down to AX?  Instead of the like, near 100 bucks in gas money?  For sure, lemme know what I could do to help.
Overall, I had a really good con, but then again, I never ran into issues that other people are describing.  Then again, I don't have a lot of props, so I have no peace bonding issues, and my badge is ALWAYS in extremely easy reach.

The feedback I'm giving is in regards to that, even someone wanting to be a staff member seems nice, if they're not socially graceful, that will come across to the congoers, and will put people off.

I had an issue at the black and white ball (or rather, it wasn't my issue, my girlfriend is simply too shy/nice to say anything, and I am entirely willing to be the one to stand up for her.), but the staff took care of both of us extremely well. (you guys kept apologizing when I didn't think you needed to, everyone else at the B&W ball was fantastic as always, it's by far my favorite event),**edited by request**

Oh, I did forget one thing... the pokemon gathering, whoever was running it really... did not do it well, everyone gathered in a very big, open spot that held all of us well, and were trying to figure out where the gathering head was.  She finally appeared, and told us we were all supposed to be in this other area that was... ridiculously undersized for our group, nobody could figure out why we were moving to them (them being the 4 people that were with the gathering head) to a far more crowded, badly lit spot, from our open spot.  I don't mean any disrespect to her, she just wasn't capable of commanding the crowd and getting through what was going to happen at the shoot.

Me and my friend ended up leaving halfway through because nobody knew where anyone was supposed to go, people were just jumping in and out of whatever photos they wanted, it was disappointing considering we seemed to have a pretty good grouping.
Did anyone get pictures of me dressed up as a hunter from L4D?  I know that's generic, but I had a ton of blood all over my face (not red make up, I drenched myself in stage blood), and snakebites if anyone could notice.  I also had sharp nails too, if you can see them.  I'd post a picture, but I haven't found a single one yet.

  I also did my mad hatter with my steampunk mask, but I've gotten a lot of those, so I'm not terribly worried about it.
I wouldn't mind trying to attend this is work allowed for it.  We'll see what I get scheduled, dun care to push my luck already asking for fanime and anime expo off.  Not sure if I'll cosplay or not, we'll see how sassy I feel
Wonder if anyone has pics of myself as the mad hatter, steampunk re-imagining (Or some people might better recognize it as the big hat and scary mask)