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Panels and Workshops / NicoNico Live Tutorial Panel
February 08, 2013, 09:36:18 PM
Any interest in having a panel about NicoNico Live, NicoNico video's live streaming service? The basic idea is to tell people about what NicoNico Live is, how it works, what kinds of things people broadcast on the site, and how to participate yourself.

I broadcast semi-regularly on NicoNico through this community:

Given that NicoNico is a great source of Japanese culture, particularly many things Vocaloid and Touhou, I think there might be people who would be interested in learning about how they can directly participate in NicoNico's culture via Live, and perhaps even connect with Japanese listeners. With some luck (actually, a LOT of luck), I might even be able to rope in Purple-chan.   ;D

Thoughts? DO EEET?