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Will the order of contestants be posted online? :o
aLIEz - Sawano Hiroyuki - Aldnoah.Zero
Imagination - SPYAIR - Haikyuu!!
To The Beginning - Kalafina - Fate/Zero
Heavenly Blue - Kalafina - Aldnoah.Zero

EDIT: Also the full version of Blue Bird - Ikimono Gakari - Naruto Shippuden (you have only the TV size)

Thanks! :)
Where's the link to the list of songs that are already available in the karaoke library? :) And can we request new songs to be added like in previous years?
I'll be coming as Oikawa! I haven't cosplayed in years so this should be an experience, haha.
Your Name of gathering/event:
Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Gathering 2013
Your Changes to gathering/event info: None
Your Possible attendee count: 8 confirmed, increases to at least 30 at con
Your Gathering/event photography order:
  -Group shot with everyone
  -Vongola and relatives (includes Mukuro, Ninth generation, the Cavallones, and Primo generation)
  -Kokuyo Gang (Fran included)
  -Varia (Fran included)
  -Millefiore (Includes Spanner, Shoichi and the Giglio Nero, regardless of their allegiance) 
  -Everyone else (Vindice, Longchamp and the Tomaso family, any other miscellaneous characters who do not apply to the above categories)
  -Any specific group requests(Funny pictures go here! I hope someone brings handcuffs again!)
Hey guys! I've been periodically checking this thread, updating new cosplayers, and finally got around to reserving a timeslot and location for us! Please check the first post for the gathering details and any updates to come! Thanks! See you guys at FanimeCon 2013!
"Crossing Field"  and "Oath Sign" by Lisa, please!
Live Programming and Events / Re: Artist Alley Question
February 16, 2013, 10:29:19 PM
QuoteIf you have a smartphone with 4g, maybe that would be better than college wifi.

I wonder what the price will be this year (not that this actually matters. Fanime's AA is so much fun that I would go even if it cost as much as AX hahaha). Speaking of AX, I'm going for the first time this year. I've seen pics of the artist alley from past years and it didn't look THAT cramped. Maybe those photos are outdated... Does anyone have a pic of AX's 2012 AA?

3G only...cell signal isn't great either. Also, typing on my phone is hard. @___@ I'll just brave it or something hah.
Yeah! I'm flying up just for FanimeCon. It's just too much fun selling. I always look forward to Fanime weekend.
Pictures aren't the same as experiencing it. There's barely any space behind the artist tables and walking through the crowd looking at the tables is a nightmare too. You more or less have to follow the traffic flow. It's extremely cramped, I warn you now. There is at least twice as much space between tables in FanimeCon for con-goers to walk through. There's just enough space behind the table for a person to squeeze through...sideways. Or maybe my friends were just in a particularly messy isle.
Live Programming and Events / Re: Artist Alley Question
February 12, 2013, 09:55:58 AM
Quote from: chibimonster on February 10, 2013, 05:05:18 PM
Quote from: ewu on February 10, 2013, 03:50:26 PM
That is per table. The actual cost relies on many, many factors that are convention wide.

Looking at new spaces:)

New spaces. You do not know how excited those two words made me. I'm hoping that there will be more tables so registration isn't going to sell out as quickly. I got in pretty easily last year, but I always worry I'll have a moment of bad luck (or bad wifi) and won't get a table. I think I get too stressed about these things. Anyone else dreading the table war?

Back on topic, I'm actually glad to not have electricity. I went to a con that provided electricity for all attendees and while it was nice to be able to charge my phone at my table, I don't think it was worth the super high table price (relative to the size and venue of the con). That being said, all I do is prints, buttons and commissions, so I don't have much of a use for it.

I'm TERRIFIED for the table war. The tables had sold out around 16 minutes after noon last year. I just went to college this year, and the wifi is absolute crap here, so I'm actually terrified that it can't take the 300+ artist rush to get a table this year. I'd be thrilled to even get a table, unlike previous years where I aimed to be one of the first so I can get a table I wanted. But it's all up in the air. I might just beg and plead for my suitemates to turn off all their wifi devices for about 10 minutes, haha.

But I am happy if there are new tables this year! This would definitely make the stress less for me. Have any of you guys been to Anime Expo? If you're talking CRAMPED, then that's it. Fanime provides at least twice as much space for people to walk through than Anime Expo's Artist Alley, and their table count is almost the same.
Quote from: Koru on January 25, 2013, 04:49:40 PM
Oops, when I registered for a seller's permit it said that I have to be over 18 years of age. In this case, should I get my parent to register for me? They are coming with me to fanime so I think that's okay?

