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Live Programming and Events / Re: karaoke contest
March 27, 2015, 09:37:05 AM
I don't remember if I announced this publicly, but I am now retired from staffing FanimeCon. 

But it'll still be the same group running karaoke, and everything else including our song library still remain the same (or better).

Tommy/Ska/Elliot/a new representative of our group will be joining these forums soon and will have more updates!

Live Programming and Events / 2014 Karaoke Winners
June 06, 2014, 05:45:22 PM

2014 Karaoke Contest Results

1. Kylie Brown
2. Allison Inocencio
3. Molly Ring
4.  Suzanne Sperber
5. Christin Tomaschke and Linnie Jupe
6. Sean Chen
7. Vineet Ukhalkar
8. Sarah Hart
9. Yumiko Mori
10. Nikki Davis


Best of Show: Reyson Sioson
Best Original Arrangement: "The Eddie" (Edward Ballar)
Best Group Performance: Miguel Serrano & Miles Preclaro

Gong Show:

Worst of Show: Alex
JC1 ("Almost Ratchet Award"): Anthony Alvarez & "Chugs"
JC2 ("Best Laptop Award"): Emma Ireli
JC3/HM ("Snow White's Boyfriend Award"): "Snow White"

Our congratulations to all the winners!

Quote from: mikasa-san on May 23, 2014, 06:19:47 AM
Hey what time do the karaoke rooms open Friday and where do I sign up? The front desk? Also I have my own mic with regular input is that OK to bring or no? I just love my Audix mic haha if not its ok

Room opens starting at 2PM, and you sign up there.

We have microphones, so no need to bring your own.

Here is the contest order for the Karaoke Contest.

If your name is listed below, you need to check in to the karaoke room with your music by 5PM on Friday. At 5PM, we retain the right to give your spot to an at con signup.

Group 1 (As Early As Possible)

J. Szeto
D. Hyun
A. Shi
Y. Mori
K. Inderbitzen
H. Alford
M. Sastry
M. Ring
K. Ishijima
T. Mori
M. Amarok
R. Panelo

Group 2 (No Preference)

N. Davis
C. Wray
V. Nguyen
C. Wilson
V. Chew
B. Caldeo
C. Tomaschke and L. Jupe (group entry)
J. Ko
B. Nguyen
V. Ukhalkar
A Inocencio
H. Karim

Group 3 (at con signups)

Group 4 (as late as possible)

D. Reconose
J. Eakes
S. Mautner
S. Chen
A.  Hyun
M. Cansino
K.  Brown
S.  Sperber
S.  Lamont
FanimeCon 2014 Gong Show! Rules

So bad...yet so good.

Taking place Sunday night at 10PM, the Karaoke Gong Show is for those brave and thick-skinned souls who are hellbent on creating most uniquely terrible, yet entertaining, karaoke performances.

Our performers (and commentators) can be quite imaginative, so we recommend 18 and over for this event!

Contestants should expect to be laughed at by the audience and subject to scathing judge commentary. Our panel of judges for this contest are specially selected for their lack of tact and love of punching below the belt. Thick skin, a good sense of humor, and a strong sense of self-parody are all highly recommended for this event. If your feelings are easily hurt, you should not sign up for this event (but you should still come and watch!)

To sign up for this contest, come to the Karaoke room (Ballroom C SJCC) any time starting on Friday. You can bring your own music on a CD or USB key, or choose a song from our song library.

How It Works
You will be allowed to perform for at least 30 seconds. After that, when the judges can take no more, the gong may be struck. Once the gong sounds, you must stop performing.

Contestants are encouraged to be creative, unique, and absolutely awful - a good entry will not only satirize the act of singing itself, but do so in a manner which is interesting enough to prevent their being gonged. This includes, but is not limited to, costumes, dances, group configurations, horrifying vocals, general concept, etc.

Contestants may not behave in any inappropriate manner that otherwise violates FanimeCon conduct policies, including (but not limited to) the following: nudity, inappropriate costumes, weapons, etc. You must stay on the stage until gonged. You may not throw anything into the audience (or at the judges) or make a mess on the stage.

Contestants must stop performing when the fateful gong has been delivered. Then, if they dare, they can stay on stage and face the judges. You are not required to remain on stage.

Although we use the term loosely, "awards" will be given out for particularly infamous performances, with a "Worst of Show" to the contestant who creates the perfect blend of auditory horror and entertainment. Unlike the original TV version, prizes are not awarded specifically for staying on stage.
Quote from: yumicchi88 on May 15, 2014, 08:06:14 AM
Hello, Hank.

