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Updated: 4/17/13 We now have a time and location!! See you at FanimeCon 2013!


Hey guys! Alexie here again! Hope you all had a splendid summer, holidays, and happy new year! I'm back to plan the 2013 KHR gathering and I'm looking for cosplayers! Please post on this thread if you are interested in showing up in cosplay! Last year's was a relative success for my first time, so I hope to top it this year!

Improvements for this year:
-I found running a gathering of about 50 people with just my screaming voice was not very pleasant. Megaphone neccessity duly noted.
-Someone requested that I directed placement and organization of group photos better, so I will do so next year. Stage directions, if you will!
-....Make sure cosplay department doesn't send my cosplayers to the Hilton side when my gathering was on the Mariott side. Then make me scream at the top of my lungs to call people over to the Mariott.

Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

Day: Saturday
Time: 2 pm
MP: G8b/c
L: This is the little area OUTSIDE in the corner where the MARIOTT connects with the convention center with the large windows looking inside. Here's the map! Please don't get lost!

Attendees: About 50 last year
Participants confirmed so far for this year: 8

::Vongola Famiglia::

+ Tsuna: TYL!Alexie828
+ Gokudera:
+ Yamamoto:
+ Hibari: KicksYourButt 
+ Mukuro: TYL!mfong371, TYL!Krye's friend, Kavi
+ Ryohei:
+ Chrome: Kokuyo!Krye
+ Lambo/Adult Lambo:

+ Nono:
+ Iemitsu:
+ Basil:
+ Dino:
+ Kyoko:
+ Haru:
+ Bianchi:
+ Fuuta:
+ I-pin:
+ Lavina:   

Vongola Primo:

+ Giotto:
+ G:
+ Alaude:
+ Daemon Spade:
+ Knuckle:
+ Ugetsu Asari:
+ Lampo:


+ Reborn:
+ Colonello:
+ Lal Mirch:
+ Verde:
+ Skull:
+ Mammon/Viper:
+ Fon: vietboy
+ Yuni:


+ Mukuro:
+ Kakimoto Chikusa:
+ Joshima Ken:
+ M.M.:


+ Xanxus: xsoifonx
+ Squalo:
+ Lussaria:
+ Belphogar: 
+ Fran: 
+ Levi:


+ Byakuran:
+ Yuni:
+ Irie:
+ Spanner:
+ Genshiki:
+ Gamma:


+ Enma:
+ Adelheid:
+ Julie:
+ Koyo:
+ Rauji:
+ Kaoru:
+ Shitt.P:

::Photography Order::

Group shot with everyone
Vongola and relatives (includes Mukuro, Ninth generation, the Cavallones, and Primo generation)
Kokuyo Gang (Fran included)
Varia (Fran included)
Millefiore (Includes Spanner, Shoichi and the Giglio Nero, regardless of their allegiance)
Everyone else (Vindice, Longchamp and the Tomaso family, any other miscellaneous characters who do not apply to the above categories)
Any specific group requests(Funny pictures go here! I hope someone brings handcuffs again!)


Thanks to everyone who came to the 2012 gathering! More people showed up than I expected (about 50!) but it seemed to go pretty smoothly. We had one hell of a time taking some of our pictures, especially the funnier of them. If anyone has feedback about it for improvement, let me know! This was my first year, and I honestly just imitated what I've seen other gatherings do, so it was rather messy! Here are the photos from the 2012 gathering:
Just curious, but I'm assuming there will be a karaoke contest again this year. I was wondering if maybe announcements regarding signups will be soon, or if it will be likely that people will be able to sing in groups again this year? I suppose it may be too early, and I understand the staff is really busy this year, therefore I'm not trying to rush or nag about answers. All the same, please and thank you!
Hotel and Facilities / Security Deposits at hotels
December 03, 2011, 01:41:33 PM
Hey guys, I have a question about booking hotels. I've been reading into it, and there seems to be a lot of hassle around the issue of not-fully-refunded security deposits. Does every hotel ask for it? Who did not get their money completely refunded, or has any feedback concerning this?
Also, I'll need to book 3 double rooms with queen beds, so if people know how prices, issues and deposits might affect getting several rooms, then that would be nice too.
As you can tell, I clearly know nothing about booking hotels, and I suppose my parents would understand it all, but I'd like a little more information so I can help them out if necessary. They're the ones getting the rooms, not me. C:

I have not received any form of notification from the Artist Alley Team so far, and I know registration has closed. Does this mean I didn't get the table then? My account information was processed, but I wasn't assigned a table. I'd just like to know if there's still a chance my friend and I got a table. Thanks!