Speaking from a person who was 3 weeks from turning 18 last year, this policy seriously sucked. But I can tell you how everything worked out for me:

To get a seller's permit, you must be 18 years of age. My mother was the one who registered for the permit under her name and legal information. I did not need to be included in the permit's list of owners. When I registered, I enlisted my mother as a "HELPER" with her full legal name. I had to get a badge for her as well (make sure the names match on the registration and the badge).

When I checked in for my table at Artist Alley, my mother presented the permit herself to the Artist Alley staff. They had to verify both of our identities of course, but then I was free to set up. 

Seriously, my mother were not happy about the rule, but there wasn't much of a choice. Yes, she had to stay next to me for the duration of the time I sold (which ended up being the entire con), but in the end, it was a blessing. Managing a table, especially since I had commissions, was a real chore since I snatched a table in a busy location last year. My mother was very good at doing business and knew exactly what she was doing, despite not knowing a single thing about anime (other than the existence of Sailor Moon and Pokemon). She really helped me manage my table while I was busy drawing or when I went out to get food. It was a pretty good experience, to be honest. I even taught her how to make buttons, haha! That part was probably not too relevant to you, but what I thought would be embarrassing and irritating turned out to be a complete blessing. I had a friend who also had to have a parent selling and she agreed with me on that fact. I wish you luck on that rule! It's a ton of fun to sell and it's really rewarding, and having a parent there your first time really helps a ton.
Alright guys, this thread has been updated for 2013! Let's make this another successful cosplay gathering!

I'm updated my Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 2013 Gathering thread. Here is the link again:,17200.0.html
Hotel Name: Mariott

Would You Book Next Year: Unless my friends decide otherwise, yes!

-Excellent front desk service. It is incredibly easy to call them for help. No one in our hotel room knew anything about staying in a hotel room (all teens, checked-in by parent), but we were able to call for extra towels or bedding, no problem and free of charge!
-Friendly and helpful staff
-Discounted valet parking! I have no idea if it was a mistake or not, but the price was half of what we expected to pay nightly. My friends were pleasantly surprised.
-Close proximity to con and Artist Alley made my life a hell lot easier lugging my merchandise every day. It was safer to go back to our rooms at night than walking outside and across the street.
-You can use the coffeemaker to make cup noodles. ;D Just remember to pick up chopsticks or forks beforehand.
-This was mostly or the lolz, but we got an excellent view of the Fairmont park and all the gatherings and events they held there. :D
-There's a filtered water machine in the gym on the 3rd floor with unlimited, free refills. My friends and I would just grab a bottle and bring it down there to refill it after we left our room and before we returned. Just make sure you have your room key to access the room.

-Elevators, Elevators, Elevators. Two of them broke down before Monday, so check-out was a nightmare. I IMPLORE PEOPLE ON FLOOR 10 OR LOWER, PLEASE USE THE STAIRS IF THE ELEVATORS ARE BUSY AND YOU DON'T HAVE A MEDICAL CONDITION PREVENTING YOU FROM DOING SO. The people on the high floors really need the elevators! (Coming from someone who walked up and down the stairs from floor 2 to 20 five times the whole convention. With heavy luggage.)
-My friends and I didn't care much about it, but there was no microwave or fridge, but I think some people like that feature.
-Again, we didn't care since we all have iPhones -trollface- but the internet was apparently not too great?
-The bathroom doors were sliding only, with no locks. I'm sure if you remember to knock before entering though, that shouldn't be a major problem.

Special Notes to Share: Up is the new down, and down is the new up. At the Mariott, take the first elevator that opens to you with space. Trust me, you won't regret it. Also, if you're on floor 10 or lower, use the stairs. I guarantee at busy hours, you will be faster than the elevator.
I cannot say much in terms of Fanime overall since I was in Artist Alley, full time, for all 4 days. However, I do have a few words to chime in~

-Artist Alley: The AA team was absolutely superb this year! Sign ups were quick, efficient, and there were no massive site crash like last year. The team was prompt with answers to questions. Check in was simple and fast, and everyone seemed to know what to do. Bravo, Artist Alley Team! 
-I'm not sure if the Artist Alley was better ventilated this year, of if it was because I was closer to the entrance, but I thought it was easier to sit there comfortably and not sweat a bucket's worth of my body's water for a whole day.
-What's up with all the talented artists this year? I seriously regret not giving myself more than 45 minutes to go through the whole alley this year! ;A;
-It was a might pity that I was not able to attend, but I heard the Black and White ball was fantastic this year, with more space for more people to attend. People seemed to enjoy the new location a lot better. I heard the Tuxedo Mask dance instructor was a huge hit. xD
-I was lucky enough to not have any problems with my registration. Good thing too, since I was in charge of 24 badges. I was pleased to see that all of my badges were grouped together, and not scattered throughout so the people working at badge-pickup didn't have to go through each pile of badges to find mine. I'm not sure if this was the case last year, but it was very nice.