I signed up and just realized I wrote my last name different from the badge name.  I got married this year and I have yet to change my last name.  Would you be able to edit it for me?  Please let me know.

Thank you

Congratulations on getting married! Yes please send it to me by PM.

Quote from: SuperSheba on May 16, 2014, 07:23:05 PM
I haven't received a confirmation email either, and I signed up on the first day.  I believe those have not yet been sent out. :D

We don't send out email confirmations. A list of accepted entries will be posted tonight.

Note: we had a couple folks ask about "Let it Go" from Frozen. As a Disney song, this song is not allowed in the contest, but you are welcome to sign it in Open Mic.

We are in the process of doing our annual update of the karaoke library this month. Want to request a particular song be added to our song library? Here's the procedure:

1. Look at our current song list to see if it's already added.

2. If you don't see it there, then post your requests in this topic!

Please post your requests by this Friday.
Quote from: princesskitty18 on May 13, 2014, 04:13:41 PM
Quote from: Shinku on May 13, 2014, 04:09:51 PM
Hi! I signed up and I was just wondering, I recall reading somewhere that it is possible to change your song at the time of the competition. Is this still true? I miiight change my preliminary song, but I don't know if I should do that beforehand somehow or not...

you're allowed to change it when you check in. the easiest thing is to have a CD (i dont think they accept any other format).  as long as your song fits within the requirement for the karaoke contest, then you can use it

Starting this year, we will also accept USB flash drives for the contest.

Quote from: Urd0123 on May 13, 2014, 11:36:21 AM
Just wondering whether you are doing library song request like last year in this thread?,18180.0.html

I'll start a separate discussion, but due to the lead time needed to re-print our song books, it will be a shorter time cycle this year.

Quote from: princesskitty18 on May 11, 2014, 11:19:53 PM
I'm so late in signing up this year in comparison with previous years. I hope I still make it!!!! XD

As of this writing there are about 12 slots remaining. So yes you made it.
Yes, same general guidelines as for the main karaoke contest.
There are only two songs in the contest- Preliminary and Finals.
I had to use an older version of the form due to a computer issue. The form has now been corrected- sorry for the confusion!

A couple of you signed up twice. Our policy is to keep the later entry.

Here is the link to sign up for this year's Karaoke Contest.

Karaoke Contest Signup Page

Signups will remain open until 11:59PM PDT on Sunday, May 18.

Karaoke Contest signups are scheduled to open at 8:00PM PDT on Sunday.

To sign up, you will need to have two valid songs for the contest. You may change them when you check in.

The form must be filled out completely, with your real name (first and last) and contact information. Every year we turn away a couple of people who leave something blank or who try to sign up using an alias. Don't be that person.

The link to sign up will be posted here in this forum when it's ready.

Thanks and if you have any questions just ask!


FanimeCon 2014 Acoustikaraoke! Contest Rules

Play a musical instrument? Ever wanted to show off your own special arrangement of your favorite anime theme song on stage? Acoustikaraoke! is a chance for solo or small groups with their own instruments to show off their talents through instrumental numbers, original arrangements, and ensemble performances. Don't miss the weekend's most eclectic showcase of live music! The Acoustikaraoke! Contest will be held at 4PM on Saturday.

Some examples of things you can do include:

  • Vocal performance with live instrument accompaniment
  • Solo instrument or small instrument ensemble
  • Instrument with accompanying track
  • Unique a cappella interpretation of an anime song (also see note below on a cappella performances)

Please note that this contest is intended for individuals or small groups. Full-fledged bands with concert stage setups are beyond the scope of this event.


Signups for this event will begin when the Karaoke room first opens on Friday. Also, the room will be open one hour early (Saturday 3PM) for last-minute signups. There will be a limit of 15 acts. Contest spots are first come, first serve. If there is enough interest, we will add an "open acoustikaraoke" jam session after the contest.

This is a completely separate event from the main Karaoke Contest. You are more than welcome to enter the main contest, this event, and any of the other Karaoke events.

You must have a valid FanimeCon badge for the day of the event (Saturday).

You must bring your own instruments. We will only provide microphones. We're expecting there to be three microphones.

If you wish to use an amp, you may bring a standalone personal/practice amp that you can carry yourself onto the stage.

No equipment other than the microphones can be plugged into the PA system.

As the point of this contest is for you to perform the music, our song library will not be available for this contest. Also, you may not use any pre-recorded music such as CDs or mp3s.

