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To all anime, manga, cartoon, movie, and video game fans alike; as well as those very familiar with Death Note:

With all the countless series you may have experienced throughout the years, haven't you at some point had to suffer through the pain and anguish caused by some of the most sinister villains ever to tear at your heart and emotions?   Or drone through the antics and annoyance of the characters you JUST CAN'T STAND???

Well I'm willing to find out just which characters are the most hated and despised of all!  During Fanime weekend, be on the lookout for me.  For the most part, I'll be going around in 2 different cosplays: A Veteran Pokemon Trainer (look for a black trench coat and hat), and Moonlight Knight (Sailor Moon).  If you spot me in either costume, feel free to approach me and "Ask about my Death Note".  I'll happily whip out my Death Note book on the spot and allow you write down the name of a character you'd wish to have dealt with.

Ground rules:
-NO RL people, please.  This is purely for entertainment purposes.
-One character name per genre you choose to pick from: Anime, Manga, Cartoon, Movie, and Video Game.  Hey, 5 sounds like enough per person, doncha think?
-Unless you think of a simple or humorous end for them, names only.  I'd prefer no graphic details written.

See you all there!  This should be fun.  ;D
Ok.  So I had this idea for last year's Con, but it didn't work out unfortunately.  So I figure, why not try again?  So here it goes!  ;D

To anyone interested, I'd like to possibly set up a random flash mob-esque gathering/performance to 'World Order' by World Order.  Yes, the double speak is intentional.  See linked vid for visual reference:

So the big question is who would like to take part?  In all honesty, even if no one is interested, I still plan to perform it myself solo if I have to.   8)  I just figure it'd be a lot more fun and with the spirit of the convention to have a group going for it together.  So if anyone would like to join me in this, let your voice be heard!  It may still be 5 months until Fanime weekend, but it's never too early to plan things, y'know!
Anyone familiar with the music/performance group 'World Order'?  And therefore, familiar with their gimmick of performing their routine at random like the smallest flash mob you may have ever seen?

If not, check this out!

I'd think it'd be awesome if this became a RL flash mob among fellow Con goers.  In the main hall below Stage Zero?  Outside in the courtyard?  Wherever possible, I can see this being a fun, random addition to the fun spontaneity that is all so common at Fanime.

Overall it's a relatively simple dance to learn, and almost anyone can copy a fellow mob-er easily.

Any takers?