-Timeliness: I feel like Fanime 2012 was just running late on a lot of things this year. Events, guests, panels, etc etc. Hopefully everything won't be as last minute next year. I understand this was probably in part to the Chair team being new. 
-Organization: I understand organization was weak this year because the Chair team was completely new, so I'll let you guys slide on the issues this year. Running a con as huge as Fanime, especially since it just got a whole lot bigger this year, is no simple feat. I hope all the feedback given so far serves the Chair team well for next year. To sum it up: The team should be able to anticipate technical failures with the pre-registration black-out and figure out what to do in case of an emergency like that would be ideal. Also, it would have been really nice if the website had a better explanation of the issue with many Day 0 people not receiving their badges due to the massive delay from the blackout, so that all those people had to get their badges on Day 1. If I had known, I would have had club members who had gone early to the con to stand in line so that when I got there, I wouldn't have to wait 2 hours to get my 24 badges for my club. A fair warning about the lines would have been nice, although I suspect the reason fro not saying so was because of the bad publicity?
-Cosplay Gatherings: It seemed like they were running last minute on a lot of the prep this year, like with many parts of the con. Online organization of the gatherings was relatively smooth, and even at con, my questions were answered easily. However, my KHR gathering was held at the Mariott side, but the gatherings table sent all my cosplayers to the HILTON side. I was wondering why no one was showing up until about 15 minutes after when about 20 people showed up telling me that they were sent to the wrong side. I dont' know what happened, but I was rather displeased by this. I hope this was just a slip-up that won't happen again.
-Communication: I think overall communication was the problem. Many of the rovers gave different answers to questions or did not seem to know what they were doing. Volunteers or not, it doesn't help anyone if they're giving inaccurate assistance. A lot of workers there were having problems helping con-goers because it seemed like they have no idea what to do, which can be helped by better communication, or at least more clear instructions before they start their jobs. Also, my friend and I were the unfortunate people that had a kid vomit his breakfast all over the floor in front of our tables. They at least got a rover to stand guard over it to ensure con-goers were not stepping in it, but the janitor did not arrive for THIRTY minutes. It was absolutely disgusting to have that mess in front of our tables for half an hour. I hope that next year, janitor services would come more quickly and promptly. There are thousands of people walking around, and I'm sure seeing a pile of vomit is not something they want to remember from their weekend.
-Mariott: I will go back next year because of the cheap price, close proximity to the con, and excellent room. However, the elevators, as mentioned, were horrible. I think one of the major issues was that people tried to cram TOO many into one elevator at a time, so the elevators were breaking down. My friends were stuck in one for 10 minutes with 8 other people. That was lucky for them. The next day, that same elevator was stuck for an hour with 14 people in it. Mariott should have the elevators checked before a major convention to ensure that they are in working condition, and they should post some kind of sign to indicate maximum capacity, because people just cram themselves in there like there was no tomorrow. I did take the stairs more than I took the elevator, but walking up to the 20th floor, not once, but THRICE, was not pleasant. Nor was coming down from there with heavy luggage. TWICE.
This is not to the con staff, but the con-goers on the lower floors taking elevators. I never exercise or even get out of a seat for more than a couple minutes a day. If I can go up 40 flights of stairs, I'm sure most of you, if you don't have some problem with your legs, lungs, or heart or carrying heavy luggage, are more than capable of going up to the 5th or 7th floor on your legs. So I beg you, please just take the stairs if there are a lot of people waiting for the elevator. Poor saps on high floors are just as tired as you are and really need the elevator. The wait time for taking the stairs is shorter than the elevator. It was proven by my friend.
Otherwise, I really like the Mariott.

I think that's all I really have to say. It was good overall, and my friends and I are all expecting to return next year. :)
Quote from: (GG)Nami_Misaki on June 01, 2012, 07:15:32 PM
Quote from: Alexie828 on June 01, 2012, 04:01:02 PM
Quote from: (GG)Nami_Misaki on May 30, 2012, 09:16:28 PM
Any photos guys? :) Me and Lunar didn't go in our Gokudera and Lavina outfit, but we were the Tsuna and Enma that came late. XD..