For any instruments requiring setup, setup must be done in less than five minutes.

Performances are limited to six minutes per act.

a cappella singers are expected to have a good knowledge of their songs, or at least have a lyrics sheet handy. There is no penalty for having a lyrics sheet on stage. We reserve the right to abbreviate your performance if it becomes obvious that you don't know the lyrics. Also, for a cappella contestants to be competitive, your particular rendition should be a creative rendition, and more than just a straight singing of the original version of the song.


Prizes will be awarded in the following categories:

  • Best Overall Performance
  • Best Group Performance
  • Best Solo Performance

The judges reserve the right to modify these categories depending on the entries received, and to award other prizes at their discretion, depending on the entries received. All decisions of the judges are final.
We do allow a single, unplugged instrument in the main contest, but anything more complicated than that is for the Acoustikaraoke contest.

Acoustikaraoke is also for folks who want to perform a cappella renditions or any other reinterpretations. The judging weighs creativity more heavily than in the main contest, which is a straight up gauge of singing ability.

I will be posting the Acoustikaraoke contest rules and details tomorrow.
The most likely time frames will be either from 7-9PM or after 10PM, PDT. I will give 48 hours notice  of the actual time on these forums.
FanimeCon 2014 Karaoke Contest Rules

The FanimeCon 2014 Karaoke Contest will take place on Friday, May 23. Up to 45 will vie for the right to be crowned the best singing act of FanimeCon! All finalists will receive prizes, and this year's winner will receive a beautiful microphone trophy.

All contest-related events (signups, check in, and the contest itself) will be in the Karaoke room (SJCC Room 212).


Before Con:
5/11: Online sign ups open and run until full, or until 5/18, whichever comes first.
5/20: Contest Start List posted

At Con:
5/23, 2PM to 5PM: Check-in, warm ups, and at con sign ups.
5/23, 5PM: Deadline for online sign ups to check in.
5/23, 5:15PM: If spots are available, we will add entries from the waiting list. Waiting list entries must be present to be added.
5/23, 6PM: Qualifying Round
5/23, 9:00PM: Final Round


You must have a valid FanimeCon badge for Friday. FanimeCon Karaoke staff, Guests of Honor, and Industry members with professional singing or voice acting experience are ineligible to compete in the contest.

If you compete as a group, all singing members of the group must sing both songs, either as lead or as backup vocals. You may not add or change singing group members between rounds.

Signing Up/Checking In

The online signup link will be posted on this forum on 5/11. To sign up, you must complete the online form completely, including your real name and mailing address, and song IDs (if you are using our library). Incomplete entries will not be accepted.

Contestants who pre-register for the contest must check in with us by 5PM on the day of the contest. To check-in for the contest, you will need your FanimeCon badge and your contest music (either on a CD, USB flash drive, or the song numbers from our song library).  If you don't check in, then at 5 your spot may be canceled and given to the entries on the waiting list.

Any at-con sign-ups in excess of 45 will be placed on a waiting list. Waiting list entrants must be present in the Karaoke room at 5:15 to find out if they are in the contest.

Song Selection

Songs must be from the following categories: anime, vocaloid, video game, or J-rock/J-pop. K-pop is allowed in the preliminary round only. Although our karaoke database has songs from other categories, only songs from the aforementioned categories may be used. Signups with songs not in these categories will be rejected.

Songs limits: 2:00 (preliminary), 5:00 (finals). Songs longer than these limits will be faded out when the limit is reached.

You may not use the same song in both rounds of the contest.

English songs which were not originally created for an anime series or video game, or straight covers of such songs (for example, Fly Me To The Moon) are not allowed. Japanese adaptations of such a song are okay.

Original songs created for a localized version of an anime series or game are okay (For example, songs from Robotech or the North American dub of Sailor Moon).

No a cappella singing. a cappella singers are invited to join our Acoustikaraoke! Contest instead.

Acoustic-only instruments (those not using an amp) are allowed if played by the singer(s) themselves. Performers part of a larger group or who desire a more complex musical setup are invited to join our Acoustikaraoke! Contest instead.

You should generally follow the song's original lyrics-this is not a "filk" contest. Changing the lyrics will not help your score.

If you bring your own music, you must provide their own music, preferably karaoke version, on an audio CD or a USB flash drive. No phones or mp3 players please. Unclaimed CDs and flash drives will be disposed of at our discretion after the convention.

You may also choose songs from our open mic library. Just tell us the song ID number at signup/check-in. We are not responsible if the song sounds different from your expectations, or does not have lyrics. If you are unsure, you should try it out during the warmup period before the contest.

