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aw nvm i dont think i can make my derpy hooves cosplay anymore :( but i'll come by to take pictures
This is a fantastic idea, I will attend for sure ! I'm already prepared to come as Sailor Jupiter :3
Hello your fellow Derpy will be flying in to pass out muffins! :P
Is it okay to have another Marceline the Vampire Queen, 'cos that's who I'm coming as, my name is Dani Phantom by the way :)
hey you guys ; A; i added most of the LoL IGN's that were posted up :c you'll get a request from a blackdragongoddess (it's in a dumb format of lower case and upper case and is cut off) i'm sorry i didn't know it would actually come out like that, i was messing around , i hate it ; A;
OKAY ! thank you, i can't wait, so excited for Fanime c:
Hey I was hoping if I can also be added to the list? c:
i'm cosplaying Red Card Katarina btw, and I think my friend might come in his Dyrus cosplay , lmao.
If the date is saturday , then I could most likely go.
I'm cosplaying as Red Card Katarina.
Either way hope to see everybody there (;