Oh that was you guys? :D I was wondering where the awesome Tsuna and Enma who came were. tsunafish and I were all lonely, but we were glad to have another Enma and Tsuna with us! Thanks for showing up! :D I'll post up a link to photos when my friend sends it to me. She's got a download link to a ton that she took apparently. I can't wait to see them. *o*
Also, I can see why you wanted to go the Final Fantasy gathering. I heard there was a whole wedding?

Yep, it was us! ^^ The gathering seemed really good, even though we came kinda...late. xD But no problem! Hoping more KHR cosplayers show up next year though! And yay! Photos!~ Post here when you guys upload them. :D But yeah, we were at the Final Fantasy Gathering. No one knew that there was a wedding actually...and me and Lunar didn't really want to go there, because it was taking too much time and yeah, the wedding thing lasted a while, thus...we were late. We would have gladly skipped the Final Fantasy Gathering if we knew that they were doing a whole wedding routine..D; But for sure, we'll be at the gathering on time next year!

Uploaded the photos! Here's the link:
They're not the best of quality, but it was nice of my friend to take so many nonetheless. C:
Man, that wedding seemed huge. I can't believe they actually did that. xD Hope to see you guys at the KHR Gathering then! :D
Quote from: (GG)Nami_Misaki on May 30, 2012, 09:16:28 PM
Any photos guys? :) Me and Lunar didn't go in our Gokudera and Lavina outfit, but we were the Tsuna and Enma that came late. XD..

Oh that was you guys? :D I was wondering where the awesome Tsuna and Enma who came were. tsunafish and I were all lonely, but we were glad to have another Enma and Tsuna with us! Thanks for showing up! :D I'll post up a link to photos when my friend sends it to me. She's got a download link to a ton that she took apparently. I can't wait to see them. *o*
Also, I can see why you wanted to go the Final Fantasy gathering. I heard there was a whole wedding?

Quote from: Solequincy on May 31, 2012, 09:13:43 PM
It was fun meeting eveyone at the gathering and hopefully next year, just curious but how many people who attended are local or from the bay area

I'm from the Bay Area actually, haha. I'm near San Francisco actually. I had a lot of fun as well, and I will definitely make this gathering better next year!

I'm planning to run the gathering again next year, but perhaps later in the day this time. Lunch time was rush-hour in the Artist Alley, so I didn't like doing it so much at that time. Or maybe I should do it earlier in the day, when no one is really in the Artist Alley. I'll see. I'll definitely improve from this time, as it was a very last minute effort to run a gathering, so all things considered, I thought it well pretty well. I loved meeting everyone, so thanks to everyone who came!

Next time, I'll have a megaphone. T_T 
It's never too late to be added to the list! I'm expecting more people to show up at the con anyways. ^^ I look forward to seeing you! I love white dress Chrome. <3
Your Name of gathering/event: Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 2012 Gathering!

Your Changes to gathering/event info: none

Your Possible attendee count: 18, signed up on forums, expecting at least 30+

Your Gathering/event photography order:
-Group shot with everyone
-Vongola and relatives (includes Mukuro, Ninth generation, the Cavallones, and Primo generation)
-Kokuyo Gang (Fran included)
-Varia (Fran included)
-Millefiore (Includes Spanner, Shoichi and the Giglio Nero, regardless of their allegiance)
-Everyone else (Vindice, Longchamp and the Tomaso family, any other miscellaneous characters who do not apply to the above categories)
-Any specific group requests
Thanks a million, B! Guys, the time has been finalized. We have a 60+ area, so let anyone you see in KHR cosplay know about the gathering! Let's have a great gathering guys!

Cosplay with your Dying Will!
Quote from: (GG)Nami_Misaki on May 05, 2012, 04:18:38 PM
Oh gosh, I should have looked at this thread earlier! But I'm glad that someone is taking over. The other person who volunteered hasn't really replied to the other thread. But is it possible to make it at 1:30 pm instead on Saturday? :) That would be nice.

No problem! Thanks for replying! And yeah, I'm trying to change it a little bit now. Trying for a 1:30 pm outside location! ^^

Quote from: persiandragon on May 05, 2012, 10:08:44 PM
My first time to fanime. Will these gathering locations be easy to find?

Relatively so! I'm trying to get an outside location now, right in front of the convention center. When I get our meeting place confirmed, I'll post a detailed description of where to go! It will be easy to find, I promise! :) Just show up on time. <3

Quote from: lovelessneko on May 06, 2012, 02:51:40 AM
Take me off the list please. I can't do Saturday since I'm going to be Stocking the whole day plus I'm doing the PSG gathering that day.

I'm sorry to hear that, but thanks for letting me know! Have fun and good luck with your gathering! If you can make it, there's the Shonen Jump gathering, 3 pm, on Sunday. KHR cosplayers are welcome to that. ^^