All contestants who do not use karaoke versions of their songs will perform with vocal dampening turned on. We want to hear you, not the original singer.
Note: Vocal dampening has been known to have unexpected effects with some songs, so if you plan to use vocal dampening, we strongly suggest that you test out your song at home before you sign up.

No song changes are allowed once the contest starts.

Scoring and Judging

In the Qualifying Round, competitors will be evaluated on the following categories from each judge:

•   Vocal: musical quality of performance, breath control, pitch and tone
•   Visual Performance: stage presence; overall entertainment value; style and poise
•   Song selection/difficulty

The top ten scoring singers from the Qualifying Round will advance to the Finals.

In the Finals, each competitor will be scored by each judge in the following categories:

•   Vocal: musical quality of performance, breath control, pitch and tone (60%)
•   Visual Performance: stage presence; overall entertainment value; style and poise (30%)
•   Song selection/difficulty (10%)

In case of a tie in the preliminary round, the tied acts will advance to the final round. In the event of a tie in the finals, then a vote of the judges will determine final placement.
All decisions made by the judges are final.

As a convention for anime fans of all ages, FanimeCon has certain standards of behavior which all convention attendees should abide by at all times. Karaoke is no exception.

All aspects of the act, including, but not limited to: costume, conduct on stage, and song lyrics, are to abide by no worse than a PG-13 standard. If you are in doubt as to whether something is suitable, just ask yourself: Would you do this in front of your mother?  If you're still in doubt, please email or post and tell us what you have in mind, and we'll make a decision.

If any violations of this policy occur, FanimeCon Karaoke staff reserves the right to disqualify offenders from the contest and/or terminate the act in mid-song. In extreme cases, offenders may also be subject to convention penalties including loss of badge and removal from the convention.

During the contest, no physical interaction with the judges or the announcer is allowed. If a competitor leaves the stage, then their performance automatically ends.

Competitors may not use an audience member in their act. Actions that encourage general audience participation as a whole (such as asking the crowd to sing along) are okay.

The only persons allowed in the performing stage are FanimeCon staff and the competitors.
This is the official contest order for the FanimeCon 2013 Karaoke Contest.

Remember, all who registered online need to check in at the karaoke room by 5PM on Friday. When you check in, you will need your badge and your music CD (if bringing your own)

At 5:15, we will start adding people from the at con signups and waiting list and those who have not checked in are subject to losing their spot in the contest. If you have a special situation (you get out of work/school late, etc etc ) let me know and we will see what we can do.

GROUP 1 (Early As Possible)
Shanae Hubbard
David Hyun
Izebel Y. Ramirez
Fredrick Caudillo
Caitlin Chang
Kaya Ishijima
Charles Eddie Wilson
Carissa Wong
Julian Woodyard
Molly Ring
Arianna Griffith
Fatima Camiloza
Sara Cocanour
Ryan Panelo
Jianshu Jean Tang

GROUP 2 (No Preference)
Lauren Mar
Jacqueline Ko
Christin Tomaschke
James Szeto
L. Jupe
Yumiko Mori
Takeo Eda
Corwin Wray
Lilly Martin
Allison Inocencio
Benn Andrei Caldeo
Reiji Enyo
Diana Tolin
Erika Peterson
Tylyn Page, Todson Page (group entry)
Megan Nguyen
Katie Inderbitzen
Anny Shi
Brandon Campanile

GROUP 3 (At Con Signups)
To be added at con

GROUP 4 (Late as Possible)
Nicole Davis
Matt McEwan
Yi-Hsuan Chou
Jessica Salvador, Paulina Nguyen (group entry)
Michelle Stanford
Martha Lara, Margarita Lara (group entry)
Darrell Reconose

Online signups for the FanimeCon 2013 Karaoke Contest are now closed.

We will start at-con signups for the contest on Friday, 5/23, at 2PM. We will take at least five entries at the con, as well as waiting list entries.

Signups will take place in the Karaoke room located in Hall C of the Convention Center. You will need to show a FanimeCon badge good for Friday, and either have a CD with your music on it or your choices from the open mic library.

Note that you are not considered to have signed up until you've specified your music, so no "hey I want to sign up!" as you flip through the song books looking for something to sing. First pick your songs from the song book (or have your CDs ready), then come to the table to sign up.

Any questions, pls feel free to reply or send me a PM.

The song book has been sent to print. Song requests are hereby closed for 2013.