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Inspired by a friend asking me what I wanted to be when I was a kid (thus the kindergarten cop title!):

I know a lot of you are still going to school right now, now is a good time to start putting in job applications for the summer, but there are a few of us working stiff types on here. How do YOU pay for all that great swag at fanime? Maybe you have a cool job with a certain 'circus' that you have yet to hook me up with tickets for, as an example (seriously, wtf. I asked like a million years ago!)

Anyways, tell us all about what it is you do! If you are in school tell us what you study and what you hope to be. For bonus points all your working types tell us what you wanted to be as a kid.

Me? I wanted to be a racecar driver. I think at one point I wanted to be some sort of special forces guy, like Solid Snake.

I think just about everyone knows I ended up joining the Navy as an Air Traffic Controller. Basically I'm learning how to keep planes from plowing into each other so that you all get where you need to go alive.

This is where I do my Airing, my traffic-ing, and a little bit of controlling at about 5 stories up in a giant fishbowl.

From inside the fishbowl: thats not me sitting there, I'm the guy holding the camera!

So what do I actually do all day? Not a whole hell of a lot. I sit with my feet up mostly. Right now Im working on a ground qualification... before you can try and separate planes in the sky it helps to be able to keep them from running into each other on the ground. Planes don't have a reverse oddly enough so its best to make sure you don't have any meet another one face to face or you get a 'mexican standoff' and that would suck.

After thats out of the way Im moving to radar final controller. Thats the guy who talks to the pilot while hes coming in for an instrument landing. He wants to know if hes too high or low, left or right of course, and when its a good time to touchdown. following that theres arrival controller, the job most people think of for controllers, who sits infront of a scope with the rotating sweep. And of course Local who controls planes in the sky that enter the airspace and want to putz around.

Why did I pick this job? The money mostly. When I get out I can make as much as 6 figures. Thats enough to eat con food for the whole weekend! 

General Anime Chat / Manga Release Dates
July 10, 2006, 08:24:10 PM
Are there any sites that provide accurate release dates for Manga? Ive tried looking online for info on a new manga I picked up (and really interests me) called PSY COMM... in perticular when volumes 2 and 3 might be hitting store shelves, but even on the official tokyopop website no dates are given.

The only info I can find is that it had a publishing date of Nov. 2005... is it normal for there to be such a huge gap from when its published to when its on shelves, and finally when the follow ups are released?
General Anime Chat / Bakuretsu Tenshi
May 14, 2004, 10:45:16 AM
My brother let me get a copy of the first 3 episodes of this series, and I like it so much that I had to share it with you.

go here and what the pretty flash movie. then check out the characters section. (click on the eyes of the character you wanna see, then put your mouse over thier profile and you can see thier outfit.

The jist of the series is this group of gung-ho gals hires a cooking school student to be thier personal chef. They lead crazy mercenary lives and this spills over into his. lots of robots, gunplay, and humor.

The main character is Joe. Shes the girl who looks like Gunner Yuna...

I will be cosplaying the cooking student at fanime, Kyohei. Since hes a non-combatant im most likely going to be dual weilding some hello kitty spatulas or a frying pan, whatever.

its by Gonzo, the makers of Full Metal Panic. Please check it out!