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Quote from: Aznmnky on May 30, 2013, 03:43:57 PM
Inui Sadaharu
Prince of Tennis
All four days

I had a racquet at all times too XD

Did you have some adidas on, too?!
I'm 28 and this was my *first* convention.  I was pretty much prepared to be surrounded by youngsters, but knew there would be a wide spectrum of ages (and personalities for that matter). 

Needless to say, I enjoyed myself and enjoyed being around so much energy.  Might be because I have no previous experiences to compare this one to.  Might also be because I act younger than my age.

I want to go again next year, but apparently one of my friends is getting married Memorial Day Weekend '14.  (At this age, you attend 4-5 weddings a year...)
East Bay here.

Lived in Vallejo, Berkeley, and now Pleasant Hill.

I need people to show me what's hip in anime again, since I've lost touch!
Tezuka Kunimitsu
Prince of Tennis
Saturday / Sunday Morning

Slytherin Student
Harry Potter
Rest of Sunday (did some cosplay chess!) / Monday



Also looking for any pictures of the mahjong tables in the gaming hall (Saturday and Sunday).  We had a great time teaching and competing with everyone this year!
While I "chose" the fanime location and my email told me to go to the fairmont to pick it up, the registration at Doubletree still printed my badge out.
Hey it's me, Clouded!  (I think that's the name I used then.  We D&D'd a little bit, along with a couple of others on RBJ!)

Anyway won't derail this thread much further.  Hope you had a good time at the con (aside from the lines).
This was my first time going to the convention so if I seem ignorant about a couple of things, please forgive me.

We decided to stay at the Airport Garden Hotel because of price and location.  One member of our group was there primarily for Clockwork Alchemy and two members of our group are huge poker players, so we would be in walking distance to both the Doubletree and M8trix.  This worked out for us because on Friday, we went over to the Doubletree to pick up one badge.

While in line for the shuttle we were advised by someone that we should avoid the Fanime registration and just pick up our badges at the Doubletree.  We had to confirm that we could do that because we were under the impression, from our e-mails, that we had to pick them up at the Fairmont. 

So our group and a few other people went back to the Clockwork Alchemy registration line and they printed our badges out no problem.  15 minutes tops on Friday, 5PM.

Advice for transportation to the Doubletree:  Peak hours the shuttles will come by more often, but you may not get on the first one that comes by while you're in line.  I'd say the most you'll wait is an hour, though.  Another way to get to the Doubletree would be to use public transportation if you really don't want to wait for shuttles twice.  VTA is cheap for single riders.  Cabs are still affordable especially if you're in a group of 4.

Of course this is all valid advice only if things don't change for 2014.

(Also, Dracil from RBJ?)
Shoutout to PinkHairSasuke and his crew for helping me out with my Tezuka cosplay. 
Blonde girl in the TMNT outfit on Sunday. 

Thanks for the smile as you passed me by.
Last minute here, too.

PoT manga released in 1999 and anime in Oct 2001... should qualify if I wanna come as Tezuka, right?  plz to accept
Not looking forward to the wind.  But definitely looking forward to not sweating underneath my robes.
Those schedules look mighty intimidating for a first time con goer!

So much to do.  I'm pretty excited, though.
We have 5 Cal alum in our group going.  All graduated between 2003-2007.  More might show up just to party after con hours.
Quote from: PinkHairSasuke on May 21, 2013, 09:40:44 AM
I can help you if you like. PM me and we can set something up for Saturday morning.

I'd appreciate that!  PMed!
Hi, all.  First time cosplayer here. 

I purchased a wig that is in the style of Tezuka Kunimitsu from Prince of Tennis, but when I try it on it just doesn't look right.  Not anime-ish enough.  I'll probably need to style it with product, yet I don't wanna mess it up.  Is there anyone that would be willing to help me style it if I bought the proper hair product?  Would just need a few minutes of your time say Saturday morning? 

Thanks in advance.
Gaming / Re: Mahjong ver. 2013?
May 15, 2013, 08:22:43 AM
This is looking good.  Anyone interested in riichi should definitely come, especially newbies.  We have experience teaching the game in meetups, so this is a great opportunity for everyone.
I know from searching that there's a couple of y'all out there.  I'm thinking of hitting up M8trix since it's just down the road.  Perhaps take a break from the busyness of the convention and hit up some 1/2/3 or 2/3/5.  Something relaxed.  Would be interested in talking anime/poker game while on the tables.

I might be convinced to go in costume just to make all the regulars feel awkward.
I have tons of business formal clothes to wear, but feel like that's too ordinary.

Will most people be coming formal-cosplay attire?

Suggestions to "juice up" whatever I wear at work would be cool.  Too bad I can't really find HP dress robes, haha.
Sweet.  So the Marriott is connected to the convention center, right?

They'll probably have tons of people there anyway, which is good.  We'll pick up tons of stragglers for wherever the next destination will be.

I look forward to sharing a couple (sure, uh huh) of drinks with y'all.
Used to live in Vallejo half a year ago--still visit quite often as I have family there.

Now living in Pleasant Hill.