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 This might be fun to join. Will try to attend with friend.
 Hi everyone, I am going as Shunsui Kyoraku.
   Roommate Wanted : for Sunday night only!
   +Introduction: My name is Minh, 26 yrs, male. This is my second at Fanime. I am cosplay Code Geass, Bleach and victorian fashion.
   +Hotel Information: Marriott with double bed.
   +Cost: Cause all my friends checking out on Sunday morning so there need someone to fill in help me spilt the room cost. 30-40$/per and noone sleep on the floor unless you are insist. You can check in room on Sunday and out on Monday morning.
   +Misc/Requirements: Since it going to be the last day, enjoy your stay at cons, pay respect to others.
   +Contact: in forum mail box, [email protected] or FB:minhnistah
  I would like to attend. Hope to see everyone soon on May 2012.
 Will anyone host the 2012 gather for Code Geass?
  First time cosplay, will attend as Bismarck Waldstein from Code Geass.
  I am really missed everything at the Fanime, my daily life is bore and there noone to talk to, except play game online or watch anime. Soo looking forward for next year to meet new people.
  I am like almost everything at FanimeCon. I'm enjoy hang around the lobby, panel and stuff others does, everyone else surround seen having a good time. Hopefully I can join with a group and meeting more people to  hang out at night time.
 "Level of country molestation in Hetalia Panels"  I am agree to that. First time  seen something that weird but funny. Mostly girl and yea, it was after party 18+ .^^ 
    Hello everyone, this is my first attend at Fanime and I really like it. Took lots picture and would love to share with everyone, also thank you again to all the fan did cos-play, great work and very friendly. Will see everyone next year. Here link: