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Well I will be there. I finished my make up test this weekend and I am incredibly excited.
I will be there on Friday as Katsuragi.

The Facebook listing of gatherings is here:

I can't find a facebook event... Avairrianna have you created that yet?
Quote from: Vasyenka on April 01, 2016, 01:57:23 AM
Posted earlier in the other thread, but I'll be attending as a Victorian inspired Sapphire, and my girlfriend will be Victorian inspired Ruby~ <3

Can you point me at the other thread? I can't seem to find it.
I updated the event with the confirmed time and location and added a link to the Facebook event.
Steven Universe Gathering

This Gathering Includes: Steven Universe characters

Day : Sunday, May 29
Time : 1-2pm
Meeting Place (MP) : G5
Location (L) :

Cosplayers : ihavenotea as Lapis Lazuli, YaoiCat as Amethyst, Prodigal Daughter as Peridot w/ Jasper, Vasyenka as Victorian inspired Sapphire w/ Victorian inspired Ruby, airyu as 80s Amethyst

Facebook event:
You are doing a great job with all of this. It's no small project. Thank you so much!

(So excited, btw...)
It is listed as Sunday in this thread, but Saturday on the facbook listing (which apprears to be more up to date ):
I am so incredibly excited to debut my Undyne cosplay at this gathering. I really hope it is on Saturday.

Anime is real.
He Facebook page lists Undertale as Saturday... which is more up to date?

Also: is there a Facebook event for this gathering somewhere? I could not find it.