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Hey, guys!

Since last years thread was such a success, I decided to create a new thread for this year!

Most of us contestants are super chatty and tend to want to start talking about things other than rules in the Official Karaoke Contest Rules thread. 

This thread is a place for karaoke contest contestants to chat about the contest and plan to meet up at Fanime, etc.

Feel free to introduce yourselves!  I'm Christin, and this is my fourth year as a contestant and the third year in a row in which I will have competed.  Assuming I don't somehow miss sign-ups, of course!  Some of you may remember me as the girl who sang Manten at last year's karaoke contest and that I may be slightly obsessed with Kalafina.
Hey guys!  This is SuperSheba/Christin from last year's karaoke contest!  I thought it would be nice to create a separate thread to chat in and discuss aspects of the karaoke contest so that we can keep the thread about the rules clean!

@PrincessKitty- So EXCITED to see that you are competing again!  I can't wait to see you. :D  We should hang out during con.