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Anyways, these are the choices that I'm currently contemplating this year.  Since I can't reach those nice notes, but I somehow found out that I can definitely spit some lyrics!

Thank You by Home Made Kazoku
Shounen Heart by Home Made Kazoku (Cant find a normal version anywhere on youtube :<)
To All Tha Dreamers by Soul'd Out
Luv Sic pt 3 by Nujabes

I'm mostly looking at the top three tho since you can find TV versions of all of those.  Also, any help on finding what key theyre singing in?  I'm having a lot of trouble finding it D:
@ Nina
I most certainly intend to @_@  Just hoping that, besides overcoming my stage fright, that I don't forget the lyrics, or mess up the flow of the song, sing the wrong notes, lose my breath too quickly, among other things ^^;;. 
I was intending on singing

To All The Dreamers by Soul'd Out
Shounen Heart by Home Made Kazoku

Tho, I dont know which one I should do for prelim :x  I was thinking of doing Shounen Heart since I know the song better, also that To All Tha Dreamers gets pretty difficult @_@ Also making it to finals is going to be tough since I know that there are a lot of good singers that enter.

This is going to be the first time I'm competing, and I hope to actually catch sign ups this year ^^;;  Still pretty nervous at the thought that I have to get up on stage and sing in front of people since I personally don't think too highly of my singing voice...But!!! I think it'll still be fun none the less.  I have a few songs in mind that I wanna sing, but again, super nervous since this is my first singing in front of a bunch of people @_@

Feather by Nujabes
Heart feat. Substanstial by Kenichiro Nishihara
Moon on Water - BECK Mongolian Chop Squad
Brainstorm - BECK Mongolian Chop Squad
Jun by Takuro Yoshida
Is Kenichiro Nishihara or Nujabes allowed?

As stated above, the power outage, and the line were big problems this year causing people to even miss a lot of events because they were forced to wait 5 hours just to get their badge.  Again though, it's already been said a plenty.

Just putting it out there, but I'd really like it if there was a water station in the gaming room.  There were sooo many times where I felt I was dehydrated and found myself walking out of the game room just to go find one.  Sorry, but paying 4 bucks for a water bottle or some soda is ridiculous.  It would be very convenient as there were people that were playing ninja, break dancing, hacky sack, or things that just get them tired and water is just amazing...

The rave doesnt feel as exciting as it used to be...I can't really put my finger on it, but I just feel that way.  The past years Fanime raves were exciting, these past 2 years haven't really kept up.  Probably the sheer amount of rules and restrictions that were put up.  I know they were put there because of people's stupidity from the previous years but getting some objects banned from the rave just doesnt make it feel like a rave anymore when theyre gone.

Construction, and the loss of the fountain makes me sad face, but what can ya do :\

Disorganized...I felt this year was a bit disorganized.  Though, that could be because I tried to go in line today for next year's registration because it was supposed to be at 12 and I arrive there at 12:10.  However I was then told that it was actually at 10-12, and that they had already cut off the line for next year's Fanime registration.  Saddened I essentially walked away back up figuring I'll just register online for next year only to then hear an announcement a few hours later that it had JUST then closed.  I don't know if it is misinformation or what, but I was very upset about that....

Despite all that, I would have to say that this year was very enjoyable.  Very, very enjoyable.
Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest stuff...Anything...Just...anything will do D: Also Sailor Saturn items 030
Just wanted to say that this is a really well made game, and I enjoyed playing it a lot when I got the chance to.  My friends got both the core and the expansion pack for the game.  Again, very enjoyable, and worth the buy.
Oh poop.  Next year I guess
Quote from: renalcul on May 22, 2012, 11:23:24 PM
Quote from: on May 22, 2012, 08:29:52 PM
bollucks. Did not get in.
I shall be waving into the room with my face pressed against the window.
its creepier when you realize we're on the second floor
That ain't creeper, that's dedication!

Also, if our application got put into the database that means we got in correct?
Im wondering, if he said that the tv show length of songs were preferable for the contest, if the full versions are only available during the selection, would it be possible to say...Have them cut it off, or do a fade out from where the OP would normally end?  I was thinking of doing Shounen Heart for mine if I was able to get in, and it only goes for 1:30
I guess if there is an at con sign up, then I suppose I still got a reason to keep practicing, and getting the songs down!  If not, I can always try again next year :x  Or that open mic night even though I only have only one song down right now lol
Are sign ups closed? D: I never saw the link to sign up for the contest! :[
Need a room:
+ Introduction: The name is Ryan Panelo.  Lets see...I'm a pretty chill and laid back guy.  Currently 21, but will be 22 by the time Fanime finally rolls around.  So...Yeah.  Nice to meet cha.

+ Hotel Information: I'm looking for a room in the Mariotte from Thursday to Monday. 

+ Requirements: I dont have too many requirements.  First, I would like the people I stay with to be around my age, or whatever.  Second, I dont want to spend a super amount, but I can go up to 120 for a room.  Third, I dont want the room to be SUPER packed with like...12 people in a single room.  Last time that happened a signed poster of mine ended up getting ripped because of it >:[ Um...Thats about it o-o

+ Contact: You could best reach me through facebook, messaging through here of course, and sending me a message through AIM.  SN is assassin00x.  (Hahaha, oh man...have had that name for such a long time...)

+ Miscellaneous:Certainly looking forward to hanging out with you all!
Panels and Workshops / Super Smash Brothers Brawl Panel
January 25, 2012, 01:03:52 AM
Hello there,

I was thinking of holding another panel on Smash for Fanime 2012 since I havent done one in quite some time.  It'd be very entertaining since Id probably be able to get some of the best smashers in northern california to join in on this.  Were going to show you a bunch of things that you can do to help improve your game, and help you rise above the average smasher.  We'll cover the basics, things that you can do with every character, things that are character specific, as well as all the popular tricks, and advanced techniques that are used in tournament play, to ones that, even though they wont help you much in play, are just plain silly, but awesome.  We'll even have a Q&A at the end of it.  If there are any characters, or things that you want me to cover, please say so here.  I'm open to suggestions

Gaming / Re: SuperSmashBrosBRAWL!
May 05, 2011, 07:05:58 PM
Im alright with Fox, Meta Knight, Falco, and Samus.  My favorite stage would probably have to be battlefield.  Lots of neat tricks that you can do there o3o
Or any other fighting game that thered be multiple characters.  It should be done! x3
Yeah, even I didnt know about it till that last moment @_@ So it was my bad on not fully looking at the outfit.  It still works though because you should never take that coat off anyways.  And the closet thing you can do to finding a coat like that is by getting a zoot suit.  Oh, and suggestion for 2011, itd be SOOOOOOOO awesome to see a Hazama of each color
Ooo there are...And eek I gotta straighten out my hair so it looks nice in the picture Dx And needed a lot more smiling >3< He always has that sadistic smile and I dont think I ever did it when getting my picture taken D= Next year though >3<
Im soooo pissed at myself that I missed